12 New Titles from Marvel

February 21, 2017

Unfortunately I don’t read a lot of comics anymore.  When I was young (before the internet) I would get $10 a week for allowance, and immediately buy 10 comics. Yes, they were a dollar a piece then, and I lived on an Army base, so there was no tax.  Truthfully, I’ve been under the impression the actual books are a thing of the past with movies and TV shows being the new norm.  But I couldn’t of been more wrong about that as Marvel is announcing 12 new titles coming in May.

Marvel released their full lineup of solicitations for May 2017 today. May is shaping up to be a pretty huge month for Marvel, as the X-Men and Inhumans lines continue to grow and the company kicks off 2017’s big summer event, Secret Empire.

Source: Marvel to Launch 12 New Comics in May

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