Geek Madness 2018 Winner

April 9, 2018

What is Geek Madness?

Geek Madness is a bracket tournament much like that other one, but instead it’s made up of your favorite geek, nerd, sci-fi, video game, literary and general pop culture characters.  Every day we will post matchups in our Facebook group, or on our twitter account and we ask you the reader to decide the champion by simply voting for your favorite during each match up.

The criteria for each winner is totally up to you.  It could be who would win in a fight?  Who has the cooler costume? Or even which one smells better.  You pick the criteria for your favorite.  If you like, let us know on social media why you picked each one, and we may use your picks on an episode of our podcast.


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Who are the previous champions?

2017 – Gandalf

2016 – Darth Vader

2015 – Optimus Prime

And the 2018 Geek Madness Champion

princess leia

princess leia


About the Geek vs podcast

Things are about to get weird when Tony, Casey, and Betty get together weekly to provide a “nerd’s eye view of pop culture.”  These only children geeks have somehow managed not to kill each other, as they do battle with movies, television, and all things pop culture. If you like podcasts similar to “Nerdist” and “ID10T”, more diverse than “2 Dope Queens”, and completely opposite of  “My Brother, My Brother, and Me,” you should check out “Geek Vs.”  Proud member of the Giant Size Team Up Network

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