You already know we gotta talk about that new Avengers: Endgame trailer. And if this isn’t your first time listening, you already know it’s gonna get silly. We also chat a bit about some other trailers including Outworlds and Brightburn.

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Episode Transcript

Tony Henderson 0:00
Hey everybody thanks for tuning in to the geek versus podcast as a nerds I view of pop culture and the show is a proud partner of the giant sized team up network

vendors for trailer drop came out all the buzz actually it's the most downloaded video ever on YouTube or something or most downloaded in the day something crazy like 25 trillion download so we got to talk about vendors for also chat a little bit about few other trailers new game coming out of bed he was really dig in and a evil Superman look in movie they're talking trailer this week primarily that Avengers for though and a few other things before we jump into the show want to give a special thanks to Jeff our newest patron Jeff thank you so much and thank you to all our patrons that support us backslash heat vs g k v s Jeff and everyone who supports us will be getting an awesome ornament for the month of December that Betty is handmade and a song and they look go alright so let's just jump into this discussion and get the chat and about a vendors for end game

Unknown 1:21
things are

Tony Henderson 1:25
About to get weird

Betty 1:30
better I showed you guys the ornaments where I made to give to our Patreon subscriber yes

Tony Henderson 1:36
all the patrons you did it I saw they actually exist they look really great they do look awesome I thought a little spoiler alert for those before they get them I saw him early their little glittery i thought was on the outside know there's smooth with like inside glitter

Betty 1:52
yeah and their glass ornament so they're nice

Tony Henderson 1:54
they're legit like I thought like yeah it was things people warned me so it'll be like cardboard

cardboard geek on their

Casey 2:02
paper machine yeah

Betty 2:05
yeah probably gonna put I guess the year on there something because I don't want to put like I feel dumb if I'm like here's an ornament that is actually just an advertisement for us but geek versus on there I don't want to do that

Tony Henderson 2:16
they'll remember yeah they'll remember and tell the tale so yeah everyone I mean it's all our current patients anyone that signs up in the next

Betty 2:25
December oh yeah

Tony Henderson 2:26
it said still early yeah they got time mm hmm and he new patrons in the awesome the handmade Benny ornament yeah

Betty 2:32
oh I was it was a little Betty that would be kind of

Tony Henderson 2:37
a little bit

Betty 2:38
because you said you were in America

Casey 2:40
you smaller yeah I don't know what added

oh it's a buddy that smaller Oh

Tony Henderson 2:49
my head went a little Debbie and I was like I know Debbie. Oh okay. But little Betty is that oh

Casey 2:54
I can see why you would think that after you explain why you thought

but before that no there were there was like you know it's like a little Betty well, little is another word small

well this is Betty. She's sitting right here I am here

Tony Henderson 3:09

thought I was like the all the Swiss roles you know, like one of those little Betty's like oh gotcha

Betty 3:17
that makes even listen to me. But I don't want to know why it's okay to stop just like let's stop but I just got to say don't know

Tony Henderson 3:25
so a bunch of people respond to the history of white people episode by bunch of me like a couple whatever. Yeah, I mean, that's a that getting

Betty 3:33
people those are our people

Tony Henderson 3:36
Shannon who was a patron actually so thank you. Shannon.

Betty 3:39

Tony Henderson 3:40
said something her on East to say I had to write it down so I can remember it. It is if I don't see you. Bye Easter. Hide your own eggs. Oh,

Casey 3:51

Betty 3:52

Tony Henderson 3:53
and golden eggs. I was so confused. I was like,

Casey 3:57
I don't understand any of that. Hmm. Like individually I know the words but

Tony Henderson 4:02
man that's not see but so if I say hi drone? A Yeah.

Betty 4:06
Because the because the adults hide the eggs and then the kids go find it. So it's really stupid. It's sort of like telling a child if I don't see right Christmas go by your own in the wrap them and say that Santa got him for you.

Casey 4:22
doesn't roll off the tongue as much. Yeah. Well, though, for sure. It's not to say so. You do you say that to other people are just say that the children that's

Tony Henderson 4:28
where I was confused. Like, like, are you okay? If I don't see you. Bye. Easter. Like call the cops? Oh, you want you know? And I'll see by Easter. Yeah, like put out a missing persons report

Casey 4:41
to you. By Easter Mission accomplished. Like

Tony Henderson 4:43
Mm hmm. I am less concerned at this point about my colored eggs. Then your safety and well being you know, is everything okay? Yeah. Also my

Casey 4:54
eggs. What do you have to say the C word man

Tony Henderson 4:58
and Charles a fan of the shows and

he's mad at us because he said all week he was saying

Casey 5:06
Oh, well. No, I mean, you know, truth hurts man.

Tony Henderson 5:11
To me. He too is a white guy and

Casey 5:15

Tony Henderson 5:17
I know some black

Betty 5:20
white name

Tony Henderson 5:22
everybody but yeah, I thought that's where you're going. I saw

Betty 5:26
when I was like in high school I saw this I saw a mystery science theater episode and it was they the whole bit the running bit of the thing was them saying his on his jaw and so like I non non ironically would say that all the time. It was the craziest thing and that that's that's the highlight of my wildlife

Casey 5:47
sounds adorable. has

Betty 5:48
good one. Let's get lunch.

Casey 5:52

Betty 5:53

was not adorable. It was cringing

Casey 5:57
yet super cringing

Betty 5:59
in my freakin Darth Vader shirt and pants and shoes everything so so cool. Has

Tony Henderson 6:06
the coolest what are we

talking about today? trailers

Betty 6:11
we don't talk about them trailer because I think that's what people care about right is Avengers trailers

Tony Henderson 6:17
well you know people do care about that don't they?

Betty 6:18
So the Avengers trailer came out I don't know which one this is like the eighth Avengers movie and everyone sad because everybody died and the end I said

Tony Henderson 6:30
I was pretty high if I'm not gonna lie I can't I can't even like do this bit like I was I was excited I was at work Mm hmm. And my boss said the new vendors Charlie sounds like a yeah cancel my meetings I can't I can't do that I gotta because I was stuck at work I wanted to watch it

Casey 6:47
so he had to cancel all of your meeting I didn't have

Tony Henderson 6:49
the whole day whole day is shut down

Casey 6:52
the things less than 30 minutes like wait what kind of meetings

Tony Henderson 6:56
yeah um. And truth be told like I didn't have a it came out at nine I didn't have a meeting at nine I'll just sit at my desk but it sounds way cooler if I had to cancel my meeting I don't know my schedule have that power I can't do that Maxine Maxine clear my schedule meetings I look man I know you want to see that you're gonna have to wait until your meeting you can't just do that

Betty 7:18
I get to see Captain America be sad

Tony Henderson 7:21
he has no beer there's no beard is gone now what are we gonna do I'm

oh I guess the trailers okay

Betty 7:31
all of what condos did I guess right I just saw I literally just realized that I wasn't like planning on saying anything because I was like who was in it I was like Black Panther died but everyone else did it

Tony Henderson 7:45
showed Sheree for a second in the in the projections like they were going through some real cuz people freeze frame like

Casey 7:52
they're sure those are like the missing people. Yes.

Tony Henderson 7:55
Yeah I think I think so. Because I know one of them was Peter Parker. Spider. Man's of their Yeah,

Betty 8:00
he's dead though. Yeah.

Tony Henderson 8:02
So that's what they're saying. They can't find like Parker's gone. sure he's gone.

Betty 8:08
Didn't know this. Is it because, you know the Paul Rudd shows up in it? Yes. Do you your number because I know. Um, did Paul Rudd die in the movie? Or did we not? No,

Casey 8:19
no, he Paul Rudd still around. He didn't die.

Betty 8:21
Oh, so they're just like, and there's Paul Rudd

Tony Henderson 8:24
well, Paul Ryan was post credit scene of Ant Man to is what happens to him.

He's in the mini verse. The the whatever quantum realm

Casey 8:40
you got their own your own good

man didn't last long as nearly as long I was just gonna sit back

Tony Henderson 8:55
and the other people got zapped, they know snaps apps. And he was stuck in the quantum realm. So somehow we got out. That's like, what happened? How to Get out.

Betty 9:04
Oh, that was the end of the second Ant Man. Yeah.

Tony Henderson 9:07
And he's in the same man. Everyone. People were excited on the internet. Like,

Casey 9:12
it's the same vein. Yeah, people get excited over stuff. Yeah,

Tony Henderson 9:15
it's his van. It's a car he drives I have the same card two days in a row,

Casey 9:20
snap the man


Betty 9:24
It's not a 5050 shot on that. Well, you have to think about how predictable these film franchises are in denial and denial. People are about it. And so when there's a van that shows up again, they lose it because they didn't plan that out. And they're a little manifesto about the Avengers.

I didn't contemplate this.

Casey 9:44
And then there'd be like, wow, this is next level. See you next the attention to detail. You know, boy is it the attention they use the same actors and everything or is it

Betty 9:53
that they filmed both of those movies at the same time

Tony just almost fell back so my chair fell back

Tony Henderson 10:01
john BARROWMAN style um, but no people are legit like I've seen freeze frame it Yeah, I saw the other movie he was that's where he was in the thing you know. Yeah. But I guess the the hype is how did he get out of the quantum realm? And then what does he do after that? But we kind of knew I was coming

Betty 10:18
does it even matter? Here's a question Does it even matter? Like does it cuz it's gonna be some just like the whole thing with like Iron Man being all lost in the space. Like how we were saying, before we started recording, like it would be really cool vironment actually died like by the time I got to him he was just dead he had just like starved to death or free froze to death or something that would be so great because it

Casey 10:41
yes here's the thing they got rid of half of the characters last movie right yeah there's still way too many yes so so like here's the thing just have a couple of them have like completely pointless meaningless death just just go ahead and do that don't hurt the roster even more. Yes a million times more especially if it's like Tony Stark like just well we found this message and there's this corpse like oh oh this is real

Betty 11:06
or too late guys we were moping

Tony Henderson 11:09
because it would work I think that would actually be cool plot point to drive some of the other characters and that's how I 100% know that it's not

Betty 11:18
Yes Well the problem is I can we've been waiting for Thor to die this entire time and he is not is

Tony Henderson 11:23
what are we

Betty 11:24
yeah like we've been talking about Thor dying like every third movie like every time I Thor movies come out we've been like maybe he will die now

Tony Henderson 11:30
door doors about to spit some verses and this movie

Betty 11:32
yeah so edgy

Casey 11:37
I think he more that in the first one is on earth so it's not like it's a new thing

Tony Henderson 11:42
attention to detail

Casey 11:42
into the detail all man it all comes

Betty 11:44
but it's all connected all my god is not like the baseball cap and aviators

Tony Henderson 11:49
someone's auto shop oh good good

Casey 11:53
it's like oh yeah well we can do disguises that aren't has a we give him a hoodie take that take that

Tony Henderson 12:01
the only problem I sincerely do think that'd be a cool thing with a Tony if they just didn't make it but they put so much weight on him being the answer to the one solution you know that

Casey 12:14
Yeah, no, I get all that but uh. I say just have them die and then like then still wins and in the movie There we go. Like you know, just keep going with I don't want I don't want there to be

Betty 12:29
just everybody dies I hope that there's like not that trope to where he actually has the means to escape but he's not what is it motivated but then like he started you know how like in movies like the power

Tony Henderson 12:39

Betty 12:40
yeah like he's just sitting there he's like oh I give up but then like he sees a picture of somebody is like okay and it just picks up the that was already in his in his in his vehicle that happens is so many movies it's infuriating like you just couldn't you just had to find that that was already there really

Tony Henderson 12:56
needed a motivation

Casey 12:58
honestly in this one like I think I would actually be okay with it and this cuz he's so funny he's like run out of oxygen tomorrow and then just like sees a picture is like oh yeah oxygen tank and then build one yeah, cuz I'm a genius. Exactly. And so that would be funny to me because it would be so terrible but um. Yeah?

Yes. It will

Tony Henderson 13:20
be Pepper Potts has to come save on now. would be dope. She gets there any dies. But she will be. She'll suit up

up. She has to be the one

Betty 13:30
roadies dead to. Yeah, he got snap. Yeah. Cuz I remember being like, Oh, it's not

Casey 13:35
been all the brothers. Right?

Betty 13:38
He couldn't. He couldn't. Whoo. Boy,

Tony Henderson 13:43
I would say but for some reason. They relate better. Like, late to the snap. Like, Oh, man. Um, yeah,

Casey 13:49
it's probably gonna be her or Captain Marvel. Those are the two things that are there been thrown around. But like, honestly doesn't, it doesn't matter. Who cares, you know that he's going to be fine. And you know, that he's gonna be rescued. And you know that they're going to go fight, do whatever. And it's all going to be on like,

Betty 14:06
and then he can die lighter. If he wants.

Casey 14:08
Oh, I would love that so much. I would

Tony Henderson 14:10
like us to this point. I feel like I would love it. If, if, like, even after

Betty 14:13
all, they're all it's gonna be like an inverse. Like, everybody that died is going to live. And everybody that's alive right now is going to die. I guess what I'm thinking. Like, it'll be like, somehow the five sacrifice themselves in order to save everyone. It's that there's always a cost, right? Yes. Always

Casey 14:30
a cost. And that'd be a nice little gut punch for everybody on their own. So that would be great. Well, it's,

Tony Henderson 14:35
it's convenient that the ones that didn't get snapped are like the oh geez. You know, and it's like, oh, all these new these characters you just met in the last movie? Yeah. Oh, they took all them like

Betty 14:48
really? Yeah. Such a blond hair blue eyed people.

Casey 14:53
All right. Oh, yeah. That's an interesting point.

Tony Henderson 14:55
So you guys think about a your boy

Casey 14:58
what a bit of really cool reveal is if there was something mysterious figure like here is this Yeah, you know, handling stuff like beating up everybody or whatever. And you didn't know who it was in the movie. Like there's this big reveal. And who was it? Who would Who could it possibly be? But you didn't know because it wouldn't be in the trailer

that's one direction they could have gone I could have done that but they didn't did they know instead

Betty 15:25
it's your least favorite person

Tony Henderson 15:27
to do like the one person we haven't seen that they made a clear point of we don't know what's going on with him.

Betty 15:32
Who could it be? Jeremy Renner.

Casey 15:34

Betty 15:36
I like Jeremy ran his character. But I think that amongst all the other characters, it's like a struggle to for him to be relevant because it comes off increasingly. So when you see him all edgy with his sword that has holes in it, like 100% agree.

Casey 15:53
last movie I saw dude, throw them planet this movie.

He's got us sword instead of a bow and arrow like come on, man. That's That's cool. You're badass. All right, you know,

Betty 16:06
switch your weapon proficiency. Yeah,

Casey 16:08
that's what it was like a snap bit like

Tony Henderson 16:12
oh no, I'm Travis from blazing definitive report was pretty excited. He was like, yo, Ronan and I was like

Betty 16:22
what is Ronan mean?

Casey 16:23
That's his little that is edgy code is the alter ego Yeah. When Hawkeye gets extra edgy and uses a sword and said oh he's running

Tony Henderson 16:31
I'm running now and I was like

who's gonna who's gonna like like beat up some feels like

he didn't do before now go away. Yeah,

Casey 16:43
the way

Betty 16:44
the best part about Hawkeye was his family like if they have movie and it was just him and his family hanging out and like doing normal family I would have been all over that

Casey 16:53
Yeah, they got snapped I'm sure as a plot

Betty 16:56
those comic book thing that happened is what made them edge I was like yes they're trying to make him into Batman good now we just got to get smart 100% yeah

Tony Henderson 17:06
and rich when you're lame and then you're angry and lame you're still lame like yeah you no disrespect to Jeremy Renner but you're it's a lame character from the jump the movie that had a hawk you get someone on the fly you up to the roof to shoot people know

Betty 17:25
get out of here. I do. I do like him a lot. And all those movies The only reason why is because the writers actually have to get creative when they use him and that's literally it like to me cuz he can't just do the stuff so like the distracting arrows for his friends which I'm going hell yeah you're like you're like a little side like helper character and I'm all about that and because they have to get creative It can't just be I door I build another hammer and then I use then I use a hammer but now my hammer gone again. What I do yeah, cuz that's all you're good at is the hammer

Casey 18:02
and then the only thing and

the the I did like about Hawkeye It was like was the fact that he wasn't edgy Yeah, like you know an ultra like he was doing he was just like we do but he was doing commentary to is like, oh, man, like we're on the city. It's white and None None of this makes any sense. Like I just whatever I'm just doing my job which which is fine. Like, all right, I can get behind that. But now he's gonna see like you take even take the one good thing about him away. It's like the I'm gonna beat up stuff now. Because my family

Tony Henderson 18:37
Yeah, man. I'm shooting arrows. I'm going home. Having a beer.

Casey 18:40
Exactly. I can respect that.

Betty 18:42
So my thing that's exciting to me apart from all the emotional trauma hopefully that then Oh, so have he gets redeemed. I'm gonna be pissed. But that's probably what's going to happen because everybody already loves him. Because they're stupid. Whatever. Anyway, so

Tony Henderson 18:57
now's a good time to tell people that like should support our Patreon.

Betty 19:02
Sorry, yeah,

yes. I wouldn't even argue Emily. Yeah, okay. Whatever. Dude. Like it's just a dumb movie. It's just a dumb comic book movie. Anyway, so all the all the decisions are inconsequential in the end all of what we think is but the only thing I am sort of hopefully excited about is that since there are less characters that there will be literally like sort of a Justice League fighting dark side moment or dark see moment like to where they it's there literally is a boss and you are like a party working together to have god damn I want a 30 minute punch battle if that does not at least you don't really sees me with that. Oh like make it worth something for sake

Casey 19:49
gotcha. I could totally be on board with that I thought you were going a different direction and like you have your party and then like you have your tanks your healers your DPS

Betty 19:58
right it's like everyone does it critical

Casey 20:02
where's the heels man like I totally yeah again like if they did like just a 30 minute fight that would be great just do what they did on Titan except just make that like half the movie whatever sure

Betty 20:12
it's less money please spent more choreograph more like how Winter Soldier is you know like more like those movies is

Tony Henderson 20:23
it's been 10 years in the making this probably really they've been they've been teasing a nose for 10 years in the making this probably really is the last movie this group yeah Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. To the way it has to be if that's the case of this is it for them it has to be that the grand is finale of all time where they're just like you said 30 minute comic book fight Yeah, on screen

Betty 20:51
this is where this is where my and Ronan This is where this is where like my communication like studies and communication and pass some ism is where it really shines through is because honestly there really is no guarantee that this actually is the last movie but everything that they're shooting at us everything they're telling us wants us to be invested in this being the end it 100% could be drawn out after this. It absolutely it could in but not really in. And then, like Scarlett Johansen comes back with this time she's got purple hair and capture america's got his beard again and they're valid the gangs back and they just keep doing these goddamn movies. They just do a different villain. Like there is no guarantee that this actually is the end game apart from what Disney is shooting down our throats with commercial marketing. Speaking of endgame

Tony Henderson 21:44
thing that was a big thing, right? They're going to announce the title with the new trailer who was surprised

Casey 21:51
I mean surprises. Very strong word for some surprise indicates a level of level of concern

that just isn't there. Like Don't get me wrong. Exactly. Don't get me wrong. Like I didn't know that it was gonna be called in game I wasn't. It was like oh man. It's called in game I totally did not see that come and they totally got me like I didn't think that like I just had it was a non reaction Really? Like I don't care what it's called.

Betty 22:18
I was

gonna say literally didn't realize that. That was when they announced it until you just told me because I was like in game okay. Yeah,

Tony Henderson 22:23
that was there were people walking out of the theater. Like when we saw the laughing like yo endgame will be the next I'll be dope because it's so your favorite scene with Dr. Strange oh my god he's like we've we've entered the end game I would just I 19

Casey 22:42
I just wish he said we're in the Avengers in game you know that would have been that would have been like out have been that would have been so great.

Betty 22:52
People are gonna be really upset if the solution that Dr. Strange saw is like easily could be seen as a solution that would have happened to couple of more times other than just like one solution.

Casey 23:03
Oh, I will be

Betty 23:04
Yeah, I will be awesome. Agatha. Christie level. That's what I'm wanting. Yeah,

Casey 23:10
exactly. Like roll the 70s music. Let's get a high going on. Everybody plays their part

Betty 23:18
literally was one way this could have happened. And it was like this way the Doctor Strange. And here it is.

Casey 23:24
Our men. You be in space. Captain America and Black Widow. You beat the vendors. But did you did 222-222-2222. Yeah. And now you're gonna get the edgy Yahoo. Just beat up speed.

And then we're going to go confront banjos.

Like that would be a snap.

Tony Henderson 23:42
No pun intended. Like this had to happen for this. This is it right? Yo. That's crazy. So just like a like a repulsive blast. Yeah, that's what we need to tell me because he had the repulsive blaster. Oh, let's begin to Tony. Casey.

Casey 23:54
Ha. Wow. Whoo. Man. Wait, so hit him with my very basic attack that I've been doing this whole time. Oh, wow.

Betty 24:02
That's a real good that's a that's a

Tony Henderson 24:05
good one. Man. That's only one scenario where this man

Betty 24:09
was like Dr. Strange comes back and he's he shaves his like goatee in front of everyone and then become Sherlock

just starts telling everyone right

exactly what happened like you hear the bum bum bum music from the show and he's just like here it is this is how I did it all

Casey 24:28
that would be great

Betty 24:29
just goes back to his British accent nobody says anything

Casey 24:32
he should he should point like it's that American was just rough

but at all that would be great that would be so great it just comes back as thank you

Betty 24:43
he's in a trench coat a black trench coat or was like why why that doesn't whoa look

Tony Henderson 24:49
Casey can explain the the Tony Stark Walmart wife beater a

Casey 24:56
it looks terrible for anybody who's seen the trailer if you wait about 10 seconds

you know they do a shot of Tony from like the waist up like he's leaning against this wall. And then I'm looking I was like, Oh yeah, there's the ark Ratner is like wait a minute. Wait, why? No, it isn't Tony Stark. Tony Stark is getting in on his own fame. I guess. And he bought he bought like the hot topic. Walmart like t shirt with a picture of an arc reactor on it like that. It's clearly there's nothing there.

Betty 25:27
Like it is very thin. If it's not a


Casey 25:33
top. It's got a wrinkle in it.

Tony Henderson 25:35
It's it's an iron on arc reactor.

Casey 25:38
arc reactor shouldn't be wrinkled. It should be solid it shouldn't really

Tony Henderson 25:42
with the shirt like Come on. Get out of here. There's no no depth there. It Yeah,

Casey 25:48
guys aren't even trying. You're trying

Tony Henderson 25:51
I'll put a screenshot of that up. That is actually the worst thing that I've ever seen. I like these movies a lot. I joke I kid but I really do enjoy these

Casey 25:58
movies. They're very fun. culturally

Tony Henderson 26:00
relevant that that shot that little shirt was hot garbage. That's the worst thing I really hope there's someone needs to explain something with some time travel. Captain Marvel something needs to happen to explain why he's wearing a shirt of his own in movie character. Yeah,

Casey 26:19
well, we spend all this money on this one helmet.

The helmet he's recording on and it's like he said I'm before we talk was like, I think they forgot.

It's supposed to have it. I can't remember. The habit does not have it had removed that one movie. Did you get it put back? Like it doesn't have to. Oh, no. No, anymore. We don't know. Just throw it in there. The nerds will fix it. They'll they'll comment. You know,

Betty 26:43
that's one thing that's so frustrating is no real continuity in any of these movies.

Tony Henderson 26:49
Do not see the very man

Casey 26:51
get out of here. It's all connected. The

Betty 26:53
man God,

Casey 26:55
I hate to make you look foolish in front of our audience. But right.

Betty 26:57
I'm so dumb.


But yeah, there really isn't like, you can't keep so many themes. Like even to the point of like, Thor's personality is not going to be consistent. Like it's all damn mass.

Casey 27:17
And let's that's another thing to like. Honestly, everybody should just come together and just be emo and have a trauma conga like just

Betty 27:24
Oh, yeah, like all of what you just said.

Casey 27:27
Basically, you know, Hawkeye, Ronan? Whatever. lately? My family's dead and the doors like oh, yeah, well, all my people are dead. And my, my sister tried to kill me. And my brother will have to blah, blah, blah. And then like, Steve Rogers is like, buck. He's did, my, my lover's dead. Actually. I don't know if that's Canada or not, but we're going to go with it and then like oh yeah, well, the whole country disappeared and

Betty 27:51
it's currently to Hansen have powers in this movie, they would not have these problems. Because she's always just like, yo, cuz she's been through like, the worst. The only person that she like her closest person is Hawkeye and he's just been edgy right now. Because family died. That's gonna be her biggest thing is like she's gonna feel so bad about that.

Casey 28:08
should probably just gonna like roller eyes. Oh, Clint. Stop being so yeah,

Betty 28:12
Captain America is sad about Peggy still She's dead. She's

Casey 28:16
been doing she died of old age

without us now.

Betty 28:21
Sharon, the girl you had the really on chemistry kiss with Hello.

Unknown 28:27
Both of his beards are gone. Oh,

Betty 28:31
hell yeah. Hell yeah.

He's really genuinely surprised it wasn't a picture Okay, like oh man. Somebody needs to like edit that and put a picture of Bucky in the little thing I mean, it makes more sense tumbler man I'm going to Tumblr I don't get it wrong Peggy's awesome but he knew where like a lot a week yeah actually I don't know I need to rewatch this fair She is like the coolest person ever I would so if fall in love with her immediately but yeah

Casey 29:01
they might have been working to get the

Betty 29:02
Sharon is boring oh yeah I don't understand that the force that

Casey 29:07
she was in like two scenes and that one movie that one time at

Tony Henderson 29:11
me remember which

Betty 29:13
bro Me neither one of the movies. Let's just Captain America.

Tony Henderson 29:17
The one with a winter soldier and Mackey in the back of the car. Yeah, they like clowning them

Casey 29:23
oh yeah yeah yeah

Tony Henderson 29:24
they said that one I don't even know anymore but um. Yeah So

Casey 29:30
one thing I will say one thing I will say for the trailer is Hawkeye reveal whatever they did a really good job of doing a two minute teaser without really giving away much of anything agreed so I like they didn't give away any plot points that people didn't already know we're going to happen it already so good for them but I'm sure like the 20 trailers between now and the time it comes out you'll probably be able to put the whole thing together but but as of right now like you know he it's fairly open ended as to what could happen

Tony Henderson 30:03
I give Russo brothers credit they they like they play into the whole hype machine and the social media and I'm okay with that I like that they're involved then it's you know i don't i don't think they're going to spoil the whole movie and in the next few trailers I'm sure there will be more than I'd like to see

Casey 30:19
yeah and if it were only on their shoulders in yeah I would agree

Betty 30:23
brothers to the other one to where everybody died.

Casey 30:25
Yes, yes.

Tony Henderson 30:26
Okay. And Winter Soldier

Casey 30:28
Oh, I knew that. Did they do Civil War as well? I think made it

Betty 30:31
Oh, I don't remember.

Tony Henderson 30:34
I don't remember. I remember anything anyway. Um,

but yeah, I mean, let's not telling we're not I'm not gonna go see the first night the night before? Yeah,

Casey 30:44
like Don't get it twisted.

Betty 30:46
We have to I'm obligated to say it

Tony Henderson 30:49
I would have been there regardless. I'm clown the stupid van de and I'm not counting the van I'm kind of the people talking about the van they got excited about seeing the same van why not I'll I'll clown about that I'm driving up to the theater yeah

Betty 31:01
I like crying like this is all we have is van

Tony Henderson 31:06
there were other trailers that came out yes

Betty 31:08
so many other trailers I forgot what they were

Tony Henderson 31:14
the game you were like hey let's talk about this game I was not familiar with

Betty 31:18
the obsidian game by the people that did a well it's the same people that did fall out and the Fallout series including New Vegas and definitely not fall out for

Casey 31:30
oh man that out of here Let's not talk about it that is a good combination because it's got the people who did fall out one and two hmm and obsidian did New Vegas and so they just sort of like merged and worked on this project yes oh man

Betty 31:44
and it's called outer something

Tony Henderson 31:47
outer world limit limits

Casey 31:49
it's gonna be an anthologies TV series like

Betty 31:52
Scott macula and jumping into people out are aware that Wait a minute, isn't

Tony Henderson 31:56
that what is that? outerwear is like clothes. Like not your underwear. But like your jacket, macula. Jumping. Whoa.

Casey 32:04
Ah, guys got laying in the quantum realm.

Betty 32:12
Okay, so this one is Space Cowboys. But it's like there's, I would think of the inspiration is like more 19. So like Firefly for Yeah, it's space boys, cowboy.

Tony Henderson 32:25
Now watch on Facebook watch, by the way.

Casey 32:28
Oh, wait. No, I'm thinking about space. Space cow was that movie with Clint Eastwood. And Tommy Lee Jones where they're astronauts. And yeah,

Tony Henderson 32:36
Cowboy Bebop. Oh that's Yes.

Betty 32:39
That's you know you're thinking about Angel. Yeah, that's

Casey 32:44
the one with David Borealis. Yes. Or is that bones wait that's Bono. That's bones. Yeah yeah.

Betty 32:53
Okay I was gonna

Tony Henderson 32:55

Casey 32:56
yeah. New DJ Qualls. No, that's the new guy

Betty 33:00
the new guy him and Eliza Dushku back to Angel okay okay it's we're just gonna like

Casey 33:06
we're just doing this now okay how far can we can do

Tony Henderson 33:09
five by five we're good right

Betty 33:11
so what I'm what were we talking about out or something

Tony Henderson 33:15
better world I really did think when he said the first time I was like odd world was it the New World Odyssey those are cool whatever

Betty 33:20
happened though I would not mind another odd world I'm

outer things and you make the decision you be Scott a space cowboy and then

Casey 33:32
that's all I know now. Space cannibal murder. Murder? Yeah, that's what's happening at the let me

Tony Henderson 33:37
it's a good time. Because it was like From the makers of Fallout. And I was like, Yes, I'm out. far up. 76. No,

Betty 33:44
no, no, but every. It's a perfect time. Because everyone is so pissed off at Bethesda right now. And follow 76 and follow. I'm still pissed off about follow for. So yeah, it's very good time for me.

Tony Henderson 33:57
I haven't even gotten around about being pissed off for some 76. Yeah,

Casey 34:00
I refuse to play 76. I don't want anything to do with it. The The Game Awards like they came out and they were talking about that. And they were just throw in tons of shade. But really a great Hell yeah. Um, and then, like, the trailer

kind of does, I suppose. I guess it depends on how much you want to read into it. But like, as far as like, a player choice. So you didn't have to shoot that guy. Like, but you know, or, or you can, or you can, yeah, whatever you do, what you do, whatever.

Betty 34:27
That is a beautiful thing about fall out

Casey 34:29
as opposed to fall out for were like, Hey, here's this quest. And you can say yes, I will do it. No, I won't do it. But really, I will. Or sarcastically huh, yeah, whatever. And then do it anyway. Like, those are your out. Like, get out of here. Get out of here. Have you

Tony Henderson 34:44
guys not know how choices work? Exactly? Ya know?

Betty 34:47
So like, one interesting question. I remember. And that was the one with

the the people that own the weapons plasma shop. And you could either work for them or kill them all. I don't know. It's in a is this even fall out for? Yeah,

Tony Henderson 35:02
they were other gangsters. Right. Yeah.

Betty 35:04
They were like gangsters. And that's like, the only interesting quest I remember. But

Casey 35:10
yeah, that was a good one,

Betty 35:13
actually. Because you could do that one, like a couple of different ways.

Casey 35:16
I think that one good neighbor had a couple of good quest lines. They had that one. And they also had the one I like the Silver Shroud one. That one was fun. Where you dressed up and you Yes. vigilante I like that was shadow like, pretty much. Yeah. Um, but other than that, it was just very bland.

And this this looks amazing. Because Fallout one and two. And that's the other thing to fall it's one and two were also really funny, huh? Like, just in a weird, like, dark humor kind of way. Like, for example, there's one quest where you can be like a porn star like one of them. Wow, just kind of funny thing about like a post apocalypse a post apocalyptic porn

Tony Henderson 35:59
and try saying that three times. Right? It is pretty good.

Casey 36:05
And so in like, there are in follow three, I love all three and New Vegas and so that there's really dark humor and there's also regular it's just it's not well, so. Yeah, yeah, a little silly and not just all like boring either. So it looks Yeah, the factions especially on Fallout New Vegas gets so complex. It's very, very good.

Tony Henderson 36:31
It's quite good for if I remember correctly, once you pass a certain point. That's it. You're done. Because you're on the you're in the space station now or whatever it was. Yeah,

Betty 36:40
pretty much there was like this real feeling to when you were exploring that you were going to find something funny like all the time and fall out like I haven't been this came either I'll get destroyed by fire ants or I'll find a funny note that will lead to a quest or something like that's usually what it is

Casey 36:57
yeah, like and that's to me like a lot of the fun and and the earlier Fallout entries is just you pick a direction you walk Yes. Like oh, I see something over there. I will walk there and maybe make it or maybe like, you know, a death claw runs out and rips your face off Yeah, you know, but you never know.

Betty 37:12
Now there's like a lot of like, especially in fall out for it was like constantly stuff on the radio people telling you to go to this place. They heard a rumor which is like, it isn't Fallout three in a New Vegas but it's not as prevalent like also it's really unrewarding like I got to the end game of Fallout four I was walking around and the the place where it's like super super radiated there's like to cool places out there one of them is useless useless if you didn't do this really obscure like if you didn't do this quest like the pyramid one yeah if you didn't do that you just find a pyramid and kill a couple skeletons and then like or some shit and then that's it it's so irritating

Tony Henderson 37:52
but the on the pyramid scheme quest oh we gotta like sell some stuff to people on a multi through their friends

Casey 38:00
yeah all right. I'm gonna sell all right you have to buy this crate of new cola for me and now you can sell this new cola

Tony Henderson 38:06
to other people I get 5% exactly should the more people you get

Betty 38:10
follow money you'll make it was a the Brotherhood of Steel is what it was. If you didn't go all the way in the Brotherhood is still but like,

Casey 38:19
no, I killed all their races.

Betty 38:23
And they were like, you gotta kill these people that are just trying to live their lives like know when I immediately killed them before I was even given the quest

dance. You fake George Clooney. I'll kill you. Like it was so yeah, I got feelings about that. But anyway, the new game looks so promising is a new genre that are not as a new a new Yeah, it which is always so exciting when something promising comes out. And you're like, yes. And now we can move on. Just like space. Enough

Tony Henderson 38:53
to I'm good space though.

Casey 38:54
That's the thing to like. I figured that might appeal to you. Because you like space, like,

Tony Henderson 38:59
oh, spray stuff. kind of funny stuff in space. All right. Yeah, I'm good. I'm gonna try that out. Yeah, like,

Betty 39:04
if there's a point where you can buy your own ship and then upgraded I'm gonna die.

Casey 39:12
Maybe, maybe

Tony Henderson 39:15
there's not a ship


Casey 39:19
this really cool. Like, like, Fallout, slash even. Maybe a little Borderlands type vibe to it kinda people kept saying

Betty 39:27
that and I did

not I was mean likes base

and people would guns in the future like that.

Casey 39:35
But also Yeah, but also like the arts not sale shading. But like the colors it's very colorful.

Betty 39:40
I was getting more of bio shock and bio Shaka you

Casey 39:43
that's actually

Tony Henderson 39:43
what I was thinking that that's the last infinite infinity. Yeah,

Betty 39:47
infinite because it seems like it's based off of the 1800s art style like with the elixirs and stuff like that it's definitely

that's exciting yeah what is

Tony Henderson 39:56
coming out says sometime next year 2019 Haley and I mean I

Casey 40:01
know you were like thing is it's one of those things where like sometimes they show games and they're not going to be ready for like 534 or five

Tony Henderson 40:09
years you know I never watched it first off I'm not a huge gamer but I never watched these like game trailers right?

Casey 40:14
So cuz

Tony Henderson 40:16
like oh can I buy it? No Okay okay so that's why

Casey 40:20
I got away that's the reason why next year is actually really good because it's much shorter than

Tony Henderson 40:25
gotcha it's not like you

Betty 40:26
know it's not like it coming soon at a three

Casey 40:31
like Elder Scrolls six coming soon you know this is 2022 maybe still waiting 356 years down the road that's going to be happening something to march three because they didn't they literally showed zero they showed a logo like a title screen for and it's like oh that means it's gonna be five years

Betty 40:51
it better actually be like an Elder Scrolls game I'm going to lose my show it's like if it's like

Casey 40:57
another village needs your help it's gonna be great and it's just all bandits like there's not gonna be any anything else you just go kill bandits yeah

Betty 41:04
you just saw you do

Tony Henderson 41:07
so that's sometime next year or we already talking about vendors obviously but that's what April

Casey 41:12
Memorial Day yeah it was originally going to be the beginning of May but it's going to be the end of April now they they bumped it up one weekend for some underserved unknown reason to me they but they did the they moved it up at the end of April that um

Tony Henderson 41:25
the other trailer we watched I keep hearing about was bright burn which I would told it is evil Superman I was like wait so it's evil Superman movie no no no it's not evil Superman movie but it's like evil Superman

Betty 41:39
it's it's clearly like a what if thing yeah really what if scenario which is a I'm I'm interested because I liked that they're keeping it to where it's a kid and there's something wrong when the kid it's more of a horror film that is a superhero movie

Casey 41:55
yeah I didn't know yes or not really yeah I didn't know anything about it until see in the trailer a few minutes ago and I was like oh evil Superman alright so i mean i guess it's a fairly common sentiment

Tony Henderson 42:06
I guess two things one he's like floating in his kid like it's one thing to float but he had the little cape flapping you know it was like I was kind of super Manny and then I beams and also crash lands and adopted by Midwest farmers so

Betty 42:21

Tony Henderson 42:22
like that means is just go ahead and just just go ahead and just do it Superman yeah it's forks Superman He is known for that me looked all right. Oh man. We talked about this we usually don't talk trailers because we're all in there like okay cool i mean i watch when it comes out whatever yeah you know so I'm not hype on the trailer but doesn't go get interesting premise and better you're saying it's the perfect time for something like that the come out

Betty 42:46
Oh yeah. Because it's a piggybacking off superhero anything that's going to be alternative to superhero movies right now but it's still in that genre is a perfect time to be released because people have fatigue over a

Casey 42:57
10 year Hancock rerelease oh my goodness yes

Betty 43:00
because I loved Hancock and people hate that movie you go die

Tony Henderson 43:05
we don't take another Hancock

Betty 43:07
I love I like that I mean like I'm a perfect example I'm eating up that marketing of alternative hero stuff version yes yeah yeah. Yes.

Tony Henderson 43:18
It's like it's our new meat and smoothie that we're not going to get because that was kind of like a horror horror superhero movie and then I don't know what happened to that what was moments

Betty 43:29
oh so fast was like meetings I forgot that that existed

Tony Henderson 43:34
remember that was a thing for little which

Betty 43:35
one is that he wants to come out well there were like two movies about children with powers or one of them was like a TV show that's

Tony Henderson 43:41
the gifted yeah okay which I've heard is actually good people like that and then there was a movie that you probably thought is that another commercial

Betty 43:49
Arya Stark in it yes

Tony Henderson 43:51
yeah that was new meaning to

Casey 43:54
be like this past April or May or something like that

Tony Henderson 43:56
I got pushed like a year or two or something crazy

Casey 44:00
the film called Infinity War I guess I don't know but like yeah I remember seeing the premium for that and then probably thinking that's really weird and then forgot about it until just now

Betty 44:10
you'll be also but I wasn't really missing it

Tony Henderson 44:15
forgot it existed yeah so this maybe bright Bernal fill that horror superhero gap yeah never

Betty 44:24
there's something I'm excited about we didn't watch trailer for is they're making a another lame is but it's like it looks like it's more Daniel says that somebody's going to sing but nobody that trailer sings and my boy David a yellow is in it. And it looks really intense. And I think it's actually going to be on BBC. But that looks really good. I'm like, like, I'm putting my money on Daniel until Yeah. Like it is like nobody gonna say Well, I think it's gonna be based more off the book. So it's the same story. But it's like, you know how people can get around copyright stuff by doing like the book instead of the play that the dude wrote based off of the book. You know,

Tony Henderson 45:05
BBC is also doing Watership Down. Which a lot of people seem excited about. I have never who's excited about that we're getting a lot of buzz I guess I'll say

Casey 45:15
Oh, you know what I want to see I want to see that new leadership

Betty 45:19
remember that really awesome partner? All the rabbit suffocated in the whole wasn't that great.

Tony Henderson 45:24
I've never seen I've never seen the original one.

Casey 45:28
Don't worry. Watch it.

Tony Henderson 45:30
They were saying it's a little less violent. Because I guess the first one super violent for a cartoon but as a bunch of cool. Like john boy good. Olivia Colman what's cool that's correct actor like all of them you know there's only so many

Casey 45:44
yeah so know like don't watch it but don't watch it because it's too long. Just don't watch it because it's not that good. Gotcha.

Tony Henderson 45:51
Yeah I honestly thought like did I missed the boat on

Casey 45:55
what is it's it's a very passable film that gets no notoriety and that's its infamous for because of what it is and people it but it's just not that if it weren't for that it wouldn't be notable or memorable in any way.

Tony Henderson 46:10
Well now they're remaking it I

Betty 46:11
need to make Animal Farm maybe Disney I'll do a live action farm but it's

I do really like Animal Farm

Tony Henderson 46:22
free that's good for that that'd be dough Yeah,

Betty 46:27
definitely live action you guys

always you guys listen on a good note. What was your favorite part of the trailer?

Casey 46:36
That shark the SIR the van the van what was yours?

Betty 46:41
Oh I

Tony Henderson 46:45
didn't expect us to have one word answers

van next

Betty 46:51
I liked the scene within us as walking through the week and it's like like Gladiator

Casey 46:59
I love that it's such a it's such the fingers through the week so Stu that's great i love that like any other film like it's been done to death like I don't want to see but just giant gauntlet hand just

like alien fruits and stuff like yes okay

Betty 47:19
maybe one watch Gladiator because that part where he's dying at the Scarecrow out of his old armor it's like come on extra you shut the hell

Casey 47:28
up come on guys you like fellows is just he's just a really big fan of the the the film Gladiator will

Tony Henderson 47:35
I will say that they took that on a comment because I saw people compare that to with the panel oh yeah yeah cool he's hanging it up like he's literally done with retired yet stuff you know i mean he did what he was

Casey 47:47
set out to do

Tony Henderson 47:49
does he not think like he just thinks everyone's cool he's gonna just let that

Betty 47:52
sorry guys I'm good thanks like you saw these people trying to stop you think they're okay with that using a hanging stuff up think he's carrying on that that he broke their spirit because pride is going to be his downfall because of course it is. Unless you're her turns it around. actually think it's just gonna be like

Casey 48:10
I did it. What you gonna do?

Tony Henderson 48:13
right everybody? Thank you so much for hanging out with us again. We hope you had fun. But before you go, we need a favor. If you can go to geek That's g UK ve r s and click on the link that says vote for us. We are in a contest or local contest for best podcast from the city. So we'd appreciate your vote, click on the link there is a mile long list of topics, do a search for podcasts and write us in

writing gig vs. We would really appreciate that.

Thank you so much for listening. We

will see you next week.

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