Geek Versus Games is Changing Names!

Game On! That’s been the calling card of Geek Versus Games over the past year and I’m proud to say it will continue to be the calling card of Weekly Games Chat. What is Weekly Games Chat? Well simply put its Geek Versus Games’ new show name.I hear you, “Wait, why would you change the name. I love Geek Versus Games!” We loved the title too! We changed the title because we wanted more freedom in the content we control. By changing the name we can now offer you longer episodes, more spoilercasts and additional ways to interact with us. That includes launching a Facebook page that will house all of our episodes and articles, and an email address for questions and concerns from listeners of the show.Now again, I hear your concerns. “Does this mean you are leaving Geek Versus?” Heck no! We plan to continue to partner with Geek Versus. You’ll still be able to find new episodes at, along with our articles. We still plan to be active members of the Geek Versus Facebook community, and we plan to continue to have fellow members of Geek Versus on our show.So that’s about it. Basically the show will still be the show. You’ll get new episodes every Wednesday about a general topic and all the latest news from the gaming world. You’ll still get, Jon’s love of Nintendo, Shaun’s humor, and my terrible attempts at name pronunciations. Stick with us, I promise you the best is yet to come. Game on!!!Christopher Lockard is a co-host of Weekly Games Chat. Subscribe to us in your favorite podcast app.  New episodes are posted every Wednesday. If you have any comments, concerns or questions, you can reach Christopher and the rest of the Weekly Games Chat crew at

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