Deadpool Not As Expected (spoiler free)

February 15, 2016

Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of marketing hype which is quite unfortunate considering you can’t get away from it these days.  Although I do think the marketing campaign for Deadpool was creative and in-line with the character, I was still getting a little burned out.   In fact, such a marketing push had me convinced the movie may not be any good.  I mean, have you seen “Green Lantern?”  Do you remember Deadpool from “X-Men Origins?” Exactly!  On top of that, if we’re being honest, I’ve grown tired of the influx of Deadpool cosplays.  Heck, I remember buying the first appearance of Deadpool, it wasn’t that exciting.

From the opening montage which included credits based soley on cliché archetypes, I knew I was in for something different, a movie as raunchy, and all over the place as the titular character.  For those not familiar, Deadpool in the comics is known for his violent acts as an anti-hero, his schizophrenic behavior, and most notably his ability to break the fourth wall.  He’s a comic book character, who is aware of being a comic book character, who will occasionally speak to the reader, or remove parts of the comic book panel. As a friend put it, as long as these boxes were checked in the movie, she would be satisfied.  Turns out we were both happy.  The biggest compliment I can give is that it seemed to stay true to the character.  Not to mention I was laughing the entire way through.  This isn’t to say the movie didn’t have heart, in fact, it cleverly slid a love story in that managed to hit despite all of the toilet humor around it.

So after I sat through the post-credit scene, I realized Deadpool was not what I expected, it was much better.  It didn’t take itself too serious, it served as an origin story, and made me like Colossus even more. If you’re a fan of comic book movies, you have to go see Deadpool, but leave your kids at home.

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