The year has come to an end, so we recap some of our favorites and superlatives from 2018.

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Episode Transcript

Episode Transcript

Hey everybody. Thanks for tuning in to the geek versus podcast shows a proud part of giant size team on network This is Episode 211 guess what it is a new year we made it to survive 2018 but before we go we wanted to look back and review some of our favorites some of our pilot is from that good old year of 2018 I remember it like it was yesterday so yeah I hope you have your color green black IPS Chinese food money in your wallet you're not doing any laundry and you can sit down and listen to our favorites from

if you enjoy the show Be sure to subscribe your favorite podcast app and if you're really feeling feeling in the giving mood I support us on backslash backslash he curses g k thank you guys so much for listening. Happy New Year you and we hope

to get we're

so it's the end of the year is it and we have it literally is the end of the year. And we have a bunch of our urine favorite things. But before we do that during Christmas letter boy or geek versus it's actually on paper like this.

It came it

came in a little card post. It's written in cursive and yeah, written paper. So I'm going to read and I haven't read this yet. I've been sitting on it for a couple

hours. We're now okay.

I haven't read it. So bear with me. If it sounds like I'm reading this for the first time. Okay. Dear geek versus crew

alright so first off Hi. We did use the bV ers us so I'll let it slide but we change the branding last year. It is vs but that's okay. Man. I practice

not anybody's fault. I never

changes. It was a silent change. Yeah.

And he spelled it correctly the reason I changes because people generally don't know how to spell versus and I would get a lot of he is but he spelled it right there. geek nurses crew first and foremost I wanted to thank you for keeping me entertained, educated and smiling on a weekly basis. Awesome in my Dominic Toronto voice for those 60 minutes or less. I'm free who's Dominic Toronto

that's fast and furious. Ah, you need to do Vin Diesel for that

I'll do Vin Diesel away what

minutes or less I'm free for

those 60 minutes or less I'm free

multiple occasions I've nearly wrecked spit out my coffee or asking I feel bad or waking my kids do the uncontrollable laughter episodes like the room regrettable villains and the history of white people are hilarious highlights of the year and no consecutive order these could be binge and one could compare them to the ending of the movie Home Alone full of jibs jabs and random sheet I never saw coming or heard coming since you have an audio show the first geek purge Do you believe in alien life and introduction of comic book conventions are things every human needs to hear educate and I'm getting like

I'm For Real getting like kind of choked up man

i'm not i'm just getting real uncomfortable

he doesn't do well with comp

immediately goes and he's gonna be outside of my room tomorrow night

but I mean like I appreciate the sentiment like no it's it's super cool Don't get it twisted

everyone needs to hear educational real talk and made me realize that Professor oaks at Betty had like this sign it and little Tony are just trying to be good humans and I do know some Mother Father sheet from time to time little Tony Tony and others Christmas card is overly punny and horribly written but you said it best something could be poorly written by still be good. We say that sounds pretty good. But I do have a few. Yeah, I totally said that this case in this case. Yeah, I don't know. But I do have a few legitimate fanboy questions to round up 2018 going into 2019 awesome these don't have to be answered in sequence on a single show or all I were at all really since this is a type letter and only one of its kind you really have zero obligation to do so we're in now. Fifth 1234 fifth I to love a good movie score. Who would you say is the best your favorite composer we got Hans Zimmer Dark Knight Lion King Gladiator, Steve blocky Pirates of the Caribbean transforming option yeah ABC or D john Williams or other not named

mines other not named it's um a Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Yeah, that's

really good. And those are really good. I can't mind is either between Jonny Greenwood and Alexander probably Xander this blah What did he do

Alexandra has done the shape of water he's also done a lot of other like any kind of movie that's like got a kind of airy Bell theme usually is it's always very strange but beautiful I'm a runner and Ross did the music to bird box funny enough I was totally surprised don't get too excited Oh like yeah it's good I was in I would expect for at least the music to be good if they did it I didn't expect the movie very good though it doesn't it doesn't quite sound like it's not like if you expect like normal hype white girls gonna be a but it's it fits the movie if it's the town

Oh number two of the four Disney blockbusters coming out next year which are you most excited about Aladdin Dumbo Toy Story for the Lion King

Can I pick none of

those fair i don't think i mean go see any of those but if I did it would probably be Lion King amongst Toy Story for

oh wait yeah tell a story for is a new thing. Nevermind. I guess I would have to say that one because of that. I think a lot and just because I know

that I'm going to enjoy it even if it's really bad. And I'm going to think it's very funny how much people hate Will Smith and then that's going to entertain me because people are just going to be like he's not Robin Williams. I'm like you're right he's not he's Will Smith if you already hated them. Guess what? You're not gonna like him as a lad and you already know the answer to this

is Jeannie those are big Jeannie shoes to fill though they were like he is somebody set him up right he should he should have never signed signed up for that. So Rob what now I'm right.

It's okay. He lives in a bubble. He doesn't know he just is like I'm Will Smith. Everybody loves me. I'm hilarious. That's

already like some hip hop flavor to Jeannie. You know like Didn't he actually say something like that? I bet he I'm pretty nuts. I don't like that I'm like 98% sure that that was something that he said something along those lines I'll probably skip that one number three best move RC now you don't give me the options best movie adaptation of a book I know it's hard I can understand if you want default to jurassic world it's understandable best of all I think just whatever the Dark Tower that's movie

I forgot that existed I didn't think about it every day

every day when I go to sleep I don't know if this is my all time favorite but off the top of the head and fairly recent was I'm Ready Player One that was fun. Well that wasn't good adaptation

I don't know Lord of the Rings

that's absolutely What a load of the ring most for a second I don't know what that is gonna say. I wasn't thinking I should have known better I'm sorry we got two more speaking of having to add that that up that boom deputation Wow. Did he have a stroke when he was writing? I just added in some Bebop flavor. Gotcha. What are some of your favorite versions, remakes error of your favorite shows? movies. I know you purged a good bit of them down but which version of Doctor Who? Transformers Power Rangers, Teen Titans Batman etc. All right.

Teen Titans Batman. Just

Just like favorite version or remake of your favorite. I

get what he's saying. I'm gonna say right now. The time that we live in. We're Spider Man and the Miles Morales into the spider verse. This iteration is my number one right now. Just because it's recent. And on the last one. I said Lord of the Rings. I feel like I should say recent. It's so good. So good. Yeah,

I really like that spider verse.

Bumblebee is my favorite iteration of transformers. Hmm,

probably the first one that didn't totally suck pretty much.

I think you're both sleeping on that new Watership Down.

We'll see. All right, last one. When you leave this earth and the Circle of Life occurs, a movie will be made of your life who narrates it James Earl Jones, Liam Neeson, Alec Baldwin, DC Douglas, Josh Brolin, Morgan Freeman, Ian McKellen, Sean Connery he or she who has not yet been named um I don't mean to sound like a jerk but hopefully those people will all be dead time yeah

it's like unless I die very soon yeah the Casey's point so I guess we all need to pick child actors

to Casey's point if Morgan Freeman narrates me after my debt yeah then we have a tragedy gonna it's kind of a bummer there tragedy yeah we were going to convention and wreck I don't know massive right meteor strike I don't

have I think I would have tracy morgan

Justin is gonna go down to the store did like just do our Tracy more

honestly like me if we could if we have the technology he's not even known for narration but I would want like a hologram a hologram Freddie Mercury


Just like very casually, sort of like you can see him sitting in a lounge chairs like crop right? Smoking and drinking. Exactly

Yeah, I probably get ready to do mine. Oh yeah. It was raw right then in my will try my best to do my narration. So that's it. The closing sentiment here is simply Hello. Your number four fan. Okay. Hawaiian 99 cent right who lives in Georgia? Oh, right. Reason number four says I'm assuming each of your mothers are your biggest fan. So I'll take number for

my mom is not. I can promise you. She hates this show. Ready? You might be two or three. Yeah, you might be number three. I think you're even higher than Daniel. My husband.

Also. He did not mention it in the letter. But because of our hardships over Dragon Con re gifted us with some pies. So we have a we have some pies. Highs.

Cool. Um, he gave us a whole apple pie. A whole pumpkin pie and one slice of lemon meringue pie was weird i don't know i did that but it was just like one slice left in a table Oh yeah. When the morning that's the thing

I hate that slice day. Right before we started recording I didn't even though

I didn't want to tell you. I don't want to spoil the surprise. It was gonna

taste worse. Okay, no, no, no,

I don't want to spoil the pie for

this is disgusting.

So that is um, I mean, we have we have more episode but that is an awesome way to kick off in the year 2018 and roll into 2019 and also like other listeners if you want to send pies where would they do

these are actually personally delivered to me so just reach out to me we'll work it out yeah we're gonna like I'll meet wherever you need me to meet you will do that. Exactly.

Where can they send family

for pies? Pizza Pie. I don't care a fan mail is actually it's not bad. It's 2510 Cherokee avenue for me. 61. Columbus, Georgia. or hate mail anthrax, you know, enter bombs are going to I'm going to be honest. That's like the address that's registered to our email. It is so it's okay. But I live in a secure part. You can't find me. You can't get to me

like the lights. Come on.

It is a zombie tower to ascend. That is not hyperbole it you will not be able to get up here because

I had someone wants Are there any comfortable putting your dress? I was like, good luck. You get up here then. Well, whatever. You win. Yeah. Yeah,

it is that time again. Last year 2017. We also did this and I wanted to bring it back. And that's I mean, we wanted to do it again. Because it was so much fun. Oh,

really? does seem like not that long ago. We were sitting here doing it every year. Faster and faster as we slowly get closer to Yeah, I don't know. Yeah, it goes real. Just goes by real quick. Yeah, I'm fly. I'm going to kick it off. And you'll see why in a minute. Because I don't want to talk about this morning. So we already talked about it for the year. My favorite robot prequel. Ooh. Bumblebee, huh. Yeah. That's pretty good. Actually. It was. It was a lot of fun. enjoyable, I'd recommend it. Don't let the other Transformers movies. Scary. I was scared. Yeah, that's why I didn't go. I didn't want to go at all.

How much is the john cena in it? Um,

he's obviously the main character is the woman girl. I don't know how she main character. Isn't Bumblebee the name? Well, he's number to kind of like, number. The main stories about her. She obviously finds the bumblebee I always forget her name. She was just she was I'm a spider. Yeah,

she spider when

when? Because I think in the movie, she was spider one day creditor. A spider woman. That's why I was confused. But anyway, she was her. Um, so john seen as a distance. Third. You know, he's, he's around. He's, he's hokey. He chews up a little scenery. But it's john scene and it fits the movie like can't, can you see him? You can. You can. They made a special filter. You know, but seriously, it's a good movie. Yeah,

kind of just a robot movie with heart and some generation one cool Transformers stuff. But that's not the only reason it's good.

I have a trick question for you guys all have a regular question. True. Like everything show was a bunch of Rick this uh, this year. And like, within like this a week. I saw the worst movie I saw this year. In the best movie I saw this year. I'm going to tell you the names of both of these movies. You have to tell me which one you think was the worst one? Which one do you think was the best one?

All right. Oh, I'll get one set and you get the other and somebody's gonna be right.

Okay. So one of them was the greatest showman. The other one was

the greatest showman is the worst. And venom is the best.

Okay, what do you think?

Whatever Casey said. But flip.

And you're both wrong. They were both the worst movies I saw this year. They were both freaking awful. I hated every almost every second of venom. But absolutely every second of the Greatest Show, but I'll pour Daniel

I got it. He was like

I liked venom. I didn't love it. But I liked it. I enjoyed it. I'm interested the but I'm not shocked that anyone someone would dislike it. I'm interested to hear what you didn't like about greatest showman that I heard a lot more positive for venom before we go that like I haven't seen it just looks so bad. Anyway,

it is well then. Um, it's like what I could imagine what it felt like to go and get really hyped to see like surf Ninjas in the theaters. Like if I gone and seen surf ninjas. I would have been like, that was pretty bad. But man, there were some parts of that that I'm very confused. I think I enjoyed it quite a bit. But with venomous like it's just so tedious and badly shot and just awful. But the very small part that is venom and Tom Hardy is enjoyable or venomous. Tom Hardy as been as enjoyable but it just is like baffling. how incredibly stupid is it's just so

that's actually what I liked what and I'm not. I dislike Tom Hardy, but I really enjoyed Tom Hardy dealing with like hearing venom in his head and then going back and forth. I did think that was the best part. Yes, yes. Stuff didn't piss me off as much as it did you want me to knock it down? Yeah,

the greatest showman was just poorly done it just is like it's like Oscar Bay but like 10 times worse like it's contrived the whole thing is like you should be genuine and you should be yourself but like there's so many of these people in the movie are just like the the ideas of like who they are is like a sort of a paper cut out of what a person is like it it has no debt that is a shallow film that desperately wants to have depth but is not genuine if that makes sense I know it's like I just said if I get into it it's going to be like an hour episode yeah Try not to say

coming Oscar season that still greatest showman or did that was that last year I thought greatest showman like actually came out last year

I think it came out dude I think it was last year. I think it was like Christmas last I don't know because I just tried to ignore it.

I'm curious if it's coming up to us now. Yeah, I don't know. Yeah, doesn't matter. I don't know it had to be last year because I'm pretty sure they performed the day yeah yeah. But yeah,

all the songs in there so hokey and like they're very generic pop songs that are not very good

was it oh he wasn't the grid a

lot of people love it and I'm like that's fine you can have bad taste

Was it the the two that wrote frozen and stuff

Lala No Is it frozen or La Land I didn't like

it's probably the lala land guys

I know it's because I heard like Damien dark know. Yeah, yeah,

I heard like LA and an interview with those guys on like NPR. Like when La La Land was coming out. It's like these are the most insufferable dudes I've ever heard in my life. Yeah,

because I remember I have a friend that was like, I really normally hate musicals. But he loved lolly and like he was he listens to the soundtrack all the time he loved the greatest showman so I was like okay so that was also going to suck music and that is also going to be bad so that's what happened

I'll do a quick search and find it also don't care no yeah I got enough it's like from now on like that it's official they did long and

they did and they might have done frozen to you know what the hell when I made the frozen

frozen frozen right because I think if people from Frozen worked end up some one of them and working on my wanna and then they wanna you know, is great and frozen, had good songs. And it's just that the main one was so over. Done.

All right. What else you guys got?

Oh, I have another one title on that. The worst movie I saw that I was forced to watching the holidays was Greatest Show.

Okay. guy was was there an additional know

Santa? Baby? I don't know if you guys know what that is. But it was the worst holiday movie. I had to watch

the song. That's all. Okay, so.

Jenny McCarthy. Oh, wow. Anything?

Hold on. She's time out. What? How did you? How did what what circumstances had to have gone down for you to be like, let's watch this. Jenny McCarthy movie

Christmas Day. Wait, actually here. Here's how it played out. Pretty sure. Like

I remember. Yeah. While you were there. You already heard this. Yes. So like Betty and Daniel. Like evidently. Um. I don't know. Like, they have like a home invasion. Yes. And like some masked man came in like flailing a gun around. It's like, yeah, we're gonna take all of your stuff is actually you know what? You know what? Now it's Christmas. I'm going to give you a gift here. You're gonna sit down and you have to watch Santa baby

was like just just for the it was a harrowing experience.

And now now I think it's time to come clean. He takes it was it was me Take

out the VCR. Bring out the VCR. VCR put in what year did they make new Jenny McCarthy movies.

It was like 2009. And then they had a sequel in 2012. We also watched the sequel whoa wait, what? What?

Whoa. When there was another home invasion it's right. It's like

yo I know we started watching it and I told my mother in law's like I'm sorry I can't

you guys were everyone was drunk. Is that what happened? drunk?

We're waiting for our nieces to get it was Christmas day and we literally had like gone through all the Christmas movies. We just watched like six Christmas movies or something. So she just kept like, I want to see you know you guys will like Santa baby. I was like, this is for like, here's here's here's. Here's. Here's norm, isn't it from Cheers. Well, okay. Well, how about Santa Claus? And he's hurt. hurt. His daughter is Jenny McCarthy.

Okay, that sounds reasonable, I suppose? No. Um, alright. So like, here's, here's the thing. Like, it seems like 90% of the time. Like whenever someone says, oh, you'll love this movie. What they mean is, I love this movie here. Yes, I want to watch it. And that's okay. But they don't think twice. Like, then don't really stop to consider the kinds of things that you like, or enjoy. Like, I like it. So of course, you're like, it's it's that kind of thinking that like, again, don't get me wrong. Like I'm not trying to hate on your mother in law or anything.

Oh, no. She's like, hey, that's a Christmas movie. You guys haven't seen it? Right? Exactly. But it's one of those things where it's like

you do realize that people have tastes and you know other than the things that you like, right I would just argue there's other Christmas movies like you could watch love actually like

oh no, I'm gonna watch Santa baby right now. Yeah, know how much you hate. Oh, watch it right now.

came up at a Christmas party. I've never seen it I still haven't seen I plan to watch it. You know how the list goes. It's actually pretty good it's it's apparently it's a love it or hate it. I very lukewarm about it. So. Yeah,

well, that's about where I was before. had to do a paper on it. So I was like about lukewarm more towards being like a you know, I think it's a waste of the actors that are in it. You know, like, the plot is kind of dumb. Some of the stuff doesn't make sense. It's kind of irritating, but whatever. It's a Christmas movie. Then I had to write a paper about the relationships in the movie and had to watch that movie six times. Then I then I hated it. Oh, yeah. And I already didn't like it before. So you can imagine like not liking something

I think lukewarm out of KC though, is like love like that's the thing.

Okay. Yes. So I love that part. And I love Rowan Atkinson spit I will. I'm not going to talk too much about it. Because Rowan Atkinson spit in. That movie is one of the best ever like him. Putting the lavender and everything wrapping up. The gift for Alan Rickman is so good.

I think watching it for the first time. One time I will probably enjoy probably will. It's got a six or seventh viewing. It's got a star studded get it's got a very good cast.

To me. It's like it's got a star studded cast. So it should be so much better than just like very trite. And I think it's trite but you know whatever.

Hey I got my favorite song of 2018. Yeah, let's hear it. groove is in the heart by D life that might be two years in a row

it's a great song I can't I can't I can't get I can't hate on that and I hadn't heard it I don't I don't think I had heard it this year but few weeks ago came on right when I pulled up the work I was lazy Good day Good start on day I got five minutes but your salary right like

okay you know but I had to I had to listen listen a group is in the heart yeah so yeah that is my 2018 favorite so the best song that I heard looking pretty good for 29

I have an adjacent one of that we have one that Daniel is written for us he can peek sort of

angel contributor to the

Daniel most violent wait what is the most violent death of a pop song 2018 it is Africa by toto oh and the reason why is because it was covered by Weezer and then and then I didn't realize this

man Hipple samples it uh huh so it's dead now it's dead we're never getting it back repin peace

made me sad that's terrible have made me sad I do like the song like that cotton that can't get a break

just can't first apartheid I mean

it's comparable

doing pretty good with black panther kind of coming up Weezer cover

that that just made me sour like just brought my mood down. remembering those those covers bring you bring it back up my favorite soundtrack of the year. annihilation. Of course. Yes. That was amazing.

I couldn't even tell you what the movies about. But it was. But it sure sounded good.

It's about snakes in your stomach. Actually. I mean, like, I could tell you what it's about. But it's really loud. Yeah, we're not. We're not gonna do that to our Yep. Alright. Well, analysis. So notice here. There's no relation. This is symbolic for this. But not

sound jack. What's good. This was a tough one. I had my favorite non cheers and non Becker. rerun Ted Danson show

show. special category doesn't include. It doesn't include Cheers. Reruns or back and I was like, Oh, well, then it's back guy got got me to get fooled again.

Wonder what it could be?

Hmm. Reruns only be good. No, no, no, it's not a rerun. I thought you said it's non Cheers. Reruns and non Becker rerun. Okay, I let her as a route. Okay. I thought it was already in syndication from the okay. I gotcha. Gotcha. So now, you know, now I'm now you know, what's the good? NC is?

The NC is. Are you ready? Wait, wasn't he isn't one of those? Yeah, he's in one of those. And cis Boston or something? No, no, not that one. Oh, so then clearly, it's damages

is the good place? Yes. Yeah. Good. Good place. Okay. Oh, darn it. If those Cheers. Reruns aren't up there. Every year.

The Good Place could just be the best thing of very well,

could be. There's like

a gold star on the top of the year will be the good place sexy. Santa Claus. 2018. Kurt Russell.

Oh, yeah. No doubt

is probably the first

ever sexy Santa baby. Yeah.

Did you watch

now? No. I'm scared because of how it turned on. I would be

wrestling with it. What the heck is it called? The

Christmas Chronicles? Yeah,

I've heard it really good. Yeah,

I've heard that as well.

But instead, you guys watched

I didn't want to be hot and bothered at my mother.

I mean, it'll click claiming number two on the sexy Santa's list.

I don't think I've ever said sexy Santa. My life. It's weird,

right? Santa

effects. I know. It's like a thing, isn't it? I thought that was the thing No,

I don't know what Reddit subreddit to Hang on. Hang out at Oh, it's called are slash sexy Santa.

Come on. Man. I just told you that. Now I know

the most hypocritical fan turn of

give me some more explanation. What do you think? Like? What do you mean by that?

You will understand once I tell you who one if that makes sense.

I think I have them but let's hear yours first. That's okay.

Most of the critical factor of 2018 we hate Joaquin Phoenix is the Joker now we love Joaquin Phoenix is the Joker that's pretty much because like people always when they hear that something is going to happen like a reboot or yet adaptation or whatever they over analyze it and then before it doesn't like and we had this discussion on your we talked about it doesn't matter until we actually see what it looks like. Like it's does it in the end as much as all the BS that they throw out it's not gonna matter until we actually see something but now I'm seeing a lot of the same people that were so angry about the making this movie now they're like sharing all these Joaquin Phoenix Joker names and getting super excited about him running down the street and stuff so yeah,

so what decade is this like? 2008 like we hate Heath Ledger's The Joker we love heat letters yeah I just I think Joker fans suck as the Joker fan you guys just all you're all terrible um yeah I can see what you're saying yeah I still I mean I hate it all anyway but yes everything um yeah yeah okay that yeah that was kind of that was a pretty dramatic turn on that very one thing so

it is like a very specific

I was thinking just Star Wars in general

are they haven't come full circle yet okay they will it's coming It's coming there will be the people are like you know actually the last year did own this

going to love it all Yeah, yeah. Casey who What is your favorite

media joker? Mark Hamill? Yeah, easy enough? Yeah well I guess we're talking about media then comics Joker like his comics and comics or media so you know why I said media because I was wondering if there was ever like a radio Joker I was like did they do what Batman radio show they had to? You would think you would think that that's almost a certainty I actually don't know maybe it was a little maybe Batman came a little later then when I don't know when that man came out. 1938


there has to be out there do you think that there's a radio show you got the shadow and all these other crazy radio here thinking Superman? I don't know. Doesn't matter. But it's it's it's around that time now. I know there's a superman radio Yeah, yeah, I remember that. Yeah, not like Dan does like shut up I wasn't there I just remember it existing huh. Okay. But then specifically which there's 1000 comic iterations of joke around there yeah I like them all because they're all there's this really really really really really really really really really really dumb thing that they're doing now called like three jokers that I hate the entire premise in short short version is I just like the fact that he does chain throughout the garden and it's all it's all supposedly the same Joker until they did that ridiculous mess but anyway I really like

the way they do the Joker in Batman games because they made me play the Batman games

isn't it most of them it's more catalyst

yeah yeah it is but it's still like the way that they do it is like to what the way he shows up like especially after he's quote unquote dead and then he's like talking to you and as Batman I love the way they did the He's so good and those games got on my nerves so

except the one is the first I guess Good night Good game but the remember maybe

a silent Was there an asylum yeah one anyway one of them were Joker gets mutated and turns into like Bain is the first one yeah that pissed me off okay because he was just cool like the character was cool and then it's like oh now he has the venom and right he's big and throwing stuff let's go What the hell is this I mean that as a little weird yeah but just take a take a weird left for me favorite co worker recommendation but there's two categories so this is the first one the first category of the favorite co worker recommendation is in the this shows okay and my six year old kind of liked it category and that is a conversation we had or hey I watch the show my six year old like it Tonio love my six year old like, I like it to watch it as a family. And my six year old cracks up category. Okay. And that is nailed it on Netflix. Yeah,

it's a like a bacon show. It's sort of a Sufi baking show. Okay? Where they take these like, amateur crappy bakers. And they're like, hey, make this fancy ass cake and surprise, they don't make the fancy cake. They kind of job and that's it. That's literally the whole premise. And they nailed it and it looks bad and they do a bad job. And for some reason, it's entertaining. tells about Nicole buyer. So she's kind of fun and funny. And they always have a special guest and then they have their resident judge chef Jacques who's like a for real legit fancy chocolate to your

25 minutes on Netflix. It's a fun little entertaining watch and my co workers six year old loves it

I really wanted to like that show. I just I think I'm spoiling the British shows together all quiet and they just talk like I love Nicole buyer actually she's really shy like her stand up and I liked her on girl code but there's something about the show I'm just like she's yelling all the time and I can't too many loud noises very aggressive

yeah um. It's yeah it's it's never

too yeah a lot of people love it that's awesome and just like I'm like the quiet

She's hilarious but there's just some times you like I'm on the moon to be yelled at you know you're done you're done

you're done that's Nicole buyer in the show

your Brisson Nicole buyer actually almost caused you to

was a little scary there was legit fear in in a part of that impression. Oh I thought that that was part of the impression that just sits in the office chair and falls back no just the I

was like yeah he is screaming a lot my life story

but I could see why it would be be frustrating what's funny it would

just be Kathy lines panic lines

it's I want to season two that I think some time off work so I watched two seasons of that and then they had like a queer I special where the guys from where I come Oh okay it was all the only did one round I was kind of pissed off like 10 minutes but it was still entertaining and then they have nailed at Christmas which apparently is a separate listing it's not season three of nail it separate and then when you're done with that the last episode is nailed it DIY which is where they make crafts not as good not as fun and then they remove chef jock and bring in some other dude who's probably an okay person but he's not chef jock yeah but like so an arts and crafts person like but it's an art art like in this one they made a Christmas morning right but the person that the consultant I guess so to speak he's not a chef because like yeah exactly yeah but he's just some dude so he's some do so he like an artist or like I'm a professional arts and crafts like I work at a hobby lobby so

Neil he's talking about he's Michael from Michael's I had a I don't want a second mortgage you know

they actually got Michael y'all actually got it

I got a store

it is I Michaels you must say it like that

here's a tip the owners glues the the kind of glue that you want to go with but like to be a six year old French chef like chef shark is kind of funny and Nicole buyer like flirts with them and they have this good rapport that makes the show good and then there's a good report makes the show good yeah it's crazy huh but then when they take out i mean he's he's half the show they take out that element and it's just I don't know she's on the same that's weird how that works but everything else was good and yes my favorite recommendation that coworkers six year old really like I'll kind of crack up like the six show but I still enjoyed it okay well good for you nailed it

You said that that weight so when you said that it sounds like there's gonna be two different categories I got another

one you want the fall Yeah follow up so just so no confusion that was favorite co worker recommendation in the the shows okay my six year old kind of like that category oh wow you see times this one favorite co worker recommendation non kid appropriate okay Ozark Oh okay. Oh

yeah you did like that one a lot. All


I was on my list to for biggest sophomore slump

Mm hmm. Like that first season was great that second season I was like now like that first season I watched like in like two days the second season I watched it like two weeks wow I don't disagree i don't disagree

I watched them together as as the one recommendation and I still liked it you know it's one of them things like I like the show I like the characters I'm with it you know but definitely when split up by seasons and not as good but I still like to kiss to me what it seems like what I'm not I don't work at Netflix but what seems like happened is they had a story planned a one season story planned right and then it's like well now let's see how far we can take it you know what on out and so like that first season story was like it wasn't very tightly plotted and everything and it flowed beginning resolution in like the basically that storyline ended it was like yeah we could probably make 10 seasons of this so last minute let's and here you go and we're going to go at a real real real real real slow pace

I have a couple of series of ones that were ones that we did in the last episodes that are kind of updates okay so movie I forgot that came out in 2018 last year I forgot that Logan came out

this year it's Tomb Raider for keep forgetting it came out this year oh shoot the decode this year

it's fun we all praise that so much much as I liked it too and yeah i was like man I was really good I'd recommend you check it out forgot totally forgot

I saw it twice simple yeah it's like a really cute cute it's a really nice

like she's things into her hairbrush

to open all the two it's a legit action adventure movie yeah that's the thing yeah it's a legit it's not brilliant or anything but it's like nice middle ground is better than venom for sure oh

yeah i agree seriously it's Tomb Raider from began was fun it was very fun yeah um. was the other one

oh best Chris of 20

were like this a couple times a year they were all in it they were all in

the last year was Chris Holdsworth Chris Captain America

Chris Pratt. Chris Pine. Chris Pine took it last year got to say y'all Chris bronze taken in this year.

Leave out you always leave out Chris Hatcher Chris Hatcher we didn't forget about it

last year we didn't even talk about him last year he's lucky that okay we're gonna add him in on this year sorry I don't think he would agree Chris Pine would be Chris Pine still better because he takes the best I still like all of the movie roles that he takes way better than any of the other ones Chris Pratt to me is cancelled because he's a big old dumb republican now some over him I'm sorry all Chris Pine just seems so I'm not exists like let's I don't know Chris Pine is like takes really good smaller roles that's

what a Chris Pine do this year

even he was in A Wrinkle in Time which wasn't good but his role in A Wrinkle in Time was good he was the father

yeah like five minutes

all right bye guys good whatever that was not good but whenever he saw his daughter and they're all crying in that weird hold that was cool

weird as yellow hole I don't know

I forgot he was in that I very much didn't like Wrinkle in Time so I think I just blocked it out

last year he won mainly because of Wonder Woman because he died and Wonder Woman and I'm still happy about that so he also gets those points from last

year doesn't carry over point

point he has some points to spare here yeah they're bringing them back so but it didn't come out this year so I'm not going to take his points away yet if it next year he might not be best Chris okay maybe have to all be come up I'm also I'm sorry for if anybody others republican I'm sorry I didn't mean he's one of the bad ones he's one of the ones that even you maybe something all wouldn't like

he's just horrible pine hatchet Evans hems were

times where

I don't know I don't know a lot closer than some of the other ones because he was very funny this year

hmm I think he's gonna take it next year I think so because because the men in black I think he's been thinking oh

you know what like by association by Tessa Thompson Association he almost he was up there this year yeah Tessa Thompson Association this year yeah

that was last year Oh wasn't Ragnar rock was last year in November why

you're here right

I'm excited about the new Men in Black though I'll go check I'm excited about it cautiously optimistic cautiously just because like look it doesn't have to be the thing that it started out as but to me like the whole thing the whole thing about men and black was it's that very American guys in black suits covering up alien conspiracies like just the very square the very boring yeah very like nondescript like we were never there type thing yeah and that's what they played up with and that was fine but this is like international and they're doing like like don't get it wrong men and black was always silly

yes but like but to me like

my already knows someone's about

the Michael Jackson can between a black between them middle middle the late age Tommy Lee Jones who is exactly what I would picture right a man in black to be versus Chris Holdsworth and Tessa Thompson is like nobody's forgetting them.

They're not they're not generic enough. Like

what's what background or they blended into? Yeah, I just want to see more but that'd be interesting. But that being said, Yeah, I just won't seem creatures doing crazy stuff. And I just want

to see more Tessa Thompson doing anything.

Let me tone down on the bug things. I'm over them like I get a

Mexican stereotype. But you know, don't get rid of them. But I don't want to have to show about them have to move it

gonna be like yo kiddo. Taco Bell Oh man.

I would you know what i would laugh

and passing services


be so bad oh my god is funny. They brought them back and they're still doing those dagger make sense. I'll never forget case

I think you and I saw it was the last one. Three. Read the view. And I see that too. Yeah. When I was bad. I'll never forget. Are you one of them? Weird stories is like how many black time so spoiler alert for Men in Black three. There's some time you want me stuff. And Will Smith meets his younger self or his dad or some crazy stuff. And this woman in the theater was her low blow

lady that like when Black Panther took his helmet off. And she was like, Oh, it's Chadwick

I swear story correctly. There was like five of us in the theater. Casey, a couple people and someone there. Yeah. And she was his dad.

No exaggeration. Yeah,


blue like just blew the lid right off of her brain. Like it was this storytelling

is so good. Like,

she hadn't seen any movies that year. Or

movie saw like 10. Yeah. Or story she read like, she's never consumed a work of fiction ever.

That is so sad. So clean.

I did not see that coming. She didn't. She didn't

know like, the only other black guy on the shows. Like that. Must be. That's probably dad. Yeah.

God bless her. I'm excited. I'm happy for her. You know what life was be so interesting. But no, look and say men in black. I mean, without me not thinking about. I know I was sitting and exactly where it was so vivid in my head. So just be surprised and pleasantly surprised by every little thing. It must be nice.

Last one from last year. Real quick. Okay. movie. I watched the Moses here last year. It was to Carrio I was but

dude it almost was it was nine. I watched a card nine times last year. This time I watched it for but I saw Tonya five times as many years.

Okay. It actually might be more but I don't know. I was at a point where I was falling asleep to it.

Tony how associated even I've seen it

on the list. I plan to watch it hurt. It's hilarious. You know, it's actually on Hulu or white goods on now. It's on Amazon. It's on Amazon for sure. Um, so I have one that

favorite show. My mom thinks I should watch but I actually watch it and I'm enjoying it so far. Okay. There's a lot of stuff she recommends you just issues and I get it. I can. I appreciate it. Well, there's just so many shows. I can't watch. I'm going to recommend something for you to watch. It's called Netflix. Just all of the catalog of it.

How about I do you have a so yeah, this is what you would like this. You would like this. You should check it out. I think you would enjoy it. And I said you know what? I am going to watch it and I'm actually enjoying it. Sometimes there's I watch it. I'm like, I don't really like this so far. It's not done with it. Marvelous. Mrs man knew it. I knew that's what you're gonna say. I don't know how I just knew it. Get me Do

you want to watch it? Cuz it's got Alex board, Bornstein. My favorite. He's like I love ya. I love her.

But my question is, oh, sorry. Okay. Well, I thought so. My question is, like, you know, it set like in the 50s. Like, how do you deal with that? Um, it's not bad. I can. I'm okay with that. Like, like,

really is like

every single times like I was before the 80s. And I'm like, No, I branched out and it's, um, it's about stand up. So watch the first episode last night. Really? Yep. We didn't even talk about we didn't even set this up. Nope. Um, but yeah, I like it. I like a lot. I'd recommend it. It's I was excited to find out it was about stand up. I knew it but there's it's way more in a stand up than I thought. Hmm.

And so I like that but it's not all that there's other storyline there's other stuff going on and so definitely keeps the story fresh and moving depression mood and I would highly recommend it. Think about halfway through the second season

got nominated for some Golden Gloves.

Yes, it gets tons of great reviews from like critics and stuff like that so I'm not surprised at all but I do love Alex. Alex Borstein is my favorite. And I didn't even put it together. It was like accidentally paused it on Amazon. And they have a cool feature where they show everyone in the scene like the actors and the song flying in the scene. Like and I was like, wait a minute. Oh, yeah. Yeah, she's my favorite.

So I recommend that to everyone. Thanks, Mom. Oh, I'd have to say let's see. best use of JK Simmons will probably be I don't want some probably it's it's definitely counterpart um, which is fantastic. He plays two versions of the same person, a movie or TV show, TV show stars. The last series was I think it was last year. But the second series started a couple weeks ago. And he plays two versions of Howard silk because the world like split into so it's like a parallel world type thing. So he plays

like orange. Yeah, kind of like fringe. Except better in every possible way. Oh, wow. Because fringes very aggressively mediocre. Yeah, you had me I'm a fan of fringe. I enjoyed it while I was watching it, but like, gotcha. All right. Do you think I watched it once? And that's all I ever need. Like, who cares

when I was watching it again? Or finishing it now? Finally. Um. But yeah,

like he's fantastic in it. And honestly, like he's not even the best part of the show. But it's the best use of him. But Olivia Williams is the best part of the show and she's my favorite thing ever from ever an all time what would I know her from dollhouse, Adele DeWitt she's the Boss Lady from dollhouse dealt with Olivia Williams is the only other thing that I've seen her in I've only I went over from that and counterpart and she's amazing.

Which English I keep thinking of Olivia Colman

sure what I'm searching that it went to Olivia Wilde her to when I asked them all and they're all Olivia's everyone next year favorite Olivia she was in Russia whoa

yeah she's been in a lot of British stuff

yep she's amazing she's yeah i mean

you know what let me just stop there I like Libya Williams let's just say for gets weird let's do that but she she's fantastic and and she is she's my favorite part of that show. Even though like in like a spike

like JK Simmons is ridiculously good at like pretty much everything that I've ever seen him in and he is doubly good and that's because you play two characters haha but like she's she's amazing it's a great show counterpart counterpart I recommended to you Tony before I was gonna say someone's told me about it was me I can't do calm down It's me. I can't record also. But no I can't recommend it enough and it's in it's not in the past so So yeah, I think I have it on my list. Yeah it should be

less than this show watch it's down there somewhere but because for for a good place counterpart. But he does he does a really good job of playing two completely different versions of the same character. That's crazy. Yeah, I'm not being funny that that as an actor, I was kind of crazy. Yes. Like, you can just look at him and immediately tell which is which. And then what's weird is like, he's playing one character pretending to be the other characters like, oh, he's playing that one character pretending to be like, it's it's just the left the nuance there is so he's aware of both versions. Like a or I just gotta watch it. You just gotta watch it. Her.

So it's some it's some next level stuff. Is it on streaming anywhere other than stars? No, it's just just just just just stars. But I have the stars package for whatever. All right. Yep, that's how I meant


I'm not saying that's how I've been watching it. So it's not on any other streaming services because I got it for American guides which you know, whatever. But so for the first time I think in the two years we've been doing this I have a tie oh oh. And I really and I was like, Oh, that's stupid. That don't do a bit it really is a legitimate tie. My most WTF movie of 20 1801

has to be annihilation of course yes. stance reason what what do you think? Maybe. I don't know if you guys have seen

this. I we talked about this.

I had a moment to where I was going to talk about a scene from this movie and I'm it has to be the same movie because it's the most WTF movie of the year to me is sorry to bother you. Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am. But I can't I don't want to talk about it. Because it's like, it's so super spoiled. And there's like it's a super spoiler. There's also probably inappropriate in some respects.

Which one? Sorry to bother you the telemarketer Yes. Okay. Yes. The white guy voice Yeah.

It's funny you say that because one of my categories is best white voice and I have I have a tie between the Keith Stanfield in that film and john David Washington and black Klansmen so it's like a time but

I did come up a couple times a year like a voice but yes I'm lucky Stan fields was was that patent. The patent know

I know as well. Was Danny Glover's bought Yeah, I'm pretty or was it the guy with the got the iPad. The guy

with the eyepatch? Um, was a cron who did David Cross cross. Yeah. Um, that's the movie that whenever people talk about it, they can't really talk about it. And we're having a similar conversation now because it is a spoiler free, and I'm just what do you recommend people check it out.

It depends on what you want to get. It depends on what you like to watch to me. I really loved it. Because this is like a debut from a director is completely untouchable. And how weird it is. But it's not. There's something about it that feels very like it's not forced how like, wacky it is. Sometimes you watch a movie and people just throw out stuff in that. Yeah, agreed. It sort of makes you think that that's what it is. But it's so funny that it just flows all together. But it's absolutely insane. I was

bonkers. But it's exactly to your point. It's not just crazy stuff out of left field. There's a rhyme and a reason but the absolute bonkers ness that it is

totally is crazy stuff. left field. But it's like great.

I am so annihilation. I recommended to everyone as I that's kind of sci fi gets a little weird, but you should check it out. You'll you'll you'll enjoy it. You know, maybe you won't like the ending. Will you? You'll enjoy it. Sorry to bother you. As a tough I feel like I got to know the person to be like, you might enjoy the journey. It's not the greatest movie ever. I wasn't born away. But I enjoyed going on the ride of that movie. Mm hmm. A buddy of mine, Phil from botched on the giant size team up network plug said about Sorry to bother you. I was like, text me when you're done. I don't care

so early. And he said, Oh, I think this may have gotten weird. And I said you only

get back to me when you're done. And he was like, okay, we're done. It got weird.

But it's good. Weird. All right. Yeah, you need to.

It's a colorful, pretty movie with some really interesting themes and stuff in it. And then it's also crazy.

It's a to me is just an adventure. You know, and it probably didn't hurt that.

Who's your your lady in it. Test Thompson. There you go.

It feels like all the crazier scenes in

thank are being john malkovich but if they just only took the most bonkers crazy ass scenes from that movie and switch them all together Oh I'm back

in what ya know you you Casey I recommend it to

if this movie and I'm not saying this to deter anything it's just what it is is like if this movie had been starring a bunch of white dudes it would be I think it I mean it would have to change what it's about but like people would I think be more talk about

it like it was this new create like yo this is some

yeah cuz it just it's very cerebral but I don't think I think some of the stuff is because you know talking about race and

subject matter

it's always bothers some of the people you Casey I

definitely recommend it to yeah well I'm in you will enjoy the ride yeah just like

sorry that a jumped on that one but no

I wouldn't because not all people have seen it and those that have seen it's like this club like you know what I'm talking about you know what I'm talking about? Yeah, and this dude friend of mine recommended it like I've been meaning to watch and he said don't look it up don't read about it. I can't tell you anything but I think you would like it yeah okay I'm good with that that's enough cool same thing I'm telling you Casey don't look it up don't read about it just watch this go for it um. Maybe not in mixed company that don't get the family you know get the kids I could gather around kids

definitely rated R

shameless nostalgia pool I was gonna say all of Ready Player One but instead I just said the shining part the shining same are Ready Player One because I one was like I geek pretty frickin hard watching all that was really cool mainly just for how it looked at how they took scenes from the shining it's sort of very seamlessly put an orc it running around lead away the work that was very entertaining to watch

still average under seen the show is a scary scary,

yes or no wait, it has various

Bumblebee out of bigness Dodger pole, too, but I have no shame in it. It was because it just it's all in the 80s. And you know, though, the actress didn't know how to use a Walkman in real life. She's like, I don't know what that was. They had a shot.

I mean,

okay. Like,

for example, which way would you put a tape and tape deck? You know? Well, there's two ways like you try that one way. And then Nevermind.

I'm getting irrationally annoyed by that. Like,

what it makes you look man. I don't know. She was on Graham Norton. She said she didn't know I didn't call and ask her.

couldn't figure it out.

two options.

I just don't understand how you don't understand

anyway. Okay. All right. I'm good. I'm good. I have you know, when will I ever have to move on? Yeah. Have to move on.

Most important mustache. 2018. It's Superman's mustache and Michelle know a Mission Impossible follow i think is totally was word that after seeing Mission Impossible, fall out. 100% think he made the right decision to tell them to scoff. And let him keep the mustache mustache because it looks so good.

I still want to see that is the plot point that he has some of those glasses with the mustache on it as a spy movie, right? You

know, like,

that'd be pretty cool. Like, some guy comes in shooting up the place. And it's very clearly a guy with glasses, a big mustache. And then they do like, instead of the face reveal, like, he just pulls off the glasses. And it's Henry Cavalia. Yes, that would be great. Like I

would I would love that the entire plot of Mission Impossible. How did the How did she do that?

I just saw from the trailers like together obvious.

That was the movie I was really glad I saw in theaters. All right. I like

those movies. Yeah, they're fun. Um, I just know I mean, they sold me with Henry cavil, with the mustache on a helicopter. And a 50 Cal Yeah, and they're like, chasing each other through the air shooting these giant guns

heat. They were there fighting that movie is so great. Because he's just so pissed off at Tom Cruise. He hates Tom Cruise so much. And Tom Cruise will not stop following him. And it's just great.

And you can't stop Tom Cruise I thought y'all knew yeah he's got the power of Scientology is Tom Cruise and that's why i feel like i don't know i don't like I'm like but have you seen Mission Impossible yeah because they're so good. I mean you see when he got hit with that missile and he like kind of like on and got up and kept running

yeah Tom Cruise in my number one guilty pleasure. I just have always loved pretty much everything he's ever done. Even if it's a bad movie he's just so good at it. I don't care Magnolia. I watched it I watched

I watched all them damn movies I like

I like the funny thing about Vanilla Sky is there's like three movies around that same time period with that exact same


and it's so annoying.

What has he done lately? Obviously mission Mission Impossible is that it has

him lately

um. I mean I don't know I was just thinking about that mommy movie

yeah I think mommy was 20 was that 2016 2017

I think it was last year I don't know whatever and I got no problem with Tom Cruise was he got coming on next I go see that yep minority report to

me yeah that is

play with Minority Report oh my god I watched another one in the mobile living and movie I thought they were talking about making another one

they should I love that yeah that's good.

Oh wait no I'm thinking about tomorrow I'm thinking about it tomorrow I love that I enjoyed a bloody thing in the Edge of Tomorrow way back into Tomorrow's the one everybody loves oblivion was the one that low key like that went under everybody's radar and i i really like oblivion to me is on that annihilation level hand a hard sci fi for a theater. You know,

whoever did that movie. Just a really good movie. I think it was an eye like I'm gonna look it up.

I want to do something then. I'm curious. And then what Andrea roseboro was in it. Whatever. Her name is?

Sure. She was awesome in that his wife. His Yeah, yeah.

Well, we need to do and very soon. And then. Oh, Morgan Freeman. I don't know where bonus Morgan Freeman. We need to do very soon when you guys can even have this one for your topic.

Oh, it was it was Tron Legacy. That's what I was thinking of. Because I just rewatch Tron Legacy because I love that movie. So I mean, it's all the same stuff.

What's up? Oh, Betty stone just exploded and $50 came out of it was it were those Samsung's from a couple years ago. Like it actually just

so what's up?

No, no, I can already tell him. This

guy's doing a movie that's coming out in 2020.


It is called Top Gun Maverick.

Oh, yeah. He is. A thing is that I don't think

Maverick for a taco.

I just seemed really unnecessary to me at the time. Whenever I heard about it. But

Sure. Why not? Jason from the good places in it. You guys.

I'm kind of excited. Flipboard.

The last thing I have is my In Memoriam for 2018. That's happening. Does anyone have any? Anyone under before that? Um, I got a bunch of angry real quick. Yeah, yeah, let's knock him out. Machine Gun style. a

dolphin style machine.

A not drunk monkey stuff.

most impactful death in a movie I still think was killed longer and Black Panther.

Okay. Deb especially over infinity. Infinity butts. Oh, yeah. Those are cheap. Best old man. Tom Waits in The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. Oh wow.

I don't watch that yet. I didn't know Tom Waits was in

best use of a meme and a movie water those by luck, Tita Oh,

good please because I put on but I can't

post credit sport

I put maybe something in Deadpool but I couldn't remember

you saw this doesn't spoil anything what what are those verses What did you think about the post credit and end of the spider verse? What Spider Man 29 and I got genuinely jumps in two and this is doesn't spoil the movie Oh with the duplicate spiders

that doesn't get your time Oh when he goes in the 1950s Batman Spider Man yes that is a spider man to me doesn't count because it's not the same like I'm sitting behind a desk like the specific names it's more like they just jumped into the TV show

that had since been used as a me I got right that makes

this is like Leticia right said what are those referring to his shoes as like, I see your point and I

agree. I will go with that.

And then my favorite to ROM coms or crazy rich Asians and destination wedding. I think that's it.

I don't know. Destination Wedding

Keanu Reeves. And when all the rider and it's freaking grey they hate each other and it's just a bunch of dialogue it's wonderful but

theatrical release

don't know but with it I think it went directly I think it was mainly an Amazon movie

but it's wonderful my In Memoriam and I

I welcome to hear other things you guys might like so these are things not people these are things that have since

passed away in 2018 they're good while they lasted number one movie pass

on us I mean it somebody graduate yeah

graduate to death death or yeah

it was it was so

it was so good when it was like 10 bucks a month any kid rack up the movie it's almost like it was unsustainable rules yeah I mean it was totally was

but it was still nice.

Another thing in the morning I'm really going to miss legitimately my Netflix superhero shows wait what happened to him they're all canceled except the second season a Punisher which then will be cancelled

that's so funny comes out in January one of the notes I had for 2018 was can we all agree that they released too many Marvel TV season 220 18 they're like five seasons I came out this year I didn't what I

although I was excited about them combining them to do like defenders. In hindsight, I think they should have not done that too much and had them crossover on their own shows like I don't also need a crossover show

or inversely just did a defender show yeah and had stories of everyone and now I think that's what I was like eight episodes let's make sure everybody's contributing equally like yo you can have three episodes without Jessica Jones and or you could have like an episode without Matt Murdock. In at all like just have different be

like an iron fist right in a pot or something. Yeah, that would be

but he's ever seen the second season because he's cool now and I'm not just saying that

if I take that long I don't care

well he's legit cool and there's other people that are that we're cool that are like even cooler now that's cool. Um, words the dope is dude ever like that dude. Anyway, there's there's this is no no BS when Iron Fist Season Two ended I was like dang I could go for some more of that and I meant it to myself I was like I really would like some more of that but yeah they should do it like like the Justice League Exactly. Sometimes the people it doesn't have to be a little bit everybody all the top whatever and that and I think that would be sustainable and I think it would be fun and interesting and maybe they'll do it when they Disney take notes yes which over it's coming because we said it here first

I forgot one I'm sorry it's okay have so many What was your favorite Spider Man 2018 Oh come on you guys think about this because there's there's Peter Parker and infinity whatever but then there's also miles then there's also Nicolas Cage we got a pic

our character

yeah one one Spider Man. Then there's also miles then there's two. Peter Parker's then there's Penny part. There's dinner. Spider. When then. They're spider pig. There's a lot of spiders

this year. Well, I I gotta go with the one from a funny word. Because I haven't seen into the spider spider verse. Oh, yeah. Oh, I was, um, I was on breaking the panel. And we were talking about some movies. And oh, Bumble being an aqua man. And this and it's all right. And then somebody yet hadn't seen spider verse. And I was like, Whoa, I thought the assumption was, everyone seen that? Because that's what you need to see. First, that's the most important one of all the, the fourth quarter superhero, whatever. Whatever crap that first and foremost is what everyone has to see. So my favorite one iteration of spider man now you know, I love the pigs. Everyone knows I'm a fan of pigs. I like I like funny pigs. Yes. I like

what's the boy golden boy? The comedian.

I don't know if you're still on this yet. Are you trying to do other things before you get to this

know the comedian. That voice john Delaney. I like millenia summer Laney I like comedy. I like pigs. I like but but despite all that,

y'all like

butts. It has to be Spider Man war. Nicolas Cage cage. Yes.

It's so he's so dramatic. It's just so good.

I was dying in that like whenever he has a lot of lines really doesn't. But

they make fun of the origin story in the movies. And so they have a origin story. Every time a new Spider Man shows up and they're like, Okay, let me use story real quick. But Nicolas Cage is like, over the top, like, in the way that the Batman from the Lego movies are. So he's like, makes fun of him. Like, I like to sit alone and bars and smoke and think about my life like stuff. Like it's just very

Yeah, there was something he said it was, um, like,

they're like, Oh, no, we weren't expecting these enemies or something. They start fighting. He says, sometimes you don't get to pick the ballroom, you just have to dance. And I think I was the only one that laughed and I was embarrassed. I don't care. I was a bunch of like, little kid. I don't know how different it wasn't just me and little kids is weird. Aaron was just you know, there were some adults to just but um, I was dying. I was like, really? This this guy? This guy.

So yeah, I don't know what you're doing after this case. Like what you got going on? I don't know your life like that. But I can make recommendations.

You should go see spiders. Ah, yeah, I was wondering. There's some confusion edge of my seat.

Ah, all right, ladies and gentlemen. That is it. That is how we will conclude.

It's been a fun year good year for us and we can't thank you enough for hanging out with as this year and we will look forward to what we got to bring for 2019. So Happy New Year to you all. hope you had a good one. And we will see you next year.

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