Pokemon Go Confirms that I’m a Grumpy Old Man

I do not understand the hype of Pokémon Go.  It’s a game I’ve never played, nor cared about.  I have friends who have played the series since its inception.  Regardless, I have always been appreciative of its existence on Nintendo handhelds.  It is a game that moves units and makes money for the company.  In recent weeks, I have never been more grateful for this crazy franchise than I am right now.According to a recent article in CNN Money, shares of Nintendo have risen 120% since July 6.  In 2 weeks the value of the company has risen by $23 billion.  It’s enough to make any Nintendo fan excited for the future.  Rest assured Nintendo is paying close attention to this development and how to move forward with its other products.That being said, Pokémon Go has demonstrated just how grumpy and crotchety I am.  Friday night, after my wife and I had dinner she asked me if I would mind taking a quick trip with her to The Landings Shopping Center.  Now, to those who do not know, this location is a hotspot for Pokémon Go here in beautiful Columbus, GA.  Now, I knew what she was up to the moment she asked me to go.  Yet, she smiled and me, I turned to butter, and the next thing I knew we were in the parking lot of the shopping center.The fact that this was a hotspot for the game was immediately evident.  What I saw blew me away.  We drove from one end of the parking lot to the other (several times).  Not one person was walking into a store.  Not one person had their eyes forward.  Every single individual I saw had their face glued to their smart phone.  Some weren’t even aware of their surroundings.  I noticed nobody walking into the stores.  It looked like the Zombie Apocalypse had arrived, yet, nobody was chasing me.  They were looking for the flesh of a Jiggly Puff.So, I drove my wife around the parking lot (in the car) collecting poke balls and catching the little critters.  She caught some good stuff, we stayed for about 20 minutes, and then we moved on.  But, that evening stayed in my brain for the remainder of the week.  It occurred to me that when the world comes to an end, at least none of us will notice thanks to Pokémon Go.A few days later, we came back to The Landings and found not much had changed.  It was a week night so it was far less busy.  But, the view was pretty much the same.  I did spot a few people like me who simply walked around with their loved one to protect them from oncoming traffic, both vehicle and pedestrian.  It really is amazing to watch someone stumble over their feet with their face in their phone.  It’s clear we were not made to do that.  More alarmingly, I bore witness to a few drivers looking down in their screens while cruising. So, I’m left scratching my head, yet again, at the human race.  Do I sit here and judge?  Absolutely.  But don’t worry, I’m harmless.  However, this time, it benefits the company I love.  Since that’s the case, I’ll just settle back down in my rocking chair and whittle while saying phrases that begin with, “back in my day”.  Now, if I could just find my cardigan.Wanna hear more about Pokemon Go, Listen to the “Geek Verus Games” podcast below. 

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