Shin-Godzilla Review

October 12, 2016

Shin Godzilla was released in Japan on July of 2016, and has begun it’s limited release in the states. I saw one of the first showings last night, so forgive me if this quick review lacks tact, and resembles an over enthused, hastily written myspace blog post. (I can put a link for an MCR song if you guys want) It is weird, and beautiful in the best way possible. I’ve never been drawn to monster films. Sure, I count The Host among a list of my favorites, and I only saw the old Godzilla films when they were being rifftracked by Mystery Science Theater 3K. When I saw the disappointing Godzilla (2014) it tried to create drama (and failed), but succeeded in creating a cool ass monster. This movie moves very fast, provides a good amount of Godzilla action, and also creates horror that manages to be sublime.Hideki Anno co-directed and wrote the film. His tone is very present in the imagery, directness of the dialogue, and the absolute DELIGHTFUL HORROR that is Gojira (the Japanese name). The ending is something that makes sense if you’re used to weird anime finales that leave you scratching your head, but kinda wanting to go back 6 episodes to watch a fight.MILD SPOILERS:You have the possibility to be fooled by this movie. It will start off very fast, and you’ll feel lost if you’re not used to reading dialogue. It will become amusing, you may even start to become disappointed in what you thought the movie was going to be and then TERROR AND WONDER…then you’ll ask yourself for 15 minutes if that was really it…is it over…I can’t tell….I don’t trust you…..oh yeah it’s over….then hmm well OFUKDASCREEPY.WE DONE WITH SPOILERS NOWIf you have a tendency to nit pick whatever you watch then consider some advice before you go!

  • Be malleable to whatever the tone of the film takes. You may find yourself giggling at something which may seem unintentional. It more than likely is absolutely intentional.
  • DO NOT try and keep up with every time a new character is introduced. The titles list their name and job out alongside whatever dialoguing they are spewing like a rapid fire cannon.
  • Japanese people speaking English may sound funny to you. It’s okay. It can be really hard to get used to. Also the reason why the white people speaking English in the movie sounds weird is probably because they haven’t been in actual American productions of anything, and are Japanese.
  • Pay attention to the score (music). I don’t have a good reason for telling you this. I just loved the music.
  • Godzilla can now join the ranks alongside Dr. Who, Dragonball Z, and Game of Thrones book readers with fans who basically almost ruin everything. Don’t be that asshole who is waiting for every nod to the past and feels the need to tell whomever they’re with and a stranger when it has happened. (because that happened to me) 
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