A Collection of Amazing Things Your Vault Dweller May Utter

July 5, 2015

We have Fallout (I know this is a late article)! After Bethesda presented a generous E3 presentation, the hype train was officially in jacked-up-on-mountain-dew motion. I’m a fan of constants – honestly if Fallout decided that they wanted to keep the “ghosts that are disguised as people”* look of the former games, I’d be fine. I love the uncanny valley and scary doll faces of Fallout NPCs, but change is good. Fallout 1 and 2 shared a look, the same way that Fallout 3 and New Vegas did, but now we get voice acting? That’s a change I’m comfortable with. To celebrate I’ve combined a list of things said by your protagonist in Fallout.

*all quotes courtesy of Chris Hatchett and are 100% not made up.

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