Podcasts of the Week: F**K Marvel plus Firewatch

February 24, 2016


Happy Friday Folks!  Here’s the latest from your friendly neighborhood Geek Versus Week.  On that note, you may notice a few things changing as we transition the blog from Geek Vs Week to “Geek Versus.”  See the difference, it sounds exactly like Under Pressure, but its not, because there’s a difference.  Have a listen to some of our new episodes from the week.

Geek vs Week

This week we have a short one as we prepare for a Trivia Bee this week, and a convention a few days later. We do however discuss R Rated movies, a Bladerunner sequel, Deadpool on Saturday Night Live, F**K Marvel, Young Justice, and what if Batman vs Superman is flops? Also Casey has another one of his wacky dreams..

Games and Games

This week we have a special segment for you, after the credits we continue the discussion on Firewatch, but this time we include spoilers and a variety of opinions on the game. Before that though we discuss the woes of Street Fighter V’s launch, rumors of Knack 2, and layoffs at Activision. Oh and we are exposed to the awesomeness of riding a bear in Far Cry Primal!

Geek Versus TV


From the minds behind “Hallebooyah,” Geek Versus TV will cover all of your favorite TV shows.


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