Deadpool Confirmed for Civil War Post-Credits Scene!

April 1, 2016

Hey everybody!  Our sources have confirmed that after Captain America: Civil War, one of the post-credit scenes will have Deadpool in it!Ever since Sony and Marvel set aside their differences (and a mountain of money changed hands) and allowed Spider-Man to be co-opted into the official Marvel Cinematic Universe, we were all excited to finally see this come about.  With all the hype surrounding Spider-Man, it was easy to keep this surprise under wraps.Also, it was kind of a last minute thing.  See, since Deadpool’s movie was wildly successful, and Disney wants to own all the money in the world, they rushed to get in on the action.  They filmed a quick, 30ish second stinger which will appear after the credits and will officially link Deadpool to the much larger MCU.We asked our industry insider what other properties we could look forward to being incorporated into the MCU in the future.  The response?”Right now, all I can officially confirm is Deadpool, but we are in negotiations to bring some of our other properties in-house, as well.  Think back to a certain poorly received superhero movie from last year about four superheroes with fantastic abilities.”Then he coughed and said “Fantastic Four” while coughing.”We’re also looking to bring in a franchise that’s actually been pretty successful involving characters that have X-ceptional genes, and has a new movie coming out this year.”This news also took us by surprise, because we weren’t really sure how he was able to vocally convey that he meant “X-ceptional” instead of the more traditional “exceptional”, but he managed to pull it off.We then had to ask him, after all these bombshells, is there anything else that can get us excited?”Well you didn’t hear this from me, but we’re actually trying to go bigger than just Marvel properties.  We’re looking to do a multi-universe crossover featuring some characters from that other comic book company.  It might be a little ways down the road, but there’s a good chance you might see some Avengers vs the other big superhero team from that other company.  You know, if they can get their act together.”At this point, we almost started illegally trading stock based off all this insider info.  But he wasn’t finished yet!”Another idea we’re toying with, and we have our army of lawyers working on, is getting the licenses for other creative properties through a wide range of media.  Literature, video games, you name it, we’re thinking about rolling it all into one unintelligible blob.  You might get to see the Hulk fighting alongside a certain Italian plumb–you know what?  I’ll just say it.  Maybe there’ll be a Hulk/Mario team-up.  Maybe it’ll be Thor and Gandalf.  Iron Man and Harry Potter.  Who knows?  The possibilities are endless!”So there you have it, folks!  In order to dominate all of your entertainment options, Disney is going full force into acquiring properties to exploit for their movies.  But as for us?  We’re just happy to be getting Deadpool.

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