Podcasts of the Week: Walking Dead and Far Cry Primal

March 3, 2016

Geek Versus TV

Happy Friday Folks!  Our first featured show this week is BRAND NEW, so join us in welcoming “Geek Versus TV” to the lineup! Geek Versus TV will post numerous times a week and provide short discussions on your favorite TV shows including Walking Dead, Arrow, The Flash, Legend’s of Tomorrow, Castle, and more.  Check out their recap from last week’s Walking Dead, to prepare for next week. 

Geek Versus Games

This week we travel back to 10,000 BC and become tribal warriors in the world of Far Cry Primal. Before that though we discuss the news, such as Uncharted 4’s art thievery, Battlefield being based in World War I, Capcom bringing almost every Resident Evil to current consoles and Rise of the Tomb Raider’s PC sales.

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