Blerd is the word on a special episode of the podcast this week.  It was the brainchild of some of our Patreon subscribers, and members of the Facebook Group, “The Extraordinary Journey of a Black Nerd.” Without further ado, I hope you enjoy Blerd History Month on the Geek Vs podcast.

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Episode Transcript

Hey everybody. Thanks for tuning in to the geek versus podcast is a nurse. I do pop culture and the show is a proud partner of the giant size team up network. February.

It's my birthday month. But also more importantly, it is blurred history of mine What a blurred is right? I didn't make that up. It is a Black Nerd. It's a term for a Black Nerd which you know

really nurse can be any color someone started a while ago was a blurred so after some of our patrons recommended a black history episode I went to

I went to the Facebook group, the extraordinary journey of a Black Nerd group. I'll share the link in the show notes and I asked them

what would make up blurred history and money. And so the discussion we are about to have were just some of their recommendations. So thank you guys so much for listening If you enjoyed the show

Subscribe to probably your favorite podcast app that would be great. Alright, so that's it. But without further ado,

without any further ado, I hope you enjoy the show things are

about to get weird,

but I'm excited about this for two reasons. One,

one of our higher Patreon tears is a producer pole. Okay, so sometimes I'll ask questions like, what do you see you next month's episode and one of our patient said do something for Black History Month. I said yeah, good. I didn't. Honestly that's a good way to that. Yeah. honestly didn't think of that. So then I'm thinking on it. I said maybe we'll do like what's Black Nerd black geek stuff Bullard's right. Apparently not everyone is familiar with the term blurred nobody watched scrubs nobody wants to

I didn't realize that that was from there,

but they use it. Yeah. So a blurred is your your Black Nerd does blurred Hmm. So that's not everyone knows I'm so you know it's weird how they can combine words like that. So then I went to arm a pretty cool Facebook group that Betty and I both are part of hell yeah which is the extraordinary journey of a Black Nerd group and I said man they can help so my question to them was what would you put in blurred History Month huh? So why I'm so excited. It's a combination of someone having the idea go into this group their input it kind of all came together it takes a village man it does into what we're talking about now. Cool. They blew me up. They have 1000 Okay, 1000 maybe much but they had a lot of suggestions and ideas and thoughts. Oh, wow. I know better. You have some ideas. So we're going to put together

are blurred History Month some of it legit some of it silly I you know we can't do anything without it getting a little silly

yes know if you're the first time you listen to this and you clicked on this link in the thing we get stupid so like it's not it's very because dumb the top so that could be all serious oh yeah we can have a legit serious conversation absolutely Hello Let me take a serious conversation to be had

but yes you're absolutely right now to be fair one of the first one of the first recommendations in the group was Jamie Foxx worth from family matters they said today and black history Judy Winslow went upstairs and never came back down I remember that Casey I'm asking you because you're the family matters expert Betty Betty

partners they replace yeah they replaced her well they'd never know she just decided

appeared. I don't remember her. What? She's not memorable. Yeah, she was like,

just another kid. Like, they never really had a like she had no, she was just there.

Even whenever she was there. She was just just there.

She didn't have a personality. And you know what I mean? Like,

it's like, well, I don't know why you're employed by kid. Exactly. Got rid of her. Oh, we're paying your parents a lot of money. Yeah. So like,

it wasn't our show. The attitude on the set know she just, she didn't have a role in the show. Like, she didn't have a defined person at like, yeah, there. You know, for those who can't see the picture in their ear. Jamie Foxx where she looks seven. Maybe a little girl. Yeah,

I don't remember her at home. Seriously. Somebody said Black Black History Month. should include everything. Terry Crews. Okay. Oh, he is such a proud nerd. I can't be mad at that.

I know I like why would you be mad?

Who would be mad at Terry crew Emad Terry Crews what's your

What's your favorite Terry Crews

he is so precious to me I remember whenever there had this this is a while back you guys remember that movie gamer with the the rock only guys were like protect so Terry Crews had this part in this and he was basically wacko and i think i think this is the first time I realized that Terry Crews could dance because they're he legit comes in and like to cite this dude out he starts seeing I got no strings by Pinocchio and I like to believe that that is where that whole like

the whole trend came from is because he starts seeing it and he's like dancing and it's it's legitimately and I was like well this movie wasn't that great but damn I love Terry Crews that's the thing I remember him and that's amazing. Yeah we're seeing Terry Crews and I'm one of the new one of the

The newer Friday's was the second one third one yeah and they were place here places debo as like the big strong guy. I never realized that he was reply. Oh, you mean like he wasn't playing? debo know I was like hold up know someone out cuz you know do have the big strong guy that he was the new big mean strong guy yeah the craziest yeah and I was at our mouth never forget I was like man at Bose Bose this guy yeah. Oh and then yeah i t bone his bike changed my tune very much so after that what about you Old Spice commercials? Our

I loved him in idiocracy. I love 990. Yeah.

I loved him. And his somewhat brief stint in the NFL.

Oh, oh, wow. That's you. And way back. I don't even know he was a or I mean, I know now, but I didn't know at that time. But Old Spice is just such a

Just an easily digestible very, very quick. Just

bit of fun, unadulterated entertainment. Yeah, I think he rides a tiger and one of them. I mean, how do you top that? Yeah.

Continuing on. Of course. Someone said you got to recognize Neil Tyson. Yep,

of course. gotta gotta recognize George Washington Carver who invented about a billion things are getting very little little be like, Yo, this dude was a nerd. You don't understand it. No, we talked about we talked real nerds here. That's what he said he was George Washington Carver wasn't about that blurred life,

you know? Like, didn't he invent peanuts? Yeah. And he's he's also a giant we abou me love Naruto.

It's funny because like all of my blurred friends growing up were all the we abou boards and so it's like it's like it well or like apart from just being incredibly intense.

And also but like you know mainly I knew we abou blurred absolutely had this exact conversation about two hours ago really yes with with a guy I work with yeah it was like yeah man

he is also black and he's like

that's good I'm just saying like no conversations about to be weird

but he was like talking about like anime and stuff and he was like yeah yeah man like everybody I know loves anime I was like huh yeah dude i mean i was i said that but I already knew it's becoming more culturally relevant to because you see a lot of these people that are young they become a lot of like cultural icons like they end up becoming rappers and celebrities and stuff and so it's kind of coming out more as like not we all grew up watching Dragonball Z like it saying there was a couple years ago there was a football player had

like Pokemon or something what is cleats? Yeah and it was that I was exactly to your point like oh man this is like a thing now where people are like you said it's not just kids they've now grown up yeah you know they're they're like 20 year olds are athletes yeah isn't that was the jam yeah and like oh sorry go ahead and it just sort of like permeates culture like it like that that's just that's just the thing though yeah I mean hand in hand with like you know as everybody says are not everybody but like black culture pretty much as always determine what is cool in America it's just that yeah you know normally black people are not considered it's like you can like black culture but you don't like black people that's like a thing that is absolutely that is absolutely thing I completely disagree with it but yeah, yeah i agree that it's a thing but I

think so it's like it's also kind of that to like it's it's getting more in our culture because it's like you know, we grew up with it also because the mega cool.

never understood. I've always been fascinated. I'm a little bit older so I didn't get into that clump of anime at the time like the people that are wanting now I never understood what it was about that in particular that sort of became the thing why anime I always say to Nami I always gonna be my 100% was gonna say the same thing Nami dude is that when I know re listen to the show talked about Dragonball always came on after school yo yo that tsunami yes yes I think he's talking about yeah when it was early when I came on earlier huh yes I watched it every day after school and a lot of other people I know in my age group did the exact same thing yeah because I'll never forget he said How did you not watch Dragon Ball at three o'clock after school right so I wasn't in grade school them I was in college yeah he's like oh he missed it like those yeah you know cuz he in particular he's only a few years younger than me

Right. But it's it's just that difference, you know? Yeah.

Entire that makes the big difference. So no, I never yeah and to this day I'm already watch anime Yeah. You know in that in kind of that same vein on WWE, there's the new day, which is a trio of, you know positive funny blurts and they're the, all their stuff, like, they have new equipment, new equipment. They have new costumes, like every week, pretty much or they rotate, but always there's references to like Dragon Ball Z, and anime and video games and stuff. And it's really cool because you can geek on like those kind of little references along with their amazing outfits. Xavier Woods definitely mentioned needs mentioned in our blurred month Oh hell yeah that dude is at Dragon Con even though he's not appearing he's just hanging out he's there he loves it I want to say I think he has a YouTube channel and does gaming he does you know yeah Up Up Down Down on YouTube. Like I honestly like I'm like I'm not even

Huge wrestling fan but I just want to meet he seems cool like say what's up to him like yeah come on the show or storms hang out yeah he's also a you know a major WWE wrestler right probably a millionaire and

also I'm a PhD from Georgia Tech okay cool what's what's the field I don't know like he got it wrestling

somebody put and I literally cannot agree with this more Gordon from Sesame Street the black guy from Sesame Street never watched it I didn't watch a lot of Sesame Street ah I age difference like noting that you just didn't know it was always garbage to me but that's you know what different different circles Gordon has been there from the jump that dude like he also came to drink like a green sweater on the ball black guy with a mustache. I don't know I don't know who

might be thinking about the Hispanic guy, but that dude has always been there and represented. And it's kind of cool. That is cool. Yeah, so when they put a, I used to Tyler, Donald Glover and Rosario Dawson. Yes, yes, Donald Glover, Rosario Dawson and ice. Tara are all of my list. You know, I'm not a huge Donald Glover fan, but I can't take away now he's super blurting his blurriness and representation and one of his first one of his first stand up sets I remember he has this line he says I'm a Black Nerd and that wasn't legal until 2003

that's very like particular and very accurate yeah I live I should Tyler and always have been always will yeah god bless I used to Tyler and her amazing this Ilana I mean I would say Lana is also a blurred because she's like super smart. She's a secret agent on Archer like she's Yeah, I love her voice to cash. She's She's amazing. Well, you

should watch arch and I watched the first episode

about answer good answer and then like I've seen it a million times and I was like yeah I'm already tired of it that's one of those things that I know and then I hate because the overnight thousand over 1000 of Archer yeah Rosa, Rosario Dawson speaks cling on I don't like she's great she to us to have a podcast or she doesn't anymore and it was hosted in

the improv show

the one that Drew Carey hosted oh yeah Whose Line Is It Anyway? I thought that was like Tyler That's what I'm saying. Is she Oh, she took it over. He did.

Rosario Dawson Yeah. Oh no, I'm sorry. I meant I was like bad, my bad. Okay. It was like that's weird. you're describing

really deja vu where you guys have done this before. And it's like my head

The podcast the Whose Line I used to title this is like the fourth what wait no this is a number cuz you remember we're keeping track of how many times we did no I don't remember that

this is like the fifth or fourth time that we've done this I swear to Christ It was like last year around this time to oh my god i think i think you're having like a Star Trek episode I think that's what you're having I think your head oh my god how many enterprises are there right like I think the shuttle I think the ship's about to explode and we need to figure out like what we need to do like depressurized you know the shuttle base miss this thing so we don't get out of this existential lose like that episode we're worth worth like keeps getting dizzy and then everything changes and I don't know if you guys it's an episode of next generation yes it's called parallels and every time work gets like a dizzy there's a reason why it's like there's a little bit everything that's different is because whenever it gets near Jordi his visors, like switches the different universe that's irrelevant, you know

relevant I'm gonna save you because actually it's good like guys

on Star Trek yeah are blurred so you know what time it is the king of blurred in the list God the forge comes up but

I can go twice this rainbow comes up and Cisco comes up okay oh Benjamin Cisco. I don't care what anybody says I love Deep Space mine I will defend it forever. I don't care

for me obviously it's Reading Rainbow that was my Jamie man God will forge is legit a hero like he is such a good character. I've been watching all of TNT again. I mean, like for season right now. And I'm just like already, we don't deserve you know, mean nobody deserves to have a friend like Jordi Who's that more and that consider it and kind and other than that one time where he fell in love with the creepy hologram lady that he created. And that was kind of weird. But he learned his lesson there. But it's still kind of creepy. He learned his lesson. Yes. She was like, Oh, you can't fall in love with a fake version. I mean, he's like, Oh yeah, you're right to watch me like Yeah, he did not.

Say that I don't approve of that message at the episode but I'm pretty sure no none of that happened I apologize for saying

here's the thing here's the thing like God look forward and Lamar but that's nerd that's blurred squared like yeah he's a blurred playing a blurred line like he he's the chief engineer like yes he went like not only as a smart but like he is smart he's 24th century smart yeah and also like the chief engineer when you know you have data like that's the thing too is like they've never they never made it on the show be like well we have data so whatever like it was never It was like if data set something especially when in regards to his program or something he was like the only person that is as smart as on the same level as me or close is joining the forge I'm keeping it in the in the the family Michelle Nichols oh yes the first Star Trek you know deserves to be on the blurred list is just good and that's yeah I was gonna say Roddenberry was pretty

sci fi in general kind of looks past a lot of these stupid lines and you know

although I did here and if I need to look it up that Picard and

Michelle Nichols was named Michelle Michelle Nichols character

oh that was not the first interracial kiss on TV no never on screen together ever they were in completely different series yeah it's just like they say that all the time you mean

you mean William Shatner as I'm sick? James Tiberius Kurt I knew what you meant hurt oh I knew

oh no I was just like I

was like whatever Kirk and her is highly regarded as the first interracial kiss on TV right but i i've read that's actually not the case there was something else it's just the one that everyone picks. Yeah What did you citation on that? Yeah, I'll look it up. I don't I believe I have also heard that but I don't remember what

Artist up until recent always believed it like yeah that's the first international kiss on TV cool I'm gonna also through Whoopi Goldberg and there

needs to be like one of my favorite characters and she was so intelligent it's like yo I like you so I'm Whoopi Goldberg put me in it and then like that's how she is that how she got on the show a little bit yeah that's what it is. She loved the original Star Trek and then she's like hey so Can Can I get on that new Star Trek oh my god it was yeah and maybe for the best character if in just just to clarify if this is your first time listening I'm not trying to do a code switch like impression of a black person this is just

a question of of people will be Goldberg it anyway. Yeah, that's and they're like, and she needs to pat give her the OpenStack. Exactly. She the universe yo. She had some

See my boss Picard around too cuz card knew that she knew more nevermind that's a whole week we just talked about Star Trek but that's that's really love Star Trek credit to Star Trek indeed it is so yeah and that's like I said through the list different Star Trek characters came up somebody mentioned I did not know this Lani Johnson Do you guys know who Lani Johnson I do not Who is he is that the Carl Winslow know he invented this

Reginald fell down which is actually you know what let's go with it

i think i think that's an understandable mistake yes I shot a kid

but no Lonnie Johnson created the Super Soaker I did not know and thank you Mike Mike ponds myth created tabletop RPG and cyber Park okay whoa that's a that's a bigger

Field yeah I mean like I'm about it yeah I want to know more so those are two real people and then somebody said bird needs to mention the Static Shock oh my god I love static shot I'll disagree with holy crap

that that was like one of my morning Saturday

shark he was so cool and he wrote around a little disk he wrote it on a trash can lid It was a remember that what you would I swear to god it was a trash can lid that he would electrify and would get are either he didn't want an episode and I just thought forever that's what he did. Man that dude who gives zero yeah zero poops yeah

let's see apparently I did not know this a black man founded the internet domain registry that dude yeah and I'm sure hope so.

There it is hope he's loaded

while you're out of it. Albert white and

Emmett McHenry co founders of the internet domain registry, okay

again, and they're like that's. That's changed the world in all sincerity. I had no clue. I was gonna say when you said Static Shock it made me think of and I had to look it up because I can't remember what was called Did you guys ever watch the famous jet Jackson? Yes. He's like a spy. He had the shoes, right? Yeah, he passed away. I know, I wasn't gonna bring it up, because it's really a bummer. Yeah, I know. He also I'm pretty sure it's the same guy who played Cyborg on Smallville.

Yes. Yes. Ready? Surely. Cyborg. Oh, well, here we go. My favorite. My favorite boy. He my favorite comic book boy. And I really wish I could take back the last 30 seconds. I love Cyborg so much. He is a smart Good boy. And he is just so great. No, I'm not. That's all I'm gonna say. He's perfect. Hey.

In the blurred History Month episode you gotta mention you got you can you can boast and go on I just absolutely yeah blurred every year I was just doing a grumpy bit I even liked him in Justice League even though Justice League wasn't good I was still like hell yeah Cyborg all this crazy is even your parts but I love you know Henry from Eureka like oh was his dad why yeah and Henry from Eric is another good one who's your Who's your favorite What's your favorite iteration of Cyborg

come I mean like the comics Oh you mean like a media yeah I mean oh yeah oh yeah it's gotta be Teen Titans Oh gee Teen Titans which is the dude from walking dead as he feel yes it said yep yeah oh oh yeah and I'm pretty sure that Tito's pizza rolls well yeah

he's like yeah


that guy with the void know it's Cyborg. And it's not filling them are. No, no, no, I think everybody is filling. Hermes. I'm like, film Are you voice? Everybody is so amazing. Lamar is on the list. That was like he got to recognize Fillmore who I knew him so bad but next on that someone put if it wasn't for this person Fillmore would be one of my top voice blurred people. But someone brought up my girl crease. Summer. Oh, and this is kid next good next door. Everything, everything. The Kids Next Door she did. There's like this. There's like this period in the early 2000s to where if you watched a cartoon where there was a young black girl on it, or an older black girl, any kind of black girl She voiced it like it's one of those voices you immediately recognize her because it's so like, iconic. It's it she played all the black girls pretty much like that's not the

She was in a different world for remember I do remember

earlier okay um. I assume this is the lady we're talking about she was actually in

Michael Jackson's black or white video okay let's see here you would know this she was Tandy and fall. I think we're gonna have to try and help uncle gadget on this one brain. You've got to make sure the doctor clouds agents don't spot in first. My creature will destroy them and capture the Voltron lions for then the most powerful weapon in the universe will be ours.

suspicious, or I would have completely missed it. The target Danny, Danny Phantom, I'm just scrolling through credits, which he was one of the voices in at 20 Art Project eight, which I worked on and I was like, Oh my god, maybe she'll come in. She didn't come in. Oh,

she's just been around. I mean, like, generally, you do the voice work with people.

Who do game testing? Like? That's that's just the thing. Oh, yeah. No, there was no chance she will be there. But, you know, let me have I know. Let me let me retroactively Lee How am I going to crush your hopes like in the future but

even at the time of this isn't going to be good

somebody put here Charles drew who was a doctor responsible for storing blood plasma but blood transfusions yes I don't be like oh if somebody had asked me what I have known you're familiar that doesn't actually Dr. Charles drew I knew that but no I was familiar. So right after someone said Hey Dr. Charles drew then someone said one of the greatest blurbs in modern history Steve Urkel, of course. Oh yeah. Our other King so we didn't want to end on that note. All right. So

is is

I never again I was never a huge fan of family matters and stuff.

Virgo kind of get down. But did he really bring the black learning this into mainstream? Yes. Yeah, absolutely right. The only thing I can think of beforehand would have been boy, let me tell you. What

here goes before, Cyborg ran before Steve Urkel.

Here we go. Black people weren't allowed to be nerds. Like, like, Donald Glover said like, you know, blurb wasn't a thing before. 2003. All right? I'll give you that. Like, it wasn't popular. It wasn't it wasn't cool to be blurred, and Steve Urkel was by far from cool. But to me he was Yes, he was cool to some people but also the thought he was popular

popular, but here's how white people were or, you know, American general,

white people can't be nerds. You know that that's just not a thing big there, like that Venn diagram is circles that don't overlap. That's what that is.

But Steve Urkel like went into the hearts and homes of America and and prove them wrong, it's like wow black people can be smart and you know, have nerdy interest to and they can be they can be

stylistically, uncool Steve Urkel, stylistically uncle and

he didn't dress well he was

right he was playing a character or caricature that was normally done by like a white that was always done by a white person up until then as far as I can tell and even if that's not the case certainly not on that scope and scale gotcha gotcha gotcha so like this was this was just this was this was like a new thing it's like huh because I was thinking I'm thinking a lot about and I was thinking about rebrand from what's happening right,

but to me, like, I'm not well versed in what's happening, but he had the suspenders, right. He was a fat guy and suspenders but he

could dance and he was popular because he had the rerun dance. Yeah. And even if even if we decided, Okay, he wasn't there and I'm with you. It wasn't as much of a mainstream impact is Urkel, not different world everyone a different world was cool.

So much. Next level. I didn't think that I could be watching it. I was just like, I'm not cool enough to show

too cool. For me.

It was. glasses were so dope. I had him. Yeah. You know, you know, I was on the football. I know we need to go. We need to go bring them back. I would rock that right now. Let's do for Dragon Con. Let's get practical. Did you guys Imagine if we went that hardcore dress like that? 90s for Dragon Con with the bed I'm in so we're just posted a picture

of all the Marvel black people. Oh, there you go. Who are all awesome. There they are.



Dr. Jones from Doctor Who Martha

she was amazing one of my favorites Get the hell out of here rose she was she was better superior in every conceivable way she was also a doctor

and that's what they said they were like doctors can pay me an actual doctor Eartha Kitt

how we're so blessed to have had Eartha Kitt and her weird ass weird so weird in like the best way. Yes, absolutely. So such an interesting person, right Park. Let's see. We have Billy Graham, who was a part of creating Luke Cage. So here's a new sentence so fat you say you have to clarify that because Billy Graham is like also a pastor. It was also like not, not the bill.

Okay, well, I didn't hear that part because it was all got me you got sinus problems.

You're like man Billy Graham's the most republican dude out there like

to slide in yeah reverie hold up

Billy Graham that was a part of creating a Luke Cage you know that dude was high okay I'm often forgotten about maybe a little early for some people blank man a man your man

love often are you kidding me blank man oh

I do think Meteor man is a superhero movie masterpiece and even with Bill Cosby in it I still think it holds up

Meteor man is is obviously heart garbage trash. Get out of here. But it's a blank man. He's still a super black superhero. You know Meteor man's amazing and you shut your mouth.

Someone said Oh, Ernie Hudson. Okay. Yes, absolutely. What is he? Why is he is the black Buster?

Although he kind of got screwed over in the first movie, they tried to make it up to him in the second one. Look, man, he was there busting ghosts. So as far as I'm concerned, he is a ghost buster. All right, so nobody, no one can take that away from him. Jessica Williams. She is started on The Daily Show. She's also a writer and actress. She is obsessed with Harry Potter. She is so obsessed with Harry Potter that they put her in the last Harry Potter movie The for not Harry Potter, the Grunewald man. It would be really nice to have some sort of, like level of fame to be put into a movie that I love. Yes, sorry. My takeaway was right. There's this awesome

just like what oh, I want to be Jordi look gorgeous friend.

Exactly. So like I would be a lot about me, not about me. Okay.

That's really cool. Yeah. Right. How much do we talk about a good place? Like we were not in the background? Yeah. Oh. Cheese of blurry is the blurred he has blurred

such a blurred Oh my so is the Australian lady because they're both scientists but God is the most Yes. Oh nice jazz mean is that sounds right that's no idea but you sure we'll go with that but she.

She was so awesome glad, that scat man, Crothers old old old old old jazz musician. Okay that was over my head but he was the voice of jazz and transformers. Yeah, still that is but that's cool. That is remarkably okay. I have to say I'm very surprised at how I guess progressive that is. That's very strange to me. Like for the 80s yeah that that you know it's just weird that like It's not weird in a bad way. But it's like it's surprising that the

would be like, let's get this. No, you're absolutely

absolutely like respectable jazz musician to play a transformer name jazz like versus like a guy doing bad impression

or something like Yeah. Or like an old Cab Calloway. I don't know if you get a Cab Calloway Yeah, like, Yeah, that would be bad. You're scared me, and Crothers. Well who's Optimus Prime? Like who does the voice of Optimus Prime Pieter Cohen Peter Cullen yeah yeah


know rebel cups Peter Welker. Oh

the boondocks. Okay Oh definitely take from the enemy influence. Yeah. Then they they the characters in the show like anime. The kid is best part. Oh, man. And a little his little I say scissors. His voice violate his little bit.

Other arts? Um, um, do you think that is also crease? No, it's not. It's not. It's. Um, I was like, she's super famous. She might have just won an award for some Regina Spektor. Oh boy.

So black.

Isn't that like a white girl? singer. So yeah.

Coffee Shop. Singer. Yeah. Yeah. Type. Hey. Yeah, we'll talk later. Regina Spektor also did the theme to oranges new. Black. Yes. That's I like that. But the voice from the boondocks is Regina King Oh I know that name yes she's been she was in two to seven yes has been working ever since and is like I said in some big movies recently. He's array is like a writer. She does. He was insecure. Which is literally about being an awkward black girl. And it's amazing.

Like she she like does this thing where she like tries to rap but she's so

at it and like she'll do is she'll do it in the mirror herself and it's it's hilarious so she was very good sounds

but that whole that whole show is about playing up expectations of the way that black women are supposed to be and but it's like it's not it's very well done and it's just very funny although he's not a nerd. Someone put sho nuff.

What he's. No no no no. I'm gonna argue with you right there because this

it decides to be not just the leader of a gang. He's picked himself as a Shogun and makes people address him as such and dresses like, like nobility in Japan. That dude is a huge ass nerd talk. He's

here. Yeah. Yeah, man. Like, I love sho nuff. Who's the best

show? No, no. And then of course

It It took a while but until then finally got around a blade

blade as we mentioned those were well before the Marvel universe of movies yeah right blade was around holding it down killing vampires Hellman vampires and be a judge because he was half vampire the people in that in that that group man they went to town and like really? Yeah stepped up and got deep and I didn't include them all. There's a lot yeah, that I left off that probably deserve longer conversations more like scientific contributions. And

I think ours is more like pop culture based. Generally speaking, yes. There was

a lot of good ones on the list. The only other one I had was like an interesting tidbit, which is that Tiffany had a speaks Japanese and I think that's the dorky thing ever. Whenever anybody knows the language. It's not there. Specifically Japanese, Japanese. I'm like she's trying to watch them animated before.

They get

I got time for this I got time to wait for the sub yeah we know a lot of them are several of the day and got time

now but you know it's simulcast net huh no no it loses it loses a little something something else someone mentioned which I said basically what would be good for a blurred month they said any black character any other month and I said you know that's that's true Why doesn't have to be you know that these characters and influences should be celebrated all year right

but it's not going to stop me from also recognize them there and black me presence all year but also especially on my birthday yep oh Uh. Actually guys guys I can't believe like this might be the one to go out on like, just correct me if I'm wrong but like

James Earl Jones Oh yeah. The most the most most embarrassed yeah now we look foolish in front of everybody seemed

Okay you do you do an impression though I'm Be careful not to choke on your aspiration like that's the one you're going with the road. One one Yeah, yeah I'm comfortable. Yeah you know you go to me this is CNN.

Oh there you have it folks. That is it. That was our episode about a blurred history mind. Thanks that awesome Facebook group.

We really just scratched the surface. We there were tons more recommended

a lot more we should dig into but it is only you know, 45 minutes to an hour long show. enjoyed it. Thank you guys so much for listening. We will see you in a week.

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