DragonCon is here, so we talk about things we’re looking forward to!

Dragon Con (previously Dragon*Con and sometimes DragonCon) is a North American multigenre convention, founded in 1987, which takes place annually over the Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. As of 2017, the convention draws attendance of over 80,000, features hundreds of guests, encompasses five hotels in the Peachtree Center neighborhood of downtown Atlanta near Centennial Olympic Park, and runs thousands of hours of programming for fans of science fiction, fantasy, comic books, and other elements of fan culture. It is operated by a private for-profit corporation, with the help of a 1,500-member volunteer staff.

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Episode Transcript

0:00hey everybody thanks for tuning in to
0:02the geek vs. podcast is a nerds eye view
0:05of pop culture yeah it is that's right
0:07you would think I haven't said this 200
0:10times before
0:11and this shows our proud partner the
0:12giant-sized team-up network if I'm
0:14fumbling if I seem excited it's because
0:17Dragon Con is here then waiting all year
0:21and now it is here I didn't mean for
0:24that to rhyme I don't care I'm too
0:25excited so this episode this is Dragon
0:29Con 2018 looking for words to talk about
0:32some things we're excited about for this
0:34year's Dragon Con always a fun time oh
0:37it's probably the happiest time of the
0:39year so we're all super excited we're
0:43also doing a doing a panel we're doing
0:45the great geek quiz show you may have
0:47heard us talking about it did it at a
0:49two-to-one be Khan and Atlanta Comic Con
0:52but now we're bringing it to Dragon Con
0:54and that is Friday 8:30 p.m. in the
0:58Hilton gallery at 6:00
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1:25stuff without further ado this is geek
1:28vs. Dragon Con 2018 things are
1:34about to get weird DragonCon is the best
1:42thing ever and I think I think that's
1:44the best way to start the episode best
1:47thing ever it is I told somebody there
1:49was somebody posted in the group
1:50Jericho concerned about these concern
1:52about that as we know happiest place on
1:54it'll be all good it just works the
1:58convention works it works every year
2:01it's always fun it's always convenient
2:05and it's always packed it's just fun
2:08it's like how do all those things come
2:12together like packs
2:13convenient and fun like some of those
2:16have to go like this so muchi exclusive
2:18but now you'd be surprised it's pretty
2:20awesome I think it's because there's
2:23just so much there is so much to do that
2:27you will find something at any given
2:32time that you will enjoy doing even if
2:35it's just standing around people
2:36watching yeah looking for cosplay if you
2:40can't have fun at DragonCon you're the
2:43problem yeah take that listener take
2:51don't listen baby listen to me if you
2:55don't have fun at Dragon Con
2:56maybe it's because you have anxiety
2:58that's okay too if you're not having fun
3:00at Dragon Con come find us not me
3:05well well I have problems with anxiety
3:06I'll get you will get you around if
3:09you're having problems having fun at
3:11Dragon Con fine Tony yeah fine time zone
3:13he speaks for him what is Tony's what is
3:15our twitter @ vs pod at geek vs paw yes
3:25yeah Twitter at us and I will come get
3:27out come save you okay now I want all
3:30right but all right so I said there's a
3:32there's always something fun to do at
3:33Dragon Con 24/7 practically five four
3:38days what what are you guys personally
3:41looking forward to not what people
3:42should check out so we can go we can do
3:44that all night
3:45yes so what are you personally looking
3:48or to doing seeing eating whatever oh
3:52the food court for sure if we're gonna
3:54go eating um they have a great food
3:56court in the area I'm totally like that
3:59shawarma don't don't stay in this warm
4:01oh yeah don't ever sleep on the storm so
4:03yeah that's why you're not having fun
4:05because you are sleeping on the shore
4:07that's what it is like you absolutely
4:09should do that
4:10there's a giant sushi bar buffet that I
4:13always spend way too much money at what
4:14does that place called you members I
4:16don't know but I know that if you're a
4:18drunken fan you know exactly what I'm
4:20talking it's all the way in the back
4:22yeah because it's right off of one of
4:25the exits from the hotels because it
4:26always the line always ends up going on
4:28the walkway uh-huh I discovered that
4:31when that was the best discovery ever
4:32made one year I was wandering around I
4:34think it was the Hyatt or something
4:35that's like wonder where this go oh my
4:37god let's sound it sushi so yes eating
4:44just everything everything just all the
4:47food yeah I wish I have no shame I said
4:51I wish I was joking no I'm with you I I
4:54get excited because they're starting to
4:56finally eat when I'm there you know here
4:58at long as we'd we might have places
5:00that makes warm but I don't go that
5:01often there it's walking distance yeah
5:04and then if I want sushi for dinner it's
5:06walking distance or if I want whatever
5:09else it's all right there so yeah I
5:12admittedly I'm excited about eating so
5:15now that we got the infomercial for our
5:17food you're welcome Peachtree Center
5:19feast ward or food court out of the way
5:23sorry you know what they're like but
5:25it's not I'm not even joking like that I
5:27love it but you don't have to have a
5:29DragonCon ticket to go to the food yeah
5:31that's the thing also fun fact that food
5:34cords there year-round ah it just
5:37doesn't taste the same it just doesn't
5:39taste the same no I want people I want
5:41to wait behind people in costume yeah I
5:43mean that helps certainly see we're baby
5:47driver a scene from Bama driver was
5:49filmed yeah there oh oh that's right
5:51yeah there's always those guys that were
5:54dressed up as baby driver running
5:55through and do and like the stuff get
5:57pictures I
5:59I don't think I put two and two together
6:01because it was rank I was like oh yeah
6:03just that's baby drive that's some weird
6:05stuff going on
6:06alright so other than the food listen we
6:08got that out of the way what are we
6:11looking related to food people and
6:13absurd people in absurd costumes eating
6:16food normally like a Teenage Mutant
6:19Ninja Turtle eating like some tikka
6:23in the food court is always very funny
6:27it's so surreal like I'll always think
6:31about like the lonely goblin like at a
6:33fire of Brazil oh yeah
6:36he's like you know he looks straight out
6:38of like Lord of the Rings like he could
6:40have been an extra or like he could have
6:41been one of the background dudes giant
6:44sword on the table just just sitting
6:46there by himself waiting for is me
6:49that's I don't know it's so trippy like
6:52it ass no that's that might be I don't
6:55remember what year is the first the very
6:57first was it yeah that's the reason why
6:59I was extra trippy that might be my
7:01image like my one picture of Dragon Con
7:04when I think a drink I think of the
7:05Goblin eaten lunch there was one year
7:09there was a bunch of people dressed up
7:11as um actually it was lord of the Rings
7:13because it was the region who dresses up
7:18as a threat friend or undo him and a
7:22bunch of other people eaten and by the
7:24way if you're new you're not supposed to
7:27photograph people in costume eating
7:29nobody wants a picture them stuff in
7:30their face you know so it's a rude thing
7:32to do yeah make sure anybody usually
7:35unless they're like posing but I had to
7:37I was like get because they were all
7:39sitting there eating their pizza and I
7:42was like guys I know you're eating I'm
7:44sorry to interrupt but this is just such
7:46a good picture they were cool with it
7:47yeah sure you know that's funny that's
7:51one of the thick cause that really is a
7:53highlight yeah seeing every year
7:55characters especially like a group of
7:57people like doing stuff together and
8:00it's like that's every character from
8:02the movie having and Coca Cola's yeah
8:09can we agree we I think we're all yeah
8:13should be our like video or pictures
8:15this year just characters eaten stuff
8:17normal fries eaten or yeah like what
8:24just I mean nothing works of getting the
8:26fur but probably would have their head
8:29off on the table alright so so far in
8:32our Dragon Con 2018 things we are
8:33looking forward to episodes costumey
8:36nothing yet is actually part of you need
8:40a ticket for anything yeah yeah that's a
8:43lesson in itself you know what just go
8:45be in the general vicinity if you can't
8:47make it like oh I don't have a ticket
8:48well just walk around spend a couple
8:51hours just looking at stuff people
8:52watching costume watch and cosplay
8:54watching whatever the Dragon Con parade
8:56is free I'm pretty sure there's no way
9:00they can hide that sucker that's one I
9:02always suggest to people that are
9:04interested but I don't have the money
9:05I'm in the hotel or if they have younger
9:07kids I might just go Saturday just go
9:09see the parade and by the time you get
9:12there find a spot and see the whole
9:13thing it's a little bit of time I was
9:15like and then get some lunch
9:16you'll see a billion people and then go
9:18home like it's a fun morning afternoon
9:20you know and that's a really good way to
9:22just sort of wait in Lego if you've seen
9:24that and you're like nah I'm out alright
9:27that's fair yeah you know it's not for
9:29you I am um alright something I'm
9:32looking forward to watching the parade
9:35from my room from the hotel alright
9:38alright can I get it's like the parade
9:40is amazing and there's a lot of people
9:42that organize it and and all the people
9:44that are in it it takes a lot of work
9:47but I just can't get up at 8:00 in the
9:51morning to get a spot yeah and it's
9:53outside I did that for a couple years
9:55and then realized you did a couple years
9:59I did one year because I had to say I
10:02did and it might have been the second
10:04year I think I missed it the first year
10:06so I did it one year to say I did it and
10:09then ever since then I legit look
10:11forward to waking up leaning over and
10:14because now you're in a hotel so you
10:15just wake up in bed and stay in bed like
10:18I'm awake now turn the TV on reach over
10:21for some leftover like Pop Tarts or
10:23donuts or something and just watch the
10:27bed yeah that's a fun time and then
10:29usually go back to sleep very similar to
10:32that I'm going to time together is the
10:34masquerade I love watching the
10:36masquerade every year from my room it's
10:42a fun time again don't have to go three
10:45hours early that's another one like
10:46people are in there for like six hours
10:47because the masquerade is very long also
10:51like they obviously they have to get
10:54dressed they put all these costumes on
10:56then they have to get there early to get
10:58set up yeah so a lot of time a lot of
11:01work you know and I you know I'm saying
11:03all that stuff but I fully plan on
11:05staying for all of Dragon Con wrestling
11:07this year I'm like very excited to go
11:11and stay for all of it I look forward to
11:14that it's always a fun and it stirs the
11:17first night kickoff yes yes how long is
11:20it it's usually it's probably like
11:24really long it's got to be at least
11:26three hours because we've never stayed
11:29for all of it but this year I'd like to
11:31stay for like a lot of it or until I get
11:33bored wish who knows there's it's a lot
11:37and I you know it's literally I'm gonna
11:39say the same thing three times in a row
11:41but it's literally there's a lot of
11:43people that put them together and put on
11:44a long three hour for our show yeah I've
11:49never started come and gone I've come in
11:51late or I've left early yeah there's a
11:55lot of people yep and they do craziness
11:58they have like the coz I'm like I'm okay
12:01like I can take a leave wrestling like
12:04alright I'll check it out
12:05but they do like five on five and these
12:07four versus this half a person you're
12:10like what like just different it's not
12:13all just one on one versus one you know
12:15and then they have the Peter Griffin
12:17wrestles the chicken and some once after
12:20I saw that I was in that's kind of cool
12:22they had like Jason versus pretty Kruger
12:24last year yeah and they do like real
12:27sort of like wrestling moves there's a
12:29guy that was pretending to be Ric Flair
12:34it's just fun and Xavier woods is
12:36normally there and he's like actually a
12:38wrestler but WWE
12:40last year Cain and Jimmy super-specific
12:46did the death cane mm-hmm
12:49mayor Kane and Jimmy Superfly Snuka
12:52showed up because they were guests
12:54obviously but they actually come to the
12:56wrestling event and participate in it
12:58and how do you know how did somebody got
13:01chokeslammed or something I don't know
13:03and Ric Flair was supposed to be there
13:04but Jimmy the dragon steamboat wait was
13:08it super fire was it Ricky the dragon I
13:10might have Mickey the dragon steamboat
13:12got it um he yeah he I think he did
13:16something to somebody because Cain was
13:17late we're all waiting for Cain he's
13:20doing their stuff and he was late I was
13:23like all right but he ended up in the
13:24Walk of Fame later but Ricky was there
13:27and yeah it was supposed to be Flair but
13:28you know Flair was sick so they replaced
13:30him but Ric Flair's coming this year
13:32it's coming make it make it up for it
13:36so a guy I know Faneuil troublemaker
13:40he's one of the announcers at the
13:41wrestling what yeah the dude with the
13:44lucha mask Oh fan which although my gray
13:47ka Dave West what up but he has a game
13:51show that he does every year used to be
13:54the dirty dirty con show but now they're
13:56doing a different one looking forward to
13:58that I won't check it out oh okay what
14:01are the details I don't know you know I
14:03don't look this stuff up but whatever
14:05that is
14:06Faneuil troublemakers con big game conch
14:09shell I'll put it in the show notes it's
14:11not the same time as ours else I
14:13wouldn't go we're also and I'm looking
14:17forward to it not to be like yeah look
14:19at our show but it's fun we always doing
14:24it it's fun to do yeah hopefully other
14:25people enjoy it but we're having twisted
14:33my ankle a little well it wasn't really
14:34- it was like inflammation from doing
14:38three shows in Atlanta oh yeah
14:40Tony got an injury from from doing from
14:43doing our show so again a little bit
14:46yeah I think three steps and then later
14:49some ibuprofen man I know flared out
14:51that's what happens when I run to
14:54so yeah like it gets pretty intense we
14:57should check it out our show I am
15:00looking forward to doing that but
15:01serious because it is fun that is Friday
15:04Friday at 8:30 check us out it's gonna
15:18be like Lady Gaga's baby face up next
15:21gig versus so everybody that was there
15:24like yeah I'm gonna check that no it's
15:27just gonna be me doing that awful it is
15:33you know trivia and fun geeky silly
15:36situations that come up in in the great
15:40geek quiz show yep
15:42for all ages 1 and up what else are you
15:45all looking forward to you know it's
15:47funny I'm pulled the guests up and
15:49there's the guests are all always
15:51amazing but it's not even the biggest
15:53thing that I'm looking forward to like
15:57is it the is it the autobot p is it the
16:02robot people that do music i am looking
16:04forward to that
16:06that is the cybertronics pre ok they do
16:09the full soundtrack from transformers
16:11the movie the animated one from the 80s
16:13with you got the touch and dare and
16:17Transformers theme and I described them
16:21to someone as like a geeky GWAR because
16:24they have like they all look like
16:26transformers from the movie yeah they're
16:30like boxy big foam pieces yeah except
16:35the one dude that spike he was like I'm
16:37doing that I'm dressing up give me the
16:40hard hat and so he spiked but no
16:42everyone else is like gigantic big foam
16:44P and they play instruments and it's
16:47awesome I'm super excited to see them so
16:51what so then what is the is it the
16:52puppet things oh no no I was just I was
16:55basically what I was getting at is
16:56there's a billion big guests and that's
16:59just a small part that doesn't even
17:02really like it's awesome Nick Frost
17:06yeah Nick Frost
17:07be there yep lots of celebrities the
17:11doctor which one all I would love to see
17:18Jane Seymour hey she's probably gonna
17:21try and get me a buyer stupid necklaces
17:23but also be like Jane is that the
17:25infinity one yeah I'm finishing
17:29necklaces dr. Dana Scully
17:32yeah she was there recently not this
17:35year though right doc that's what I said
17:37was and recently but so but not I don't
17:40know this year but no no no Peter
17:42Capaldi the the last doctor and also
17:46Lauren Tate not Lorrie Tate and Billie
17:51I'm excited oh no no no no no bill bill
17:59yeah okay okay she's cool yeah yeah yeah
18:02yeah we don't know man what no I say
18:05yeah super excited to see then that'll
18:07be a fun panel but yeah panels are just
18:11aside like a small part to me it's also
18:13it any single part is such a small part
18:17that's that is a shrink
18:19the thing about DragonCon is there's so
18:21much stuff to do that if you're on the
18:22way to do something even if you don't
18:25make it to that or you can't get in you
18:27will find something else that is a lot
18:29of fun to do I mean their consolation
18:32prizes everywhere yeah like we couldn't
18:36make it to a number of parties I think
18:39last year but they were so full anyway
18:42it was like too much and so we ended up
18:45at the I think it was the last party on
18:47Alderaan or is that was the one that we
18:48were heading to oh we went to that one
18:50for a little while and then okay what
18:52was the one we were in the lobby of the
18:54highest that's a G that's not even a
18:57party that looks like they just have a
18:59DJ now yeah yeah that's DragonCon now
19:02there's just DJ in the lobby that was
19:06it's a nice open space exactly is open
19:08it was not dark there's no wine see how
19:11there was no line back in my day I
19:13remember when last party and Alderaan
19:15was in a small room and it was a lot of
19:18fun but now it's just gotten too big
19:20like get out of here I mean that is how
19:23I feel but I remember wait are we being
19:25funny cuz I do remember that no I'm just
19:28making fun of myself yeah like that is
19:30kind of how I feel because it's this is
19:32too much for me personally but if you
19:34love big giant party concert techno type
19:37it's stuff that is meted right up there
19:39that's there's a lot of options I'm
19:42excited about puppets I I enjoy puppets
19:45the the track organizer is a dude that's
19:50legit in the puppets and does a lot of
19:52work with that's appropriate a center
19:54for puppetry arches but he takes it
19:55serious okay yeah yeah and any has a lot
19:57of connections and so they do the
20:01late-night puppet slam which is always
20:02fun but this year they're also doing the
20:06the nationwide puppet slam like a
20:09daytime the late-night one is like dirty
20:11and crass and stuff but they're doing
20:13another one for like all ages and then
20:16they're doing a build-your-own puppet
20:19contests like Jim Henson the brother the
20:22up John James Jingleheimer Schmidt
20:24Henson okay one of them is like actually
20:28hosting the event so there's a lot of
20:29awesome puppet stuff hold on stop puppet
20:33stuff puppet stuff that's a good my name
20:37is band name it's almost sounds like
20:39puffin suds hey char purposely yeah but
20:44since I can't remember what it is a char
20:47Pufnstuf yeah I'm ready for all the
20:53alcohol all this speaking a party I love
20:57getting drunk with everybody I'm walking
20:59around for four hours only four four
21:02eight eight hours well here's the thing
21:06with that it's and I was it's all
21:08walking distance so you can do that and
21:12you'll be fine like just walk back to
21:15the room nobody gives you're walking
21:17around like I did one year with a mug
21:19that had whiskey in it and I mean just
21:21it was a coffee mug and nobody gave a
21:24crap not only do they not care they're
21:27actively cheer you they support all of
21:31that that question came up in the in the
21:34group conversation what are the laws
21:36about drinking in the street why do they
21:40have to sound like a jerk because they
21:41want to know the answer to a question
21:42Tony because no reason I have no good
21:48reason okay but because your voice okay
21:54don't matter that's why the law is just
21:58like anywhere else yeah in their seven
22:00years but oh this thing's made up in the
22:02law doesn't matter I feel like I feel
22:04like this person's been there before and
22:06just was trying to start something but
22:08anyway I think that's an apt like
22:12summarization of it is yeah just like
22:19honestly that you know just don't don't
22:22give any cops a reason to question you
22:26and you'll be fine
22:26yes don't throw you no balcony like
22:33don't do that because that happened last
22:36year and that's always not cool whenever
22:39people are because you know when you
22:41when you do that you end up punishing
22:43everybody because then people get an
22:45idea of the way that Dragon Con folks
22:47are and they're like crazy dragging
22:49those two people don't represent the
22:52other 78,000 not well you know a share
22:55off the balcony was a big deal like it
22:57was news and I think they were like
22:59trying to prosecute the guy cuz I don't
23:01know if it hit somebody or not but yeah
23:03somebody got hit like that and that's
23:05the things like don't don't do that
23:06no don't do that there's there's so many
23:08but there's so many don'ts what do you
23:10here's the thing that you don't do and
23:12we what I think Betty was about to say
23:15is if you want to hear what you don't do
23:16at cons in general including Dragon Con
23:18we did an episode about Connecticut and
23:20various conne attractions and themes and
23:24tropes you should check that out it's a
23:27couple episodes back stuff to do get
23:34drunk walk around barefoot
23:36wait why barefoot I don't know I just
23:38threw it out there as a zany it was just
23:40like a zany thing yeah maybe not on the
23:42streets but yeah if you got Hobbit feet
23:46like me go for it that's
23:47right yeah well you know itís no like
23:54here's the thing you're coming we all
23:56share a room for the right the geek
23:57versus crew and their friends and
23:59families we all stay in one room so I'm
24:01gonna have to ixnay on the hepatitis
24:03feet coming back in the room don't drag
24:06drag the plague like I don't know she
24:10tracked in bubonic plague thanks thanks
24:13Betty we're all dead have some drinks
24:15walk around great man have fun if you
24:17need anything let me know
24:18I gotta cut you off at the thing that I
24:20don't want hookworm hookworm I told you
24:23is a Cowherd you get hookworms walk
24:25around bare feet I don't you know what
24:26it is I don't want it sounds like a worm
24:28leaked onto your feet don't want it
24:30don't want no hooks don't want no worms
24:32don't want no hook worms or warm hugs
24:34it sounds like government propaganda
24:36sounds like something parents tell their
24:38children like like turn the light off in
24:41the car when you're driving or a ghost
24:43elite yeah yeah that's exactly what it
24:46don't want to push it nobody's no reason
24:48to test it have it look it up yeah
24:51just please don't do we had no reason to
24:52it's let you know what actually don't
24:54want to walk around outside this what so
24:56all right here's something you never
24:57hear me say legitimately looking forward
25:00to meeting a bunch of people whoa who
25:04are you and what have you done with Tony
25:07waka waka it's bound to happen yeah
25:13we're gonna meet some people I'm gonna
25:16chat with some people who are you
25:17looking forward to meeting nobody
25:18particular just just links yeah I gotcha
25:21random folks just talking to him hanging
25:23out and that's it for the year like I'm
25:26a guy I did I did a week but you know I
25:34honestly think everybody I've ever met
25:37at Dragon Con has been at least okay
25:39yeah yeah yeah I've never
25:42oh there's Wow about that one dude yeah
25:46that none of us like there's always
25:48gonna be people like that work that
25:50volunteer at Dragon Con that are just
25:51too stressed and don't know when to
25:54either have a break or just admit like I
25:56can't do this and so they just like
25:58explode it sounds like like some
26:01volunteers either somehow get too much
26:04to do or they sign up for too much to do
26:06or they think that they can do more than
26:07they can and this I've just got done
26:09with a 16 hour shift maybe it's a
26:13volunteer like Stella I'm like I'm
26:15having a mental breakdown
26:17don't don't don't do that but I'm gonna
26:20interrupt you because they have to those
26:23volunteers have to and I've had my
26:25running with plenty of crappy volunteers
26:28one particular last year who was I wit
26:30maybe Daniel wait I was with wait um but
26:34but in their defense whatever or even
26:37hate doing it they have to work a ton of
26:39hours like to volunteer you have to sign
26:41up for like 20 hours over the course of
26:44like four days yeah no I get that but
26:46they still had to sign up for it yeah
26:50sign up for five or ten like it's like
26:52it's all in half in I'm not saying that
26:54I'm saying they chose to sign up for 20
26:56like you you knew what you were getting
26:58into when you signed up for it is my
27:01that being said yeah most of them are
27:06great no it's it's just like just like
27:11anything you're always gonna get that 1%
27:15you know but yeah most of them are power
27:18goes to their head or they're just tired
27:20or like you said need a snack angry some
27:23people you just need a snack I've been
27:25there but they're not usually like that
27:28I always forget about this and actually
27:31I learned something new this year so
27:33there's a game room there's a video game
27:34room which has two sides you have your
27:36like old American games and pinball and
27:39then you have your Japanese games and
27:41stuff that is in the Americas Mart which
27:43is connected to our hotel the Westin so
27:45I'm looking forward to doing more that
27:47what I learned this year which I'm
27:48almost mad about it's 24 hours oh yeah
27:52it was 24 hours last year though I think
27:55it was I didn't know but I think so yeah
27:59I'm like 80% sure because here's here's
28:03here's how all Thursday right here's how
28:06I know I didn't know because there were
28:08times like it's late I'm gonna go back
28:10to the room I don't really feel like
28:12settling back but how did I not
28:14no they were again I would have just
28:15went and played games right I I know I
28:20sound angry
28:20but I'm excited yeah it's an excited
28:22anger maybe we were just too tired or
28:24drunk I don't think that I've ever been
28:26in that position so I get what you're
28:29saying though yeah
28:30I did try to stay up all night one year
28:33you try to stay up all night like eight
28:36three years in a row like the last day
28:38oh no what I've learned the lesson man
28:40like because every every Sunday nights
28:43all right this is it so Sunday night is
28:45really the last night of Dragon Con
28:47right there event scheduled on Monday
28:51but like oh I can only imagine only the
28:54diehard people stay for that because by
28:55Monday first off I'm done and secondly
28:58I'm already kind of sad because it's
29:00kind of over you know but for about like
29:05two maybe three years in a row Tony's go
29:07like idea was it's Sunday night I'm just
29:10you know what it's late it's it's 4:00
29:13in the morning might as well stay up
29:15till seven mile understand the whole
29:16time and right and that's the thing
29:22that's like like some of some stuff but
29:25not much Saturday Friday and Thursday or
29:27Friday and Saturday really and each time
29:29I'm thinking to myself oh my Tony like
29:31that makes no sense but what I actually
29:34say is yeah Tony you should totally do
29:36that yeah I believe you can do that the
29:45last time I tried it and I think which
29:46what would ended it it was already like
29:50five and we had to check out in the
29:52morning anyway so it's like do I just
29:55sleep for four hours or do I just stay
29:58yes I know that now yeah we're gonna get
30:06a metro time no no I went to I went to
30:09the Westin cuz they had Brenna really
30:11our breakfast is open I was like cool
30:13I'll get that yeah because for some
30:16reason that night I thought after a big
30:19meal I'm gonna perk up which has never
30:21happened never in the history like a ton
30:25of carbs like sugar
30:27you probably got freaking pancakes and
30:29cheesecake and waffles it's like which
30:33food has the most leptin in it and you
30:36reminded me of something turkey
30:41Thanksgiving dinner that'll recharge me
30:46yeah and no as the listeners have
30:51figured out I did not make it up I fell
30:54there's always this you know no there's
30:57no I'm not getting any younger that's
30:59ready there's always this year Tony you
31:01can do it this year
31:09oh man I I that was the day I realized
31:12like I actually get dark bags under my
31:14eyes like I'd never seen that until oh
31:17wow man I look physically tired
31:21yeah that's we went to UM I wasn't
31:23driving that year but uh fortunately we
31:26would have made it no yeah we would to
31:28California Pizza Kitchen and I was just
31:30just creek keeper um no I did not get
31:35cheesecake the breakfast with flavor
31:36here's something else I learned okay
31:38I've heard this before I kind of put out
31:39the back of my mind but it's been
31:42confirmed reaffirmed whatever there is
31:45okay see I'm looking at you for this
31:47better you'll be there too all right
31:49this guy's gonna get excited okay one of
31:52the hotels one of the big four or five I
31:54I think it's a Hilton but I'll verify
31:56has for a flat rate price you pay one
31:59price it's reasonable ten twelve fifteen
32:01all-you-can-eat all right pie I'm I mean
32:07that's really weird it's a pie bar is it
32:10just um is it okay
32:13so is it like Americans idea pie or like
32:16the universal understanding that pie can
32:19be like a meat pie no I thought like
32:233.14 America is like the only kind of
32:26pie we make is like a sweet dessert pies
32:29but not savory pies yeah we don't make
32:31like meat pie like good like yummy okay
32:35that's hard like we've got Apple we've
32:38got cherry we've got blueberry and we've
32:39got chicken pot chick
32:43that would be awesome if it was like a
32:45bunch of desserts and then chicken
32:48all right I'm just disappointed that
32:51I've never been in this place I've never
32:53heard of it but now that I have yeah
32:55all right it is Karl it's called sway oh
33:01that's disappointing I thought there
33:03would be like a like a nice pie pun type
33:06yeah waka waka contemporary wood-paneled
33:09space in the Hyatt Regency offering
33:12southern accent American menu so I'm
33:16working on no but like what I'm what I'm
33:19getting that is it's it's not just in
33:21the vicinity it's not like oh no it's
33:25not in Atlanta while we're there
33:26actually in the Hyatt so yeah I'm just
33:31gonna you know what you guys do your own
33:33thing start the episode over what I'm
33:37looking forward to most
33:38yeah high bar discover Atlanta's sway a
33:42secret all-you-can-eat pie bar all right
33:46and the heart of downtown Atlanta lies a
33:48pie utopia look if I don't come out of
33:54the strip without diabetes nothing I did
33:58it wrong every evening beginning at 5:00
34:00p.m. the very center of the restaurant
34:02is transformed into a pie shrine this
34:07was a guy I gotta say this was a Reuben
34:10Mourad from the daily meal okay these
34:15words these are strong words I don't
34:16want to die
34:17I mean we don't want to get busted for
34:18playin is pretty suggestive oh oh oh
34:23since since 2012 sway spy bar has been
34:25offering diners pies made in-house oh
34:28that's that dinners seasonal it's the
34:32corporative southern flavors over twist
34:35sways award-winning pastry chef yeah
34:39what's up what about what it sounds like
34:40dessert pies right yeah so I think we
34:43got the answer to our question
34:45yeah definitely gonna eat a lot of pie
34:48that oh god I hate the way that Freight
34:52you never mind can't you can't win but
34:54we know not being dirty yeah um oh I do
34:57it also includes a scoop of the ever so
34:59delicious local blue dome a honey ice
35:01cream oh that sounds all right made with
35:03honey okay from the heights rooftop BT
35:06Gordon okay now I want that now nice
35:11cream with it
35:12they didn't know to call it an apiary Oh
35:15in your face article B garden I knew
35:19what they were talking about damn they
35:20really call it a bee garden for you
35:22maybe they had to dumb it down like you
35:25know when you're in labor you're writing
35:27something for a newspaper and it's got
35:29to be on the third grade level because
35:31that's probably what it was you'd keep
35:33doing your thing whoever wrote that you
35:37say Hotel rider man all right keep it
35:39simple you heard it here first we're all
35:41going to the pie bar we will follow up
35:43with a pie pie epic episode yeah I just
35:46want to talk about pies yo like the
35:49instagrams is gonna be full of crack but
35:54they all have the same like top it's
35:55like this is finally a bit like this
35:58look like we didn't cut into no no sign
36:00no nothing I think you took the same
36:05picture of the of a pie which is rotated
36:07it in just a little bit every week
36:09several guys really somehow got back on
36:12the topic about food again like we're
36:14just yeah like spoiler alert there's
36:21some people coming to drink um but
36:22anyway the food and food court in the
36:26alcohol and the dancing how do you not
36:29go to I have self-control I really do
36:32but how do you not go to an
36:34all-you-can-eat pie bar you can't and
36:37you can't not so I wouldn't go but I
36:40don't like pie
36:41I don't like warm fruit yeah all right
36:43we'll talk about this yeah I'm sure they
36:45hopefully they have a cold fruit second
36:47day you know lemon meringue
36:49can you point me to your cold pie
36:52there's one lemon meringue one Key Lime
36:55like that's it yo they had a they have a
37:00great hand $15 for all-you-can-eat lime
37:04I can't eat that much sugar I gotta see
37:07how much you did I mean I'm goin I'm
37:09goin like I'm gonna have a seizure but
37:11like at the place yeah there's probably
37:13it's probably not financially sound oh
37:16that makes like you know you can just
37:18spend five dollars and get one piece of
37:20pie from no I'm not doing that I want
37:22like a bite of every pie I want a bite
37:26from all 15 pies that you have do you
37:29have rhubarb I never had that yeah
37:31sounds gross give me peace yeah just
37:35maybe bring out you take one bite like
37:37nope next I'm sure that's exactly is let
37:41me go to Cici's Pizza I like pepperoni
37:46and and and pepper no but I just picked
37:50the pizza up in front and eat it at the
37:52counter and there's like Oh take a bite
37:53from it like this pizza you made was
37:55disgusting and I just kind of like
37:57that's you know that's how I intend to
37:59play this whole pie bar situation yeah
38:01it's kind of like bring your own tasting
38:03fork OOP
38:05yeah we're gonna go in there and like
38:06like tuxedos and top hats and monocles
38:09yes like I was with you in the tuxedo I
38:17was still with you all right I'm getting
38:22silly now thinking about this pie all
38:24right I wear glasses and I need to at
38:27least see out of one eye you have a
38:28contact yeah it surprises me that we're
38:32getting so hyped up about this pie bar
38:34because last year the big thing was the
38:35Twin Peaks was the Twin Peaks restaurant
38:38was the Twin Peaks restaurant joke that
38:41we were in on that we knew nobody else
38:43would be but we still win just because
38:45we thought it was hilarious to ourselves
38:47yeah because you know and then I missed
38:52an exit coming back and it pissed me off
38:54he's like what it wasn't that good yeah
38:57like was it all worth it and to this day
39:00I say yes absolutely yeah we got the
39:03picture I was literally just there
39:05at Twin Peaks right down the road like a
39:07block now we're good and at a work thing
39:11they share space there's the same
39:12parking garage you're right every you
39:17we talked so high about Drang houses we
39:20just wouldn't we trying to fill the hole
39:23that Patti LaBelle's restaurant way it
39:27was no that's nice Patti LaBelle makes
39:32pause yeah you get herself a Walmart I'm
39:35very related yes you know you guys could
39:38just go on a cruise right like and eat
39:40on the cruise I don't want to do that
39:41now is it cosplay on the cruise while on
39:44the cosplay cruise there is the Dragon
39:47Con events are just filler
39:50but sweet when can we eat again yeah
39:52which is the real filler Metro diner has
39:59good coconut cake I will probably have
40:01make sure that there's always a good
40:03spot hit up there is a I'm hungry I
40:07heard there's a pokey bar next to the
40:10western air which poke a is is almost
40:13like sushi in a bowl it's like an open
40:17like fish and toppings and stuff oh
40:19that's what that's called yeah I see it
40:22in anime all the time yeah it's it's
40:24kind of like new and hot over here and
40:25then sure new and hot hey check out that
40:30pokey bar okay and pies so that's it
40:41that's what we're looking at here it's a
40:44lot of it is like in the small
40:46interactions that you have with people
40:49yeah I think that's probably like the
40:51the biggest thing for me as well yeah
40:54and I like hanging out with you guys too
40:56cos like there's always something crazy
40:58that happens it's like there's always
41:00some sort of really weird experience
41:03that we're all sharing together one of
41:04my favorite memories from Dragon Con is
41:07this random encounter I had to use the
41:10restroom like at 3 in the morning so I
41:12go into the restroom this is the
41:15craziest thing like all the other guys
41:18in the restroom are like cowering like
41:21in a corner or something and there's one
41:23lady in there
41:26and I'm like what what's going on like
41:30what are you guys problems there's
41:32something like that and I'm like excuse
41:33me I think that you're in the wrong you
41:35know rest room is like oh okay cuz she
41:38was clearly impaired at this particular
41:40ah yes like well I still have to just
41:44like okay going alright just going one
41:49of those and this come out you'll be
41:51fine everything's fine like guys you'll
41:53be fine - it's not that big of a deal
41:55like you know and that was that and that
41:58was it it was like no and then like I
42:01don't know I I used rather and washed my
42:02hands it's like she came to wash her
42:03hands like all right are you okay do you
42:05know where to go and stuff like that
42:06she's like yeah I think I'm good now I
42:09was like alright well have a good life
42:11yeah or whatever endeavor
42:12yeah and that was just that's one of my
42:14favourite memories of it cuz it was so
42:16it was so absurd first her being there
42:20but then also everyone's reaction to it
42:22and it just crazy to me
42:24bathrooms and locker rooms for so long
42:26that's that's a hard line that is where
42:29people that you don't cross that line
42:31that it's the weirdest there's the men's
42:34room or vice versa in the girls room oh
42:36my god I mean I kind of get that but
42:39like she needed help
42:41yeah it wasn't like yeah she was just
42:44busted in there right and whew yeah so
42:47well you and so your story is you saved
42:49the day that was your favorite dragon
42:51cotton moment yeah because I would never
42:53do that in real life I would be one of
42:55those people powered from the corner
42:57that's the reason why it's one of my
42:58favorite memories because it's so out of
43:00character to me like either I would be
43:02cowered in the corner or I'd be like are
43:04you doing in here you know like kiss
43:07because it's kind of person especially
43:10kind of comfort level of Dragon Con
43:13where you're dealing with a bunch of
43:14people that are normally pretty
43:16antisocial and they just accept that and
43:20then everyone's comfortable with just
43:22being awkward and weird around each
43:24other and that's it's really beautiful I
43:26think what helps is the fact that
43:28there's no people dressed up as random
43:30silly so you can't take it - sir you
43:32just can't be serious when you're
43:36talking to someone and there's a zombie
43:37behind them and you see
43:39the corner every year that freaking
43:41Marriott the dance I don't like zombies
43:44we we should have talked about that the
43:46previous episode we did and every year
43:49they go to the there's a zombie prom and
43:51all these people like to do zombie stuff
43:53I hate them all but they'll go to one of
43:56the restaurants in the merry acts it's
43:57this big glass like giant window and
44:00they'll get hang on the glass and every
44:01year area pisses me off but it's fine I
44:04look forward to I look forward to being
44:06pissed off as freaked out by the gross
44:08zombies so long as I stay in there all
44:11right they do whatever they that's their
44:12business right you know I got you ya say
44:15quarantined like don't walk around
44:18barefoot no I think barefoot in Atlanta
44:24and downtown it's totally normal
44:29oh yeah investigate that on your own
44:31time especially if you got Hobbit feet
44:33like me yeah take KC's point maybe a
44:37different weekend any other we there's
44:3951 other weekends that a lot of people
44:47complain or it's a big guy like the the
44:49app isn't out yet so you don't really
44:51know what the schedules are yadda yadda
44:53yadda I don't care who cares I will the
44:57day before
44:58go through and quadruple booked myself
45:02yep I do it every year you get options
45:04cuz some stuff you wake up and you're
45:05like actually it's not worth I don't
45:07want to go do that and then you're like
45:10let me hit up this small thing and it
45:11ends up being amazing yeah and like when
45:13I ever had never gone before it was a
45:15big deals like oh I want to do this this
45:17isn't this and now I'm just like if I go
45:19to a panel that's probably like it for
45:23me like give me the little moments in
45:25between are so much better that like I
45:27almost just like that I just don't care
45:29about most of the programming sorry guys
45:32if you are working on the program it's
45:33not that you're doing a bad job it's
45:34just that like it's so much effort and
45:36I'm lazy there's a lot of people I don't
45:38go and then those are people that like
45:39go to like 4 panels a day and I can't
45:42and there's people that go just for
45:44photo ops yeah all right I hadn't even
45:47been to that fun photo op area until the
45:52you got the picture with the cards yeah
45:55and I think I was just hanging out with
45:57y'all like I was like oh I'll go over
45:58there what you guys stated in line yeah
46:01that's literally what oh you guys are
46:02gonna do a picture I'll tag along and
46:04stood in line and talk to people and
46:06talk to y'all and saw fiqar through the
46:08corner of a curtain out there is how
46:10cool and that you know I was fun and I'd
46:14never even knew that area existed
46:16because I just didn't go just a whole
46:19nother area that you know somehow I'd
46:23never went to just because there's so
46:24much other stuff and then you got put
46:25card germs yeah he got me sick that was
46:28really good that was the best part I
46:31think ever yeah it's almost like you
46:33guys made out as far as I'm concerned
46:34you made out thank you that's why we're
46:36friends this honestly because you just
46:40get it yeah totally totally there's just
46:45so much energy
46:46yeah there's we just I don't know I'm
46:53we love Dragon Con and we're getting to
46:56a point to where we can go to
46:58conventions now and perform and so we've
47:02had experience going to a lot of
47:04different other conventions and Dragon
47:06Con to me is still the best one and it's
47:10the best one by a lot it just is so much
47:15fun and so easy to just do it the worst
47:20part of it is honestly how busy it gets
47:22on Saturday and how bad it can be but
47:26it's just like traffic you know if it's
47:28don't try and get into Nathan Fillion
47:30frequently an hour before it opens cuz
47:33you're gonna be screwed
47:35it's funny mate Saturday is the busy
47:37stakes it's the parade and there's a
47:39bunch of people get the one-day ticket
47:40Saturday morning afternoon is like my
47:43little break yeah time to sleep in I'll
47:46stay out late Friday I'll get up I'll
47:48watch the parade and then usually just
47:50chill until I'm ready to go back out you
47:55know and and that's that there's no
47:57nine-to-five there's it's just okay
47:59I feel like doing stuff now and then you
48:02walk out of your room and you're in a
48:05different world you know and that
48:07birthday party as you put it I'm excited
48:11yeah they kind of just get literally
48:12just kicked in I'm so ready I am looking
48:18forward to most seeing you not you guys
48:21but you listening to this
48:23yeah you come say what's up we'll be if
48:27it's Tony
48:28I don't approach don't look at make eye
48:31contact with me like I don't act like
48:33you know me because you don't know I'll
48:35introduce you to KC Friday load we say
48:398:30 Hilton gallery is 6:00
48:41all three of us will be there great
48:44games with a great game show I have a
48:48few other panels if you see my name on
48:49the thing come to them but definitely
48:50come to and it's probably the only time
49:00to see all three of us together not in
49:02the room like out in public together the
49:04rare sighting so come say hey and free
49:09hugs from Casey all right thank you know

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