X-Files is Back, and Casey may rampage | Geek Versus Week podcast #129


X-Files is returning with 10 new episodes, and nobody is more excited than Casey.  However, with that excitement comes passion, and Casey may rampage if the X-Files doesn’t fulfill a promise.

The X-Files Renewed for 10-Episode (!!) Season 11 at Fox ? First Look

Wheel of Time is coming to TV, but none of us have read the books, so we have some interesting chatter about that.

Wheel of Time Coming to TV

Also Betty puts herself out there, and lets you the fans control her fate.

All that plus Doctor Who, Arrow, Property Brothers, and Carmen Sandiego on episode 129 of Geek Versus Week.


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Carmen Sandiego is Back!


I’m going to be highly disappointed if Rockapella doesn’t return!

Beloved superthief and globetrotter Carmen Sandiego has settled down at a new home: Netflix! The classic character is back for an all new animated series that doesn’t just want to ask where in the world she is, but also who.

Just announced by Netflix, the new series from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and DHX Media will be showrun by The Batman’s Duane Capizzi, with CJ Kettler (The Tick) and Caroline Fraser as executive producers alongside him. The series will be 20 episodes long, each lasting 22 minutes, and will tackle the mysteries of Carmen’s past, exploring her origins as she goes on even more international capers.

As rumored late last week the new animated series will see Jane The Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez play the lead. Meanwhile Stranger Things’ very own Mike, a.k.a. actor Finn Wolfhard, will lend his voice to the Player—in the old animated show, the unseen live-action character that bookended epsiodes as if they were playing out the game on their computers—described here as “Carmen’s chief accomplice and friend.”

Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego show is expected to launch on the service in 2019.

Way before Pentatonix, there was Rockapella!!!