Pirates or Ninjas and other “This or That” questions

October 5, 2017

In celebration of our 150th episode, we’ve deicded to tackle 15 “This or That” questions.  The premise is simple, we each brought five questions to the table, and you can only pick “This” or “That.”  The questions this go around were:

  • Biggie or 2Pac
  • Chocolate or Vanilla
  • Manicure or Make Over
  • Smurfs or Snorks
  • Tacos or Burgers
  • Dancing Classes or Cooking Classes
  • Xbox One X or PS4 Pro
  • Ninja or Pirates
  • Older or Younger
  • Carl Jungs Theory of the Subconscious or Sigmund Freuds Theory of the Subconscious
  • Movies or Books
  • Picking your nose or clearing your throat
  • Plain or Peanut M&Ms
  • Puzzles or Board Games
  • Mullets or Mutton Chops

What are your answers to the above? Let us know.

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