What path will you choose on Bandersnatch?

In Bandersnatch, viewers make decisions for the main character, the young programmer Stefan Butler (Fionn Whitehead) who is adapting a fantasy choose-your-own-adventurenovel into a video game in 1984. Other characters include Mohan Thakur (Asim Chaudhry) and Colin Ritman (Will Poulter), both of whom work at a video game company, Butler’s father, Peter (Craig Parkinson) and Butler’s therapist, Dr. Haynes (Alice Lowe). The film is based on a planned Imagine Softwarevideo game of the same name which went unreleased after the company filed for bankruptcy. It also alludes to Lewis Carroll‘s own works that feature the bandersnatchcreature. A piece of science fiction and horror, Bandersnatchincorporates meta-commentary and rumination on free will.

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Episode Transcript

Episode Transcript

Hey everybody. Thanks for tuning into the geek versus podcasters. And there's IPO pop culture The show is a proud partner the giant sized team up network

check out giants network for other cool podcast this week we're talking about banner snatch. Yeah, they understand we don't have to bleep that out. It is the name of the new black mirror movie on Netflix. So you plan on watching it. spoilers ahead. I was an interesting one. It's a choose your own adventure movie where you get to pick how the character react and what they say and everything that happens in the movie. So we're going to talk about it. We're going to spoil it. We all had different experiences and chat a little bit about that. But before we go down the rabbit hole that is Vander snatch. We got to give a shout out to Jeff Jeff, who is already a patron but decided to give a little more

And upgrade his patron. And so Jeff Thank you very, very much. Thank you all to our lovely patrons. And if you want to contribute, you can check us backslash Gk the as

we have cool get early episodes and I'll take some shout outs and all that fun stuff so thank you guys all so much thank you Jeff for upgrading your your patronage. And with that,

I hope you enjoy the show.

Things are

about to get weird.

So what were you before we get into? Like, actually what happened? What were your kind of overall feelings coming away from it?

I'll say first and I'll get going into it. I had zero expectation right? Nothing.

Saw enough then was like, all right. Choose Your Own Adventure. Cool coming out of it.

I liked it. I didn't love it. You know, really? I was like, I enjoyed that. Yeah. Cool.

All right. I see what they're doing there. That was that was cool.

And I was literally like, Okay, what about you facing? Um, I didn't look into it too much. I mean, I know what it was. But

I basically I liked the idea of it. I thought I was really, really, really, really boring. Really.

Yeah, I hope like, again, I love the idea. I just I hope maybe that get that like, format maybe gets picked up and somebody does something better with it. But like, it was just like, well, that's something that exists now. So that's cool, I guess. I mean, it wasn't it wasn't terrible. It just was very nothing to me. I don't know

what's weird. I've been before.

Last episode is hey, we should record on it even before then I was interested in checking it out and I just never got to it.

Oh yeah I'm gonna watch that. Well you had just gotten off the whole like oh everybody's talking about Big Bird box or you've already done your one big thing like it's like you know why don't know if I have ruined it now everyone's hype about this to also do banner snatch now and it literally was like all right and then it came down to this morning was like crap I gotta watch that we're talking about it

so you did this morning yeah that's that's fair.

So and I overslept. I got up early, I was like, I'm gonna really watch the chill out crap or get this in and I honestly anticipated you guys being here as I finished it up. Mm hmm.

You know what's interesting about the movie is like you really kind of get confused with our I did because it's all

Like a movie, but it's structured like a game like a movie. So it gets a little confusing with what actually your goal or your point is. You don't really realize there is a goal until, like, really kind of far in and maybe even after you do it, because like it when you look at it objectively about what the actual plot is, it's literally like you're in this dude's like, 12 hour, 24 hour life. And that's it. There's not really anything huge that happens. It's just like he wants to release a game. You are helping him release the game. That's it. Yeah. And I really enjoyed it. I like that I like to, just because I'm


Coney at the game. I think it is again, I

just use it interchangeably. Yeah, a little bit about it reminded me of those old Sega CD games like Sure, sure, sure.

Shark sewer shark and there was some weird hotel on and that's pretty much it because Second City fell under and that's all they were were like interactive choose your path type thing. So yeah To me it kind of was a game huh?

Yeah the but I really enjoyed it I liked all the different choices I like how Netflix kind of made me ultimately choose a couple of different things which I feel like was going in line but I do think it's one of those things to where you don't really get

you really don't get

the full story just by doing it as simply as possible. Like if you don't go back a lot and I think that that is a detriment because if you are not immediately fascinated then you're not really going to dig deeper. Does that make sense? It makes perfect yeah, that's pretty much what I did. Yeah, I was like, how do I skip to the end? No, I don't want to talk about my mom. Let's go

for me. Like I try to think like oh

Basically man like my

my little test is like what I recommend this to someone what I recommend is that my co workers or recommend it to my family and I'm like now from a from just a movie air quote movie no that's you know but from a dig deeper interactive thing people that are into that then yeah it was pretty awesome you know but just know your average Joe don't put it on on a Friday night you know i don't know i don't think that's accurate either because I think some people will just enjoy like the snap into feeling and be like oh yeah hell yeah Black Mirror brother and also the 80s I love that whoever these Hogan fans

anybody they would like to add yeah I mean hell yeah brother Don't Don't tear up my my accent and I love the 80s and I'm getting a little tired of all the ad stuff my alright guys let's you know not does everything now I have to be okay I get it.

I like it because then it's going to be the 90s and I as would be the target audience for the 90 stuff. I'm not looking for that all cuz I'm like, yeah I remember slime in Nickelodeon, skateboarding and pastel colors let him give him like I'm over it I'm ready for those whether the slap bracelets come back man never left oh man they haven't we were doing those our nieces on Christmas and they were like oh that hurts I was like that's the point yeah

freakin art. You're clearly not dedicated to the bread you're not worthy of the bracelet. Yeah

Oh yeah. So like I have the I have the your choices Yeah, I have my choices. I'm not going to go through all of them. But um. So yeah, Stefan wakes up. Relax. Don't do it is playing is July 4, 1984.

I can't remember and a guess a choice about sugar puffs.

What is other Frosted Flakes

like the international Frosted Flakes which I don't think it makes a difference Frosties. Um. You already net so sugar pub is the first thing now and I was like yo, Tony the Tiger. What? I'm in this? Yes, it does make it well,

later on. There's a commercial

commercial for whatever product he chose. That's what mattered. I choose sugar puffs because I just watched a like a British game show, and they were talking about sugar pass Elio and Daniel. I was trying to figure out Yeah, hell yeah. Yeah,

love them. And we were trying to figure out whether worse was like hell yeah, let me get them sugar. So speaking of Daniel, did you guys watch this together on this at all? Okay, because I I thought about watching it with a friend. And I was like, Well, no, and I don't want to deal with it. What should we pick up? Yeah, I want to drive this myself. You know? Yeah,

that's good. Because like I

couldn't imagine doing that with Daniel. And I'd be like,

I don't want a discussion. I want to just boom

and the best the best thing is like somebody like he picks up some of the

bad guy was like I did that last time to


Yeah, that's the worst. Get the get out why I'm here. Why I didn't invite you.

I think I accepted, I accepted the position. But then like, the doorbell rang or something. So I had to get up and go do something when I came back. I'm also an interesting thing. If you have not played or watch this yet, if you're planning on doing again, in the middle of a decision if you press star or push up and get out of it, whenever you come back to Netflix will start you at the beginning of that decision. So you can think about it for a longer if you're like, having anxiety like me, and you're like, overthink way too much. All right. Let's say you're like

I didn't want to lose like, how do I do that? I just like I didn't realize that until like, right then had I given into that impulse, I would have just lost sleep. So I know where

you would be working on it when we got

late. So like, we gotta go. And then I said,

so I said yes to the job offer. Yeah. But then when I apparently didn't stay in it long enough. And so when I came back to the game again, or to the game,

they gave me the option again. And this time I said, No. So in my first play through I was like, No, you don't want to work here. Oh, yeah, I did. Yes. And there's like, then that ends it

like and so it brings you back and so like me, I was like, let's see how many levels as I said, Yes, like three more times, just to see if, like, eventually like it would break and there's like, okay, so it's not one of those type game. So

it is in some ways though, there is there is one way that you there is some

like that in there. Speaking of the guy the yes they had the Damn dude in the movie. Yeah. It's like want to work here? Yes. a bad choice made now you pick the wrong path and I was like

he's talking to me. Oh,

I came over. Yeah.

Who I could not place. I was like, I know that dude. I know that dude. Yeah, it's Colin. Like

I'd seen him in something. Oh yeah, but I didn't want to look it up while I was watching it. Right? Maze Runner. Oh,

he was a Maze Runner Up mouse too. But I mainly know I think he was. Uh oh. You know what? He was a racist.

But I mean, he looks just like the kid from Toy Story. Like, he looks exactly like

he dressed up as soon that's that's mainly how I knew. I was like, I remember that guy because I was like, he looked like C to D dressed up like sitting Halloween and everybody was putting pictures of it everywhere. I saw that I didn't realize I was him. Huh? Yeah. It all comes together like for having us.

I thought the boss was Nick Frost I was like wow it's like no it's not it's not it's not is it no no definitely not definitely definitely yeah we're like for half a second was like oh just cuz I got real disappointed yeah yeah good so see that whatever not Nick Frost man we turn this off no I don't want to work really trained actor and as what whatever Yannick for us

He is classically trained sorry No I'm just like

like imagining Nick Ross doing Shakespeare's of thing is very funny

so yeah I was with Casey I choose nor chose to work there and then last backs you up yeah I think it goes immediately I think what happens when you pick yes it immediately goes you through the scenario and your game sucks right

yes yeah that's what happens that's what I thought okay that's why I have it on here is like except twice okay now I understand so on the third time I said no

And then and then.

And then I went to the therapist and I talked about my mom and then know that no was the only choice when it came to like, then there's like that flashback. He has the nightmare or whatever. There's a flashback where he has a dream about his mom or something. And I said no to that. And then my game still sucked. So I got 2.5 stars because apparently I was uninspired or something that was really stressful is like okay so this that's not what is this stupid game movie I don't understand what the what my point is in this whole thing. But oh, you get stars at the end? No, no, no,

that the review show in the garden. Oh, ok. Ok. And what's funny is, you know, the the same choice that case and I made where we weren't there and I got a bad review. The guys are two and a half stars out of four or five or whatever. And it first what second I thought, okay, so the whole point of this is to get a five star game. All right, and then I remembered it's black mirror.

Yeah, I was like, No man may not be that simple. That's what I thought too. I was like, Okay, well, I just need to keep doing this until he gets the right stars. Hmm. That's that thought never even occurred to me. Like, like, that was the point. Like, I just, I don't know. That's cool, though. I mean, no. But, um, I think right before I got the video game review, this is when he started figuring out that he was being controlled because like, I was at the therapist, and he was like,

it was like something like tap your fingers or pull your ear lobe and I said, pool your ear. Like I didn't see that at all. Yeah, and he said he was like, No, I'm not he was like freaking out but he didn't tell he had been telling her and then she up to his prescription because in a later thing he says, I just know you're going to upgrade my prescription if you did that. It's really interesting. Yeah, I got it. I got that one to the bite your nails or pull your ear lobe thing I got to that point. Yeah, it was really cool.

Like because he didn't anyway yeah your cuts a Carol Burnett to mother energy he thought she was saying hello because he pulled the ear lobe I know I didn't get that at all I got at one point when they're pulling up to the therapist PCs Collin yeah so I didn't follow column the first time that's what my game sucked I followed him the very first time yeah yeah i didn't i went inside but then something different happens I didn't get that yeah well see that's what happened is I got two and a half stars on my game and the necklace is like you want to go back right and then it's like I mean okay yeah I'm gonna go back this is a game you're forcing me back and then I followed call and and then all the drugs stuff happened then it gets trippy yes so all right now did you all get to Collins pit house and yes yeah okay so on your first try so those options in the game to where he says it gives you your ICT all hyped up on like the belief of you know there being multiple realities multiple things it doesn't

matter because you're just going to start over again. And that's very much a theme throughout the whole game because Collin shows up in weird ways the more you play or the more endings you get,


what did you guys do when it came to like jumping? Do you jump into July con? I jumped Did you? Yeah I was like, man, please die.

Is it over? Are we done? Yeah No I was like dude you can join what happened with yours case you just backed up and had to make Collin jump. Oh, like I was like, well, thanks that for those frustrating but then again, that's the whole point is it really you know, do you really have the free will affect anything. So that goes into thing because like there's an ending to where if you get five stars in the game, he's miserable. But he realizes the way to perfect the game is to give viewers the illusion of choice. And so yeah, that's what's really

But yeah, it's pretty neat

like that. He had that Collins wife was there and as I oh this is my wife was alright cool and then it's just so she can be sad when he jumps that I never saw her again. Yeah

actually that's not true the baby comes back because in my head I was like that was a real waste of scene but I didn't get to the other scene where daughters actually programming game

endings end up being but we'll get there never got any of that. Alright, so let Colin jump. And then the next thing for me is I end up going to Dr. Hans office. And then this time she tries to give me the pills because I'm seeing and I flush the pills. I did that and then I hit the desk. I did that because I was frustrated because the game wasn't working. And then I take Collins drug that he gave me and then that's when I have the whole

Lusa nations I didn't have that option Hmm. You didn't take columns drugs? No. I took Hollins drugs when I was with Collin. Okay. Yeah. Yeah.

I didn't have any extra drugs.

I don't know. Where am I running? Remember? Where the dress? Do you remember? Like a scene to where you have an option to pick up the family photo or pick up the Yeah, I pick up the book every time the book. Okay, so yeah,

so mine I picked up the family photo and then I throw t over the computer. Which he didn't like. I never did that. I've never. You know what's funny? I couldn't. I was like,

that's not a computer. Yeah, it's a movie. Right? I mess it up the computer. I never done that. Yeah, I did that a lot. I do that so many times. Like he was getting so upset. And then like they had the symbol which is the black bear symbol from the other white bear symbol. What Yeah, white bird. Thank you. Black Bear. I was at the one where you like where he's talking to the computer. Huh? Yeah. Okay. And he won't.

wants to know who's there. But so I was apparently stuck in a loop during this area because I was doing everything else other than what I wanted me to. Um So what were your options to tell them? So the computer I'm destroy the computer. Oh God, we're almost there. Almost there. So there's okay. So depending on how you do

do that scene to where you pick up the book or pick up the thing and who you talk to. There are like a bunch of different options. There's a white bear symbol there is you can tell him that you're Pac. It s pack sucks. Yeah. Which is the one where you

the thing where you open the safe and you use pack instead of toy now I did toy and I got my ideal ending. Oh no, there's a whole bunch of different ones. There's one J amp D there's one that's pa xe I never got into like a lot of those other ones I have no idea what the those I didn't know toy was one of them. But yeah, you

Never saw the toy.

The toy is like how I got my ending. And then the game made me not do that anything. But so the toy ending is you basically because you remember how Carlin tells you that the mirrors are ways of traveling through nope stuff. Well he does. You mirrors looking glasses or how you travel. And that goes into the whole what you guys are part of his arm. And they those could have been different to but it was part of the acid trip. Yeah, I know. I know. He I think he just saying he doesn't remember because I definitely he said it. Then I get where it's supposed to be. But no,

I don't remember him saying that. So like he'll so he wakes up and he you know he travels through

the mirror. Do you remember that? Okay, so Stefan goes through the mirror and in my thing, no man No. In that case. No none of that no guys in my Yeah, that was a path like yeah, so what happened to mine is he he did toy and this is I had done other stuff but I didn't like it.

Done like packs and stuff I was just pissed I was like I hate this and so I was like I wish I'd done toy like I wanted to so I did toy because again kept making me go back anyway so I did toy and then

he gets a rabbit out the rabbit is in there and then that way he puts the rabbit to where it is he puts it under his bed like travels back to him as a child presenters bed and this is like I love this unending I wish this has been just the end of the game. But what he does is now he wakes up and his mom is trying to get on the train and he finds the rabbit and you have the option to go with your mom or stay even though they're going to be late on the train. So I went with my mom and then we were on this train right before it derailed and then it wakes up in then calling just are calling Stefan has just like died and his therapists office because he went with his mom. I'm like, yeah, you are miserable. You shouldn't.

Die with your mom. Like I don't know what else to do with you. But I feel like that was like my favorite indie. There's some other really good ones. Oh gotcha. What I What? I liked it. I liked that ending as well. What was interesting about it to me was the reason they were late initially that he blamed everything on was because he was looking for the rabbit right the toy Oh, we can't find it. Where is it? Where is it and held held her up. So he blamed himself for her dying because she took the later train and as a train that derail that's weird because in mind, he blamed his dad for her die. He did. He did blame his dad. It's the way he's saying is right, though. He blamed himself to Yeah, there's a scene where he says again, if you got it. There's a scene where he's talking to the therapist where he says I blamed myself because he wanted the right he could have just grabbed him out. But it was the dad who was fighting about the rabbits. That's why he also blamed his dad, if that makes sense. Yeah, sure. So But what was interesting to me was even when you sort that out, and you put the rabbit where it needed to be.

Be there still late and she's like well we're already late will catch the next one so it didn't matter like yeah they were she was bound to die regardless no matter what happened

it's just you get the option to die with her yeah yeah but it was black mirror that actually was the most emotional part because I was like wait I'm pretty sure they still dying you get to choose that and you know I was like huh yeah yes Black Mirror exactly in one of those options though you can tell him Netflix yeah

yeah so did you so I yeah you guys solve Netflix's washing that's the one that I did yeah that was probably my favorite I got to do this whole part a lot because I absolutely refuse to kill my dad because I was like he's genuinely just trying to help you I feel so bad for him because you're such a mind it even come to that really no mind when the Netflix I told it was Netflix.

And then I went to the therapist and talk to the therapist. And they're like, Yeah,

no, I just don't really know. I just said Yeah. And then they started fighting like in an action sequence. And then he tried to get and then there's an option and I didn't fight back. I tried to jump through the window and then they call cut because and then pulled out and that was the end for mine. And I was like, yep, I'm good with that. And did it trying to eat go back or did you just like No, it didn't give me to go back? Yeah,

just showed me credit. Wow, that's crazy. I was like, yeah, that's cool. That's probably about as good as I'm gonna get. So

I really like I don't care about the story. Like I can tell it like it was already like three levels of meta already has, like, yeah, this is about this is about right. This is pretty much what I expected. So I'm gonna I'm gonna peace out from here. That's, that's mine. Yeah. Cuz I normally think like, you're into that stuff. Like, but was it was it to to to meta? No, it was the thing about it being meta. It was it was almost like it thought it was being clever from

Just simply on virtue of being meta and I was like well that's not fun. Like it's very very clear what you're like I just I don't know that is the corniest one that is like I think that's the most basic and then you can get yeah and that's the reason why I was like this is dumb like there's like some really way better endings in that I think that was just like if you're just like yeah whatever this this this then it's over like yeah okay now this is over for you that's exactly 100% my experience with it and that's what I got out of it and I think you can watch it and just not touch the remote and it'll default choices for you um,

but um it's funny because you're saying like oh I you know the dad seemed like a good guy didn't want to kill them there's other scenes or he's the one it's all the the the park pack storyline Yeah. where he's actually experimented on this kid and like that's what again, it goes back to the whole bunny was an actress. Yeah, that wasn't really his mom. So then once they get you through that you're like

Y'all might have to hit this dude what an ashtray and that's what ends up happening and it kills them and then you bury them in the yard and the dog that they showed in the beginning digs up the dad and the kid gets busted. That's one of the ways that your game I think can suck i think yes they are like the

they're the owners of the bite is because I had a really cool story behind it with the you know, but the game's not good and he's in prison scratching the reviews on the wall or something yeah I think I did that after I took drugs after baring my dad or some still took a therapist drugs or something but I always I'm like if there's a POC option like younger and we'll talk

talk it's packaged from Pakistan or whatever never forget pocket a program to park yeah no program and control packs if you pick packs and you there's no choice I think you have to kill your dad what it does, it doesn't give you a choice. I think that that's an option to the demon

The game is one on ones yeah that's one of the ones that's that's what got me to Netflix and the the thing

studio Did you get to the thing to where you had to remember what the therapists number was? Yeah they're all like clues and you're like yes what let me call upon the numbers and you have to actually go find the number and type it in and I thought that was really cool I liked it I thought it was cool to

offer one say I was at 205 for one wow yeah that's exactly right ever written down right here I literally just watched it this morning no one knows I remember anything yeah yeah my my the game decided to end whenever I I kicked my dad in the balls

that's what it is hiding it and I was like this is the ending that you're funneling me like leaving out on dude. Like this is the one that you're cool with. And I it makes me wonder if there's just like, I don't know why there's like some endings and then some unofficial endings because I read that some people

Got to the toy one and then there's did cut off and go to credits but my didn't it kept pushing me back and kept pushing me back to do all this it was almost like I was clearing out a dungeon and going through like getting all of the other endings except for whatever the main ending knows was it pushing you back or was it like did you have the option to see the credits I did eventually get the credits okay it was after I'd kick my dad in the balls but like every other time like I would keep refusing to kill my dad and it would be like okay well your game kind of sucked go back and like I got the ending where I die with my mom and it was like are you sure you know that's what you want here? You want to go back to Who's there? Or to do you want to kill your dad or not? And I was like, Well, I guess I'll keep going back I don't know what the I just want this to end like it just didn't. Couldn't tell when it was gonna wrap up. Finally, I want to say I had like three endings where it gave me the option.

To view the credits and then maybe the fourth one it forced the credits yeah that sounds that's about what happened. So I was like all right and then actually what legitimately really pissed me off with Netflix was

start rolling credits than a credits

were minimized so it can roll to the next show. Yeah and I was like, oh crap. Like, I didn't have the remote my as I need to go. And I want to watch the rest of the credits and hear the music and stuff. But then there's like, here's an episode of something unrelated mother really, and I missed the rolling credits and and I didn't care enough to go back. Yeah, that's Yeah, Netflix sucks when they do that thing, maybe. And yeah, I think there's some sort of like easter eggs and post credits type stuff. There's two different ones. One of them is it but it's not always there. Depends on what options you chose. There's one where the game the game starts over again. And it goes up to when he's on the bus and he's not listening.

To Thompson Twins or I think the clash, he pulls out band or snatch and he listens to it. And it's like a really weird noise. And the noise is supposed to be able, if you run it through what you need like a simulator, weird an XC simulator x y simulate or something like that. Yeah. But it's actually the games from its nose dive and the metal heads I think metal heads I think like a QR code the QR code which is still exist

but popping off and it goes to like a website, right? Like with all the Yeah, Tucker soft Yes. Um. I think is what it is and then you can download the games I read somewhere. Charlie Booker, so they had to. They simplified it a bit like unless we can put it all in the memory

which is funny. I don't know. I mean, now that I say that out loud. I'm like, I wonder if he's just playing into the story.

where, you know, the story was soup that the game and the paths are super overly complicated. And I tried to simplify it. But he said they had a bunch of other weird paths and things. And just, it was too hard for people to get through and stuff. See now that would have been really cool to have done the thing. Okay. So like, my biggest problem with it was like, whenever you do make the choices, it's so insufferable. It seems like forever. It's like I immediately know what I'm going to pick and then it's still like 10 seconds of him just like oh, what am I gonna do?

What am I yes, you realize how bad that is. If like, we complain about 10 seconds but it's 10 seconds of him just

I disagree because one of the one thing my biggest shining star for this in my opinion was how well the interactive part was done I'm with the in the story couldn't like all right, whatever. But my biggest concern for

I was like, Am I going to pick a choice? And is it going to jump to a different scene? You know, so I thought it did well, because even though the time is ticking there's there's conversation and there's plot. Yeah. It's not like you just there's no really yeah what were you guys washing it's just really really awkward while the while while the situation resolves itself and the scene continues to me, that was my that's how I felt every time a decision came up I was like this is weird, awkward break that takes me out of this whole experience now there's a break it break but I thought like I said there was stuff going on like they're continuing the conversation it's darker it's it is closing in but then it to me It felt like it flowed really well. Yeah, to me is like a video game when you make a choice and there's, you're the person like Commander Shepard is just staring out of nowhere, or he starts talking and then there's like 30 seconds

And then you pick your choice. And then the solarium says, oh, okay, even though I said it, like five minutes ago, like that's what it's like to me. So it doesn't bother me. I'm like, Oh yeah, like video game.

I get it. But to me, I was surprised at how seamless it was considering because usually when it's acted like that, like in other stuff, it just I've seen in like games to where they've tried to actually make a video game with recording people. And it's always so awkward and weird, but I was surprised at how not as bad as it could have been, was it wasn't didn't come across that way to me at all. I'm a betting on our thought it was smooth, but and it's funny after you say all that I'm like, let's just go with it to video game at that point. Like when I explain it to someone else, like it's a video game.

It's not. Yeah, I think the active part

the participating part, I think will never make it a movie. You know, I think movie to me, it's like a passive experience. You sit and watch it.

Yeah take it in

you know that's a big question what's the line between a game and a you know a movie i don't know i think a Choose Your Own Adventure is an okay balance between the two but

you have called Choose Your Own Adventure though it's funny you say you choose your own adventure because they are suing some about that it's almost like I was setting you up to tell me that because I could tell on your face you wanted to tell me and interrupt real bad oh no it's extremely relevant to the conversation yes

yeah there's to the guy that runs Choose Your Own Adventure is suing bandit or Netflix

suing Stefan so yeah, can you bring this guy out here? Yeah sure fictional character

and of course people are mad they're like, choose your own adventure doesn't own the rights to choice but in the movie they clearly say it's like a Choose Your Own Adventure book which I think

Maybe is where they may have, you know, should have asked for permission which they did. That reminds me, I was playing d&d on Thursday. And I was in a dream sequence or something. And I was like,

this would be a really good time to do something like, you know, part of the main story and like, try and figure out something because I was basically a ghost walking through the town. And I was like,

but my, my character has like, zero is, she's just a fighter. She was like, no intelligence, no charisma or anything. So I was like, data can I roll to be smart so I can find out where to go in this town. Yeah, but you can't roll to be smart. I was like,

what happened

in DC just can't do it. Yeah, you can't roll to be smart and dandy. I didn't realize I was like, Can you just tell me what would be a good idea to do is I'm just gonna go like like, I don't know flash people that can't see me in like, like,


Far, like birds or something, because they won't move away. That's pretty much what I did, though. Cool. So if you are a ghost, and no one could you would fart on birds, man. I did all kinds of I went in like part. All sorts of there's this guy, this boss that we just fought to giorno, and he hadn't been it hadn't left. And so like, because this is a flashback, and he was making the soup and I was like, trying to spit in a soup and like, like, rubbing my butt all upon them and trying to get it because I'm like a stinky fighter. So I was trying to beat gross Note to self if you ever become a ghost, I'll try to avoid you if I can. Oh, you won't be able

you won't be able to stop my ghost

body will go wherever I want. And I'll just like like graffiti order you a bunch of bananas and like graffiti weird Yeah,

that's all I'm going to do you in trouble girl. I enjoyed a lot of fun.

I'm just as a story movie, it's hard. I guess I didn't love it just as a story movie, like, recommend it to someone. But the idea, the concept, the the, the mechanics I thought were really good know the concept was great. I hope that more of this type thing gets made

right folks that's gonna do it that will end our path for the band or snatch.

If you're interested in like the interactive thing. Check it out. Let us know how you thought you liked how it worked. If you like to wear your story ended up and also I'm a big fan of black mare. So check out those episodes.

Thank you guys so much for joining us and we will see you next week.

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