Metastasis (Spanish Version of Breaking Bad) Exists – And It Is Glorious

June 8, 2015

I was totally doing really important internet research for legitimate reasons, when I stumbled across images from Metastasis, which is the Spanish remake of Breaking Bad.  Being the generous guy that I am, I figured I would share this gem with you guys.  Actually, it would probably be considered a crime against humanity to keep this to myself.

Disclaimer:  Breaking Bad spoilers ahead.  Oh whatever, it’s been almost two years since the last episode aired, but proceed at your own risk.

First off, let’s introduce the characters:

Walter White, meet Walter Blanco.

Jesse Pinkman is now Jose Miguel Rosas.

Skyler White is the much less blond Cielo Blanco.

Hank Shrader becomes Henry Navarro.  Really?

Saul Goodman is, no joke, this guy: Saul Bueno.

Walter White Jr. is Walter Blanco Jr.  No change here.

The BOSS – Gus Fring is now……what?  What?  Gustavo Cortes?

The bad mofo Mike Ehrmantraut is now the comic relief – Mario Rojas.

Now that we’ve seen the actors cast for the Spanish counterpart, let’s look at how some iconic scenes have been reimagined.

Remember when Walt messed that guy’s car up because he was kind of a jerk?  Just look at that smirk.  Classic Walt Blanco.

After Walt and Jose anger Gus, he decides to show them just how much trouble they’re in by killing a henchman in front of them, but coming from this guy, it’s just slapstick comedy.

You know how awesome it was when Gus Fring pulled that boss move in Breaking Bad?  Well, Metastasis even makes that look lame.

Gus walking around a few steps while missing half of his face might have been a little farfetched, but the effects on Metastasis really sell it.

Remember this kid?  Yeah he’s screwed on both versions.

Lastly, and perhaps best of all is this iconic scene.  Subtitles are added for your benefit.  You’re welcome.

So what do you think of Metastasis?  Personally, I think it’s a huge improvement…as a comedy.  If you want to check it out, as of this moment, it’s on Netflix.  Don’t miss your chance to watch!

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