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Episode Transcript

Episode Transcript

Hey everybody thanks for tuning in to be geek versus podcast the nerds I view of pop culture shows part of the giant sized team up network this episode to swell are talking about that bird box

the box know we had to do it we would have done it sooner if it wasn't for the holidays in the year in review verb box is hot. I'm

all the means and on Facebook is talking about. So if you have not seen it,

and you want to check it out, you don't want to spoil for you telling me now spoiler alert or bird box. If you don't care, or you've seen it or or you just want a quick recap on what it's about without having to watch it. That's what we are here for. We we all checked it out. Although I'm a little skeptical some of my co hosts. I don't think they really watched it. But we all checked it out and give a quick recap on the bird box.

But before we get started with this episode, we had a special shout out to our newest patron Heather. Yay. Thank you so much for supporting the show. I hope you enjoy those early episodes, and outtakes all the other fun stuff you can get as being a patron. So if you want to be cool. I can either go to, backslash. Gk vs. support the show. Thank you so much, Heather. Thank you so much for all our other wonderful patrons. You guys make this stuff possible. So with that

episode to 12 bird box. Hope you enjoy the show.


to get. We're

all right.

Bird box. It's like the hottest thing happening right now. What about that black? That's that black mirror. Ball box. Black Mirror? bald snatch.

He played Dr. Strange, right. Yes. No. Wait. You're thinking about No. I don't have anything. drills. Cabbage Patch. I don't know.

No. No. He played football on the east west ball. Yeah. Yeah.

Know the black mirror. Choose Your Own Adventure. I think it's Balder. snatch

been banned or standard snatch. I think that's a board game we make up definitions two words right? Well that's Balderdash older daughter Oh side note we are going to do an episode on banners

yeah we got it let's do it next

would it be will it be the next I guess I'm saying in a week or two weeks What do we want to

say it'll be a week because it'll be like this one the next one will be new years yeah because the and then bird box and then we'll do banner snatch right after it okay um so yeah, banner snatch is coming up.

So watch it and go through it so that you can talk to us or listen to us talk about it.

Now. I did have look it up. Because I was like,

that sounds really obscene.

But it's a Lewis Carroll character. One of the Through the Looking Glass like brief. Oh man. There's that. Yeah,

that's why it sounds familiar. Okay,

now I'm Tom.

I think Lewis Carroll was kind of Harvey

i think that i think you can either. can be both. I think it can be both. That's fair. Now, I don't know what relevance that has to the bottom episode. But it's a little creepy.

Creepy. I think it's I think it's just a play on the name. Black Mirror. Because black mirror is like looking glass. Right? And it's Alice Through the Looking Glass. And then it's loose. Carol

the bark mirror is technology like your cell phone?

No, I get that. Like, that's that. That's not lost on me. I'm just saying like, just as far as like, it's all

that is now the looking glass and brighter

right? So like, for example, whenever people do

I forgot it was something totally Yep. Absolutely. Yeah. It was gonna be the greatest comparison. Yeah.

You got you got a week to get it together for when we talk about bander snoops for now. Smash the Golden Snitch Yeah. snatch for talking bird. Bah.

I say that is

because it's the movie with Brad Pitt. And they won the award the golden award and it is

snatch Oh ok. Yeah. It's golden. Yeah. Kevin Spacey kills his wife

so how about that though?

Yeah that was so weird that video he did yeah I didn't couldn't watch it I was so uncomfortable I watched about 30 seconds like nope Can't I will never be able to sit through this

yeah I didn't put it on I knew I didn't stay on

already are comfortable since I that we can just move on now or soon as hopefully he'll go to jail and we don't have to think about him anymore You know

I hate to be one of those guys like who's like the hindsight but like literally like this isn't a hindsight thing. I thought I was the only one I think I was losing my mind but I've always thought

Kevin Spacey that creep

like I literally always thought that for like 20 years now

i don't think is one of those people were in in retrospect I couldn't see it you know it's one of those like oh yeah I could say

no but I mean I know I see but you know some people like people are going to come out of the word when like I knew it I knew it like like I literally just did a review but I but I've literally I'd never heard anybody say that or whatever but like for every time I saw him do interviews like today we did is creepy like is he I've literally done Google searches like is Kevin Spacey? And that was that was a search because that but then I was just had that feeling. I just had that feeling about them. Right? But then I was like, well, then I was like talking myself out. I was like, maybe I'm maybe it's just that he plays a lot of bad guys. Like he played a lot of villainous role. Maybe it said Association. So I went through and I was like, just looking at like this. This was probably like, 234 years ago before any of this I was like, just looking at interviews and I was like so is he being personable right now? Like, nobody like and I'm looking it up and like, I don't see anybody else saying like, like, like, like, there's some sort of conspiracy like, like, I'm the only one like, I see the TV like, I've got like, I got my Kevin Spacey on the on like the bulletin board. Like with strings attached and stuff like that. I'm like, This dude is weird. Why is he talking about this dude is crazy

like is this dude just like a raging all the time

but then but again, like, I start questioning myself was like, maybe it's just the roles that I've seen him in. I don't know. But like, but like, for the longest time. I was like, there's something weird with that dude, and

was wondering, I saw you a lot of times you'd walk around with that Kevin Spacey is a weirdo sandwich. I Exactly. Nearly Listen, Everybody listen to me. You just don't get

it. Man. The end is near not seeing it. Dude. You believe what they want you to believe. But I know exactly what you mean. Because there's so many people that I get that vibe that people tell me I'm wrong about I like legitimately I get that vibe. I kind of like that. Now where I can't tell. I can tell sometimes with Bruce Willis like Bruce was severely it gives me the creeps. And I think it's because he always whispers now even though he's like six years old. Like whispering all the time. It makes me really comfortable. There's people

with real life not not like people I know mercy personally that I'm like, I think they're weird. And you know what? I just go with it because there's not a lot to lose.

Maybe I'm not exactly always be polite. But you like there's nothing wrong. Always being cautious.

There are people that I'm like, you're never watching my kids. One of those like nope, cuz you don't have kids. Well, that too, but if I did,

but ya know, I know some baby goat

I might run out one day. Yeah, you're not watching my pet my house teacup pig or my monkey? exactly those people Chris Brown had a monkey and he just got busted for it

I mean like Chris Brown is trash so that's not right he is absolutely true like that's the classiest thing that he's done is kept the monkey and I'm usually very cognizant about the way that the media portrays black men is like being grown up enough women safe that is funny

beat up enough women I think that it's fine to just be like yeah he's not he's probably a douche

it's past you know like there's like well he allegedly beat up this person like okay well both sides 234 like okay man you know we're we're done

yeah I think the fourth one is when we really started to believe this time that's about how many it takes right yeah I finally like you know what I think there might be some truth in being a douche bag just start punching ladies left and right like you know he didn't legally obtained as

well oh

that's what really did it for me that's how they got them

like activation says a broken taillight. Yeah. So let's talk about bird barks, bird bird barks of hot on the Netflix and in the mean market right now. There's have so many means painful. Is that where you rent like movies? And. Yeah,

by birds. Exactly. Pretty cool. Um, you guys all watched it, right? Yeah, totally. Yep.

So let's talk about bird box. So I figured you guys are gonna right? Yeah, absolutely. On hundred percent. I guess we'll just I'll just kind of go through it. Yeah, recap it. Yeah. Yeah,

you go ahead and lead us off. Because, I mean, I know where I would want to begin. But like, I don't. Yeah, I know my favorite. But. But I just. I just want to hear what you have. So don't. I was

gonna say don't let me step over this if you guys have a different opinion. But because there's a lot of people are like, maybe I should watch it. Maybe I shouldn't. Side note is why I hate the internet. Because they're like, either, either. According to Facebook. It's either the greatest movie ever, or it totally sucked. Well, yeah, that's not fair. Like, it's, I watched it. It's neither you guys saw it. You know, it's not. It's neither it okay.

It's a it's about in the middle.

It's an enjoyable movie, like our clothes entertaining for, you know, two hours, right? On a Saturday night. Alright, great. So it starts off here in the fear in the presence and we're jumping through not not jumping through time. But you guys again, you saw you know? Yeah. Brett times in the movie in the explaining for the audience, Sandra Bullock's life or Marjorie, whatever name is Mallory, Marjorie. I don't know. Yeah,

that's it started with an M Yeah. Bullock.

Um, so jumps off. She's like, all right. We got to go down this river. Like what? Why are they heard these two little kids right on the river. Okay. Cool. But then, like, jump to the past where? Yeah, that's right. Because there was because the time travel

because that's right. Yeah. And that's when the birds came in. Know,

like you're thinking different part of the river

river was like birds. The river was like, a time stream, and then they were going back in time, right. Like, that's, I think that's how it happened. Right?

So it's her and her sister is American Horror Story. Lady. Lady Gaga. No. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Arnold Palmer. Yes, Paulson.

Yes. Paulson for America. Oh, I hate


very extreme reaction. I can't stand her stupid. Let's be voice

like. I'm sorry. People would live. So I apologize. It is a shortcoming of mine. Not yours. But I hate it. No, I get it. Daniel doesn't like Ben Affleck. And the one of the things that we thought was so funny whenever we first started dating is he's like, I hate Ben Affleck. He has too much spit in his mouth and I was like and then immediately I was like oh my god.

You're in love. You're like

No Yes. Yes. Daniel I love you so far. The one Yes Did you get it

that's what it is. I don't I hate about the way you talk. I'm not gonna lie

man I don't or there's something about her face I kind of bothers me too Yeah Um, so I don't know

her makeup always throws me I think it's her makeup is what I think she's an amazing I think she's a good actress I haven't seen I mean I have seen bird box excuse me

What am I I didn't see oj Wasn't she in people vs oj I think she won awards for that

Oh cool. I don't know it's just her makeup bothers me but I again I'm like man whatever is

well I'm sure he like this part then so she's our system and they're talking about like oh Sandra Bullock got pregnant by some dude and she's like I don't want to have a kid because I really don't want kids and they're like you could always adopt you'll figure it out once you see the kid you'll have the kid All right man it's been kind of deep alright cool right so that actually the kind of movie I signed up the one yes yes yeah. You know the the perils and am I ready? I'm not ready. I'm so they're going somewhere. I don't know. I think I went to that. Oh, well, in the background. They're like, Oh, there's some crazy stuff going on. Ryan Russia. You know, these people are going crazy. And they're killing themselves as a document. Oh, no. Okay. fighting over bread and milk. Oh,

it would. They were watching the happening on TV. Yes,

happening is happening in Russia.

That was they were watching the M. Night Shyamalan film was very odd crossover

so then cut to like four seconds later right? They're like oh well it's in Russia and someone's like it's rush I don't care it's all good. Um. They go to the hospital they're leaving the hospital and then Sarah Paulson. Just see something goes crazy and and ashes in the car. Right. So you like what was going on? Right. But it was cool because Sandra Bullock was trying to get something out of the back seat. So she turns around, let me grab this pamphlet or something. And so then whatever American Horror Story saw Sandra Bullock didn't see. So then Paulson went crazy. Right. Cuz she got the happening. Record box. Gotcha. Um. And then she gets out and they talk for a minute. I don't know. I stopped listening and answer files and drops in front of a truck. Yes, I do. Remember that was my favorite part. Probably so far. And I'm sure whatever she said was list be and then she jumped in front of the truck and died. Thanks, Sandra Bullock was like I'm pregnant. And these people are going crazy. I gotta get out of here. So she just goes through a house because someone helps you to go this Random House. I remember that being you know, the sensible thing to do? Well, I mean, you know, what can you do?

Bloody Yeah, she goes his house. So in the house is the dude,

the dude from being john malkovich. Scott, Malcolm. It. Yes, it's john malkovich.

john malkovich is in the house. Yes, and I really had no idea what this movie was about. And john malkovich. Cool. So john malkovich. Some black, dude.

And then a couple. The couple looks like you just

want to throw a black guys name. And he's the

only one

he's the only black dude. Not Chris Brown. Idris Elba.

No, no,

no. We were having fun.

Now he's upset because he wasn't in the mood. Yeah.

And then a woman who I thought was the mother from How I Met Your Mother but ripped but it's not her ripped. Christina Malone me. Yeah. It is like a rip version of her. Emily Blunt. No. All right. And a white rapper guy there in the m&m. No, but. No. I am. And then. Machine Gun jelly machine. You guys know em. Gk? machine? gun? Kelly. unfortunate. Apparently. He's a thing. That's a thing. Yeah. So they're there in the house.

And another pregnant lady just shows up.

Hey, it's me pregnant. Like Yeah, she's

like, oh my god. I'm having a party and she just shows up and then let it run for

whatever reason I'm picturing, like, Kool Aid, man. I don't know. I just busted Yeah, right. Yeah. Around size. And women look like Kool Aid man.

Yes. Oh, yeah. I think it's adorable.

So then you got to pregnant people. Which I've watched enough movies to know

that's always going to be bad. You never want pregnant people in here. Scary house when there's stuff going on. That's true. Because it always ends up bad. Yeah,

really does and like they both go into labor or one of them does

say went into labor at the same time. It sounds

like blood shows up and has her baby to

that would have been dubbed though. No. She She cut it out herself Didn't she does not what Emily blended. Or my thinking of an alien movie.

You're thinking of every alien. Yeah. I was gonna say that's Naomi. replaces thinking of

know. That is what

she gives himself a C section. Freaking great.

It was amazing. Like

Liz Sha Sha. She was just steal. She was awesome. I know. This wasn't that. But obviously they had no medicine or anything. So you know,

any medicine to give birth? Oh, yeah. I guess for like all the

and how it helps

of shoving a human being here.

Why didn't they just go to the hospital?

There was crazy stuff going on. There was the happening. What's happening outside. So at this point, you kind of realize it's like, Oh, don't look at it. You don't know what it is. It's just a thing. Like, if you look at what it is Mark Wahlberg? Yes, maybe Did they say it's not that No, you're right. They don't confirm that it wasn't fact not Mark wall. He survived the happening. So yeah,

now he's raking it. So if you look at whatever it is, you go crazy. And then you kill yourself

now. So they tape

Oh, wait.

Oh, boy. I cried myself up. So they,

they put paper over all these windows and bark all the windows, and then all right, and then cut to some trouble. Its back on the water. Remember, we started with that.

So wait, how do they figure out that that if you looked at it. Then

I think at some point, john malkovich. His wife went outside to help Sandra Bullock and she was like the woman's pregnant. We got to help her and she helps her but then she looks up and goes, Oh, my God, my mother. And then jumps in front of a car or something. My mother? Yes.

So it's like

projection of your craziest exactly the right. So at some point, somebody saw that. Or they said like, I don't know. We're going around as if you look at it. It was kind of we got that in there. So you have to pregnant women. The black dude Machine Gun Kelly

chick. That won't be a theme in the movies kind of week.

That's pretty much everybody.

So that point. That's pretty much everybody. Oh, and the dude, there was another black guy. Hey, the black guy security guard from get out. Ah. Ok. realm with Del Rey. Dr. Brown like a comedian? Yes.

He has a show called rail. That guy REL fat. He's like fat. Kevin Hart. Okay. And so

that way funnier.

He is funnier. Just not in this movie.

That's right. I remember. He was very Yeah, I probably could have gone for that nuance performance. I gotta remember.

So they're all in this house. And they're like, Oh, we got it. We're running out of food. We got too many people. So again, cut to their on the water. So she's going down this river in a boat. And they got these blindfolds on. And she's with these two kids right now. What the hell Okay, so then cut back to present time, they decided Oh, we got to eat and of course rail. He's like I work at a grocery store. I know where to go. You guys should go to my grocery store. They got food there and this is what he does as well. Kevin Hart bit so they're like well, you need to come with us. He's like, I don't need to go y'all know what a grocery stores like. If you want bread. Go to the Word says bread. I don't need to be there. You can read Kevin Hart. I'm so sure

they got him so weird. It's

weird joke. Stealing sometimes doesn't doesn't translate to the well whatever. Whenever you Yeah, I'm Kevin Hart. I'm sure okay.

Like really threw me off like and I was kind of in this like oh man this to pregnant women. And the one one doesn't know she also have kids and southern woman died. Random stand up bit about groceries. Gotcha. You know. So they paint their car windows. They straight spike. They did the spike move. Okay. It where they covered all the windows in the car and put a blanket over their head and drove to the grocery store. Okay. Using the GPS. Ah, ok. Gotcha. Yeah, I remember that. They were listening very intently

at this point. Sandra Bullock being john malkovich. Two black guys. And the ripped white woman that I thought was How I Met Your Mother. Yeah.

And I remember they were they were they were clearly driving them on those little mini buses to fit all those people in there. Yes.

So it was all Volkswagen. Yeah, with GPS. Yeah.

Wow. Naturally.

So they got the grocery store. They stock up on groceries. Like, do we

need milk? Have you checked them?

JOHN always goes for the booze and stocks up on booze. And then he's like, you know, we don't have to go back. We can just stay here. And Sandra was like, Nah, man. And then cool news. We don't care who lives in grocery store. Oh, there's an old lady. I forgot about the old lady. There's old lady there. She sounds important. So. Yeah, exactly. That's what I forgot about. Um, so they stock up on groceries. And then in the freezer. There's like a zombie guy that for some reason, had the happening. But he didn't kill themselves. Okay, so he's just kind of, like, raw. And then, like, in a day or something. He's trying to. He's always taking them out. He's like, hey, help me out. Help me out there. When they open the door. He's like, raw. And he's trying to kill them.

Gotcha. That's who I would want to be.

Well, and then that's pretty cool. Ray REL saves the day and like pushes them out the door and dies like he sacrifices himself to save everyone else and that's the end that's why I forgot who was even in the movie

yeah yeah, I do remember running through the door and say that as a lot of blood and they're like well that's weird and I was the other guy not dead and no one knows

so I didn't even try to like you know calendar that Yeah, I always thought yeah, I thought it was really weird

Yeah, that you know, there were two that there are the other black guy yeah,

he does he die though too. Yeah.

So saw the movie I always always thought it was a little weird that the 12 of them couldn't couldn't take one weird dude but

you know apparently he was strong you know I still like it was like a big white look like Ethan Embry. It wasn't Ethan Emery but it look like Ethan Embry like as a white guy and he just kind of push through the freezer door I mean I'm just like I'm just trying to think of all the scenarios where some dude is just gonna just kill somebody with their bare hands and just I don't know I didn't believe it. I didn't buy REL really went out of left field and like he could have just helped push the door back like hey just give us a hand because he wasn't even holding the door was like to have the women's the thing if you look closely I think he saw the thing and so he was actually just

happened he was doing him a happiness is my favorite part in the movie because this isn't Sandra Bullock. What found the high school football player that was walking on the road by himself and then took her into his home took him into her home out of the buying the blinder Of course guidelines I guy and that's why he wasn't affected because he was blind because he was blind.

So here's the is what happened. You remember this? Hmm. She find it she gets birds. There's birds in the grocery store. Like like birds in a cage. Like hey, you can buy these. Okay, thanks. And chips and pair. And also these parasites read animal parakeet to the cage at the front new the cabinet near the register it wasn't three random birds flying around that she caught they were there in a cage like ready to be sold. So Costco

to which she says is that a Chinese grocery like what

to what she says on bringing these are gonna bring these birds as he grabs the

Sarah noxious then make lots of noise you're in believe those here.

I might have missed. I don't know what why you guys think she did. I don't quite get it. But she was like, yeah, the birds so she grabs the birds. They go back home.

It's kind of like when you're shopping and you're like, you see something you're like, I don't know what I'm gonna do with that. But I'm gonna go ahead and get it. But the burden is the it's in your fridge for like to think goes bad. Like, I did not cook that. Jesus. That's what it is exactly

what it is. It was on sale. I knew it wasn't going to eat it. Yeah, but it was just too good to pass up.

Gotta get this might need them. I don't know.

So they go home when I was food. And of course it would have been the other guy was a black guy. He died. Then you got Machine Gun Kelly. And the other chick. Apparently she was like stretching and like trying to work out. And the guy was like Pervan on and he was like, yeah, shows like, right. She was like, not a million years. And he was like, well, it's pretty much the end of the earth. And then cut the like five minutes later they're hooking up and then cut the like 10 minutes later, they get back from the grocery pregnant and they're in love because he thought she was gonna die. And they're like, all in love and stuff. Well, that that sounds very realistic. And then so they get home they have the groceries they do some stuff

always baffles me how people think in those situations of life or death as somebody immediately is ready to bomb like that. There's just not a bunch of people that are literally trying to survive for like a couple weeks, at least before the boning start.

Oh, they were not. And I buy it.

So they come home. They have groceries like everything's pretty good. And then just one day a NGK in the chick. They're like we're leaving. Okay. And they just sneak out with a bag of clothes. They were in the house with a bunch of food, right people and the bad stuff is outside. Now we get and they just leave. They steal the car and leave. That make sense is very sensible decision. Don't ask me why? We're not going to come back to this. Don't remember it. There's no bearing on the story. They're just gone.

Well, I'm glad that they were part of the story

they left. sighs that's it happily ever after. They probably didn't get very far.

I got a question. Can you not walk? Looking at the ground?

Not work?

I don't know. I didn't try it. But so far. Everyone was hand over their eyes. Or there will be an extra

like, you can just close your eyes. You can't look at look at the ground.

You have to actually

you actually have to put your hands over your eyes. Oh, honey. I don't know. Make sense. If the thing was like, compelling you to look.

Now there is a part where if you look too long, it's like kind of like the wind kind of whispers it's like a Yo, what up? Here's some stuff. Yo, what

do you mean? You look too long. And when you plant

like, if you just look at it. That's the point. No one knows what it is. It's just if you look at it. The sky, the sun, whatever. That is. Like the wind kicks up because they show these leaves. And when who and then there's whispers like, Hey,

we got that new. We got the new season of The Good Place. Watch it right now. Yeah, people are like, what am I go crazy? Yeah, they got me. All right. You go. Crazy.

Real talk, though. What are you talking about?

In the movie? Yeah,

do not understand this concept they're genuinely show. So I thought that if you looked at a thing, you immediately went crazy.

Know, it kind of like makes you crazy. Like it in a span of a minute. Okay. Kind of.

So you can turn back

it tries to make you look okay, now you can't turn back. No one was able to turn back except one day. We'll get to that in a minute. Okay. But you can't turn back for the most part until you cheat. Um, but no, it kind of just makes you it's trying to get you to look at whatever it is. I'll tell you right now, folks, we're not going to know what it is. You don't know. That's

it's Mark Walters the point? Yeah, I think it's Mark Wahlberg

and he survived. So they tries to get you to look like hey, we got this. Whatever you your heart desires. Look at the woman that went out and she thought she saw her mother and like, she thought her mom was calling and she's like, what? And then she looked and then went crazy. And da and her mother had been dead for like 10 years. So it couldn't have been her. She's

an idiot.


So at this point, everyone's in house. The to leave. They go somewhere. I don't know where. Yeah, it's pretty cool. And copasetic. And then someone just shows up at their door. Hey guys. Yeah, exactly. He was IRS tax the weird looking of all

the things yeah, that's that's probably what it was. Russian IRS

is the Kevin Spacey looking dude with like kind of weird raggedy beard, Paul Blart. Yes any like, I

don't know Paul Blart

Mall Cop Yeah, yes um. And they're like he's like let me and I'm okay I was part of this other area and he sounds normal and the pregnant lady not Sandra Bullock pregnant lady, the other other pregnant lady. Let them in and what you already know, at this point.

That's never a good idea.

ever let Kevin Spacey and dear over the threshold of your home, you know, you have to invite him in before he's allowed to enter, please come inside. Otherwise he just hangs out in the window and looks at you.

So this guy shows up and then cut to we're further down the river. Now we're back on the river we're in the boat, they got blindfolds on and some random dude attacks the boat like from the bed like from the side of the river and they fight for a minute and then they get away

and they're blind phone the whole time yes

and they keep going down the river so this dude a pump He can't even take a blindfold Lady Gaga they like yeah pretty much he's a big dude to

this is a part I really love because when it gets to the end of the river Sandra Bullock decides that she's gonna become a police officer inner beauty

beauty pageant inspired her

and she is a wedding Miss Congeniality. So pretty cool.

She she like machete, the guy in the neck or something blindfolded. All right. Yeah. So so that happens, and then you go back to present time. Alright, so Surprise, surprise, surprise, the last do they live in? Never. The first dude never saw one that was already there. The last person they let in starts going crazy,

right? When two people so. So the one lady starts having her baby, and Sandra Bullock's trying to help her and then solder, Bullock's water breaks. And then like now we're having to

do is gonna happen.

So they take them upstairs, which I guess is where they had like, bedding and stuff laid out. But I'm like, What down. So I guess you don't know where you're going to write go into labor. So now we got to go upstairs. Now. It takes people upstairs. It's not like we're gonna go jars a pop to sucker and having their babies and then everything's okay.

And then the crazy guy comes around. And he's like, Hey, yo, what's up? Can I see your baby and the one that apparently the

apparently the the first pregnant lady was maybe not mentally all because she's like, yeah, look at it.

And this is when you realize that she was

decided to make four minutes. You're like, yeah, minutes old. And he's looking the baby.

That's one good ass baby. Right? There's like, Can I see your baby? Yeah, yeah,

that's nice. All right,

Miss a mess of quality baby.

So before you came up and looked at the babies, he had tried to kill the black guy downstairs. Right. The him the black guy we're fighting and, and being john malkovich was trapped in the garage. For some reason, I forgot why they put him in there. So there's

no can we, the

crazy guy opens the garage door. And so then being john malkovich sees the outside and goes crazy. Him. The black dude are fine. But you know, those little white? You can't take the bite, right? That's when it gets unbelievable, right? He knocks him out. He thinks he took them but isn't really taken. So I'm sorry. He goes upstairs

and he takes all the the newspaper off the windows and tries to like kill the lady and their babies. Yeah, it's like Yo, come on, man. Sandra Bullock throws a blanket over her. Her in the baby.

And the crazy guy ends up killing the first pregnant lady. Like he opens her eyes and makes her look outside. Right. And she's like, ah, and then she literally and it's

you know something when it's like, I shouldn't laugh Casey, you know this Well, yeah, I shouldn't laugh I'm gonna laugh

it's done well though, but it's horrific. It makes sense the line I know Yeah,

I know. It's a make believe movie is didn't really happen the way she runs out and falls out the window and dies to me. It was a little funny. Yeah, I could see that all right.

Oh shoot. Tom Holland is in this movie who's Tom Hollander which guys hey

crazy white guy ah hell yeah I'm okay so at some point we learn that

crazy Pete not crazy people we learned that mentally challenged people some reason please get your are impervious to the happening hell yeah and so that's why the crazy white dude he was a little crazy there's something wrong with him right he could walk around freely Tom Hollander and and see the sun and see that happening and in fact he's drawn to it like he wants to see it but it doesn't make him crazy it doesn't make them kill himself gotcha which is why the dude the big dude in the grocery store also wasn't dead because apparently he was a little slow or something and they briefly mentioned that rails like yeah I think there's some wrong with them baba baba baba so that's why he was still dumb. So that establishes there's some people still out there that are okay they're running their own lazy

you said was kind of slow that just had a baby also would have been

I think so. Maybe I know that clearly. She wasn't because he made her open eyes and looking go crazy. And and she went out the window. So I was wrong. Yeah, so that's when everything pops off. The first pregnant lady dies and Gary's getting ready to come. That's the crazy white guy. It's getting ready to come get Sandra Bullock but the other black dude actually gets up he's okay. And he comes and kills the crazy white guy him and Sandra Bullock or Okay, cool.

I looked at who that guy was, too. He is. When is a moonlight

I just saw. I'm just some woman said. This is the other reason I watched bird box. It was like 20 pictures of him.

Yes. Now I kind of want


no, not real. You would think that's where it would be? Not over? Not yet. Why are they going down the river? Yeah,

nobody knows. Where is the guy

now. Now we cut to five years later. There's another time job where Sandra Bullock and the black dude are just living together. Oh, by the way. He was like 14 with early on. And he's younger than her. And she's like, I'm a little bit old news or whatever. I bet they're totally like hooking up and they settled

down and a little house

on their bonus grid can neither confirm nor deny either

confirm that they were they were because looking at a scene. He must have seen the extra features. So beautiful. Yeah, they were definitely bone. And

so then some crazy people come thing I missed that part. isn't

crazy. People come up while they're Bonin in the

middle of it. That's right. With some guns and stuff. But though, don't forget, you missed this part, the radios. She got these walkie talkies that she got from the grocery store. The same place, she got the birds. It was a small grocery store. And they had birds and walkie talkies. So at some point, some dude, Rick, he's like, Hey, you can come live with us. We got a safe space come with Alexandria, I think come to Alexandria.

And they're like, you just got to go down the river. But you're gonna have to look because you got to make a turn in like, where the river forks after the rapids or something. And

he lives in a van. Down by the river. Yeah. And that old joke. Isn't that great.

And so timeless.

So then the crazy people that again, can see the the happening because there's something off about special need. But they're all mean for some reason. That's the part I don't get. Like, they couldn't be special needs. and nice. Oh, all these are like, they're driving around and stuff. I do have to take issue. Like, the premise of this movies like crazy people are bad. Like, that's, that seems like that's always

Yeah, cuz middle Stig mental illness isn't stigmatize enough in our society. So thank you, Bert box. I do not want to be part of this anymore.

Now, many people have tried to say how it's an analogy for Pete like depression and mental illness. And people don't want to look and but no one. It's based on a book by the way, nothing came of that from the book. It's just Facebook people, Internet people trying to make more

really want this movie to be better than Yes.

I don't really think those analogies are in there. Um, so the Yes, the craze Google Chrome. And they're shooting up the place and actually trying to kill something like,

oh, man, we were in the middle of bone in this is ruins things. So of course,

the bike do for moonlight. Who's just badass. Yeah, he comes out with guns. And he's like shooting them up or

Rambo. But then he sees that he opened his eyes and sees the happening and it's like, oh no, he's about to go crazy. But he fights it for a second because he's a badass and he kills the other crazy guy that's going to go after Sandra Bullock. But he goes crazy. And he killed himself. Yeah, but he went out like a champ. Sure. So the last thing they talked about is you got to go down the river and go find credit. Far less safe place with Chris Farley. So now you guys ready now. We jumped to what was the boat before now we're caught up to where they're at on the river on the river. Going down looking for Rick. Going down the river with two kids. They got the blindfolds on. And they got a blanket over them. And they still got the birds. At some point, the movie it was established that the birds kind of start from freaking out when the happening is coming. I don't know when and why. Yes, they do it for like ages.

I don't know if parakeets live that long.

Okay. Yeah. And that's what I want narrate anyway. Yeah.

Squat squat squat that'd be pretty cool

clock squad so they keep the birds on them because it lets you know of crazy people come and the birds guys writing sit down to start are in a box. Wow. And that's why it's bird box. Because it's the bird box. Let's you know they start going

crazy. This is coming. All the things that take the name from but at no point. So glad I didn't actually watch at no point Do they? Like really make you so it's not like you can go out and hang out and then like use the bird box. Oh, we got to go back in now. They don't ever really use the bird Vita.

recharge your bird box. Right there. You go out. It's

just Oh, it's coming. Well, now we're screwed. Because the birds gave us two seconds. Heads up. Yeah, that seems helpful. So what

happens in the river so

the going down the river, right? But remember the dude Rick was like, the only thing is you can have to take your Someone has to take their blindfold off so you can make the correct turn in the fork of the river. So that's that's the all of a sudden the drama part as are going down the river. The kids are like, well I can do it. And the boys like I can do it. And I'm not being funny here. I thought maybe where I thought this was going this is the girl was maybe a little slow and I was like oh bad actor or do they're like I don't care so they're good actors. They're lower than four okay seven and so what I thought was going to happen was Oh no, the girl that maybe she's a little off and they're going to take advantage of that fact and use this fact to get out of this but they don't and she falls over the rapids and just kind of ends up where she was supposed to be okay wait wait

wait wait hold on. Um so what so they just feel like well nobody's gonna look so I guess we're just gonna keep going

the rapids kind of just hit yeah pretty much pretty much because she was like I'm not gonna let my kids do it I'll do it which I guess was supposed to be the point where you realize oh she really does care about these kids

yeah but if she's the adult that's in control the boat you're gonna kill everybody in the boat yeah try and kill yourself I mean Dubin their two kids

one's not even hers. Yeah,

you know. So wait, so I don't get it. So she's she wants to look so she can know which direction to go. Yeah,

that's the case. Supposed to be making a turn after the rapid you're going to go over the rapids. Right? And then the river fork

over the rapid through the woods. And you got to know.

Yes, exactly. And then so after the rapids, and then that's when she takes her.

But somebody has to look to see which way to go.

All the cases that they don't know buddy looked cuz 5050 shot, you know, and they go over the rapids and the kids fall out of the boat, and they yell and scream, and they get them all back together. And then they sort of just play Marco Polo. And yes, where they're supposed to be there on an island. Like they're on land. And they hear these birds because the guy says, follow the birds. So they hear all these birds and they just go towards the birds. Sounds like the dumb anyway. Yeah,

yep. I remember that.

It was very exciting. And so of course, there's one. The last moment of she hears the happening thing, like, Oh, no. Is it gonna get her?

What is it say? Like,

thought the transformer. Yeah, I think we just found a transformer. We got

all these cookies and ice cream. Oh, what? Um, no, it doesn't. You would think like, maybe it'll be the voice of the black guy or her sister. Something now it just kind of shows that it tried to get her even though she still had the blindfold on. Then she's okay. She gets through it. And they get to a door and they knock on the door. And it's like, I think they're okay. Someone go get Rick. So they go and get Rick. And then Rick's like, you guys will be okay. Now and she takes the blindfolds off. And come to find out Rick is blind and Rick lives in a home for the blind so they don't have any windows and they have this like giant bird sanctuary for some reason and he's like everybody knows blind people love but apparently and make noise and he's like we're pretty safe here every once in a while the birds will warn us and we go inside but otherwise we're good and so they hang out outside the blind blind people it's like a it's like a compound conservatory with like glass know like trees around like so many trees it's like a fenced in wall like garden but so many that you can't see out and the birds live inside that it's kind of like the butterfly garden in the garden so that keeps the happening out yes and it's like oh well let's say fear and every now and then if we got to go inside we go inside we don't have windows so everything safe and so then she runs into like some doctor from earlier that really doesn't have any meaning it's just out

having yeah yeah and and really the only reason she's there so she Sandra Bullock and say, I really do care about these kids. Because she was telling the doctor, I don't know if I want this kid. And then now she's like, I do love these kids. And she tells them they're actually like, this is this name is your sister's name. And this is this name. And it's some other guy from the movie. And it's like, oh, she really did name them. Now she does care. And she came around Oh, what a satisfying movie. And yeah, that sounds real good. And I'm so glad and watch this. I liked Sandra Bullock in it. Like her emotions and stuff. And I was like, kind of like, okay, but then I was like, What?

Really? What? Huh? So yeah, it is a I think a lot of people are trying to make it deeper than it was

see usually what happened wasn't

rash sounds real bad. A lot of people use trash I don't think it was trash and so there's a lot of questions that people have bird box high potential but it lives so much on answered what happened to Lucy and Machine Gun Kelly. Nobody knows. They just left they were over it. They left a good situation for some reason or another. I don't know why my dad like to some people don't like being around kids. Why we're mentally ill people able to see nobody knows it. You know, the assumption is something to do with your brain. And but that makes no it's not like every mentally ill person has the same brain you know, it's just so dumb. How did the school managed to survive all that time? That's the School for the Blind. They stayed inside I don't know where they got


They had a billion people in there. By the way, it was like enough people to start repopulation. It was like a for a lot of folks

how did they survive for five years with two babies oh they did yeah you know whatever and then the the biggest question everyone wants to know is what are the creatures they don't touch on it they never explain it doesn't really sound like the happening thing so

yeah it's the trees from the happening releasing their pollen demon juice apparently trying to get everybody to go to that blank conservatory where all the big trees are there they're going to turn we're gonna get them

yeah I got him apparently bird box is based on a book yeah the happening quite some time ago and what's funny is that happening came out right after it and then another movie another post apocalyptic father and son movie the road yes exactly that

I was thinking about when you were describing it how much I wanted to watch the road again because the roads actually good because the roads actually good the book is I've heard is very very good bus Cormac McCarthy yeah and he's like I love the way he writes

and so the author kind of like was like oh well in that they didn't push it they didn't try to make a movie about it because those two came out right at the same time gotcha

I'm the only the long game I'm going to use the Netflix stuff 10 years later and so

they made it now in the book basic people aren't trying to specifically killed themselves they're they're jabbing their eyes out everyone that sees whatever this craziness is jabs our eyes out in the book and the book that sounds fun and at the end so

do they live if they don't bleed out I don't know

because at the end of the book I'm apparently they go to this conservatory they find these people but all everyone that survived hijab their eyes out well I don't know different how why and you know so i don't know but that is burned Baucus sleep


Alright folks, so that is it. That is bird box hopefully you didn't mind being spoiled because it was just spoil. That's the whole movie basically saved you an hour. So you're welcome just one of the things we offer here on geek vs Yeah, that's it. So now you get all the means now you go to work tomorrow and talk to all your friends like you watch them. So we hope you enjoyed this week's episode. Thank you so much for tuning in and we will see you in a week

everybody said about that bad

man, man, man, man, man, man, man, man, man, man, man, man, man man,


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