5 Geeky Gift Ideas (under $30)

geek gifts

The holidays are upon us, and if you’re anything like me, that means the gift giving anxiety has begun to kick in.  Which is why I thought I would share 5 Geeky Gift ideas that will make you the hit of any holiday gathering.

star wars porg

1. The Last Jedi: Life-Sized Interactive Action Porg Plush

Love them or hate them, those small, loveable, avians that flock around Luke Skywalker’s secluded homeworld in the latest Star Wars movie are all the rage.  With the movie coming out two weeks before Christmas, the interactive Porg Plush is already one of the hottest toys of the year. $29.99 with Amazon Prime 

amazon echo dot

2. Amazon Echo Dot

It seems everywhere you look there’s some new product with voice recognition that you can talk to, but the Amazon line of products are the front runners of this technology.  The Amazon Echo Dot is an affordable way to see what all the fuss is about.  The Echo Dot can play music, control electronics around your house, make phone calls, and even tell you a joke. $29.99 with Amazon Prime

star trek pizza cutter

3. Star Trek pizza cutter 

Live long and prosper with pizza.  This one doesn’t require much explanation.  It’s a pizza cutter in the shape of the famed Star Trek Enterprise.  The perfect gift for the pizza loving Star Trek fan in your life. $20.20 with Amazon Prime

captain america cutting board

4. Captain America Cutting Board 

Tired of having pizza every night, but you still want to show your geeky side.  Break out the Captain America cutting board and be a hero for your country, or at least your kitchen. $19.99 with Amazon Prime

codenames board game

5. Codenames

A personal favorite, and a guaranteed good time In Codenames, two teams compete to see who can make contact with all of their agents first. Spymasters give one-word clues that can point to multiple words on the board. Their teammates try to guess words of the right color while avoiding those that belong to the opposing team. And everyone wants to avoid the assassin. Codenames: Win or lose, it’s fun to figure out the clues. $14.88 with Amazon Prime


Don’t have Amazon Prime, no problem!  They offer a free 30 day trial which will be just long enough to get you through your Christmas shopping.  In the meantime you can enjoy free movies/tv episodes, borrow kindle books, and free two-day shipping. I hope this gift guide has helped give you some ideas without breaking the bank.  Happy Holidays.


Star Wars The Last Jedi – Do The Trailers Show Too Much?

star wars last jedi porg

The new Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer dropped this week, but other than that Tony watched a lot of cartoons, Betty attended a film festival, and Casey played a lot of video games. Considering 33% of us got out of the house, I call that a win.

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This weeks news includes:   

Super Mario Bros themed makeup


Giant Robot Duel Japan vs USA


Supermarket Sweep Returning


X-Files is Over


Arby's Deer Meat


New Mutants Trailer 




Last Jedi Trailer


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Star Wars Episode IX – Are You Happy with JJ Abrams?

star wars episode IX


Tony went and saw It the past weekend and highly recommends it.  He talks a little about how It compares to the original 90s movie.  Long story short, its much improved and you should definitely check it out.

Dragon Con 2018 Badge Winner

We announce the winner of our Dragon Con 2018 badge giveaway.  Congratulations to seraphemlover near Huntsville, Al.  We look forward to seeing them there next year!

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is filming multiple endings to their series finale to try to cut back on spoilers and leaks.  Do you think this will really help, or just give more things that can be leaked?  How about HBO use the money to tighten their cyber security.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones season 2 has finished filming and should be hitting Netflix soon.


We’ve now seen David Harbour as Hellboy, and he looks pretty bad ass, but how else would you expect Hellboy to look?

NES Classic

If you missed your change to get a NES Classic mini, you’re in luck, apparently they’re coming back.  Or you can just get one of the other 101 other emulators that are out there.

Star Trek

This just in, Star Trek Discovery looks like it may not be good.  Apparently CBS won’t allow advance reviews, which is never a good sign.  If it is as bad as we’re hearing, I suspect we will definitely hear about it eventually.  You know what, just go watch “The Orville” instead.  Just don’t expect it to be hilarious.

Star Wars Episode IX

And last but certainly not least, after all of the director problems taking place on Star Wars, Disney decided to give the reigns back to J.J. Abrams.  We talk in depth about this bit of news, and what we think it means for the series.


Are you happy J.J. Abrams is back? 


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Game of Thrones – Stop spoiling with leaked episodes!

Game of Thrones Ice King

Betty opens up with a PSA about Game of Thrones, and we need everyone to listen carefully.  Tony watches too much Harry Potter this week, and mourns the loss of the Chuck E. Cheese band.  Casey brings the news of the week including the launch of Defenders and the Obi Won movie.  Then we wrap up with our question to the audience, “what fictional pet would you pick”  All this and more on the latest episode of Geek Versus Week.


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Key and Peele Gremlins sketch: https://youtu.be/x01l_jMhjVM

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Star Wars / Beatles Mash-Up


I get by with illicit help from my friends!

“Princess Leia’s Stolen Death Star Plans/With Illicit Help From Your Friends” are tracks 1 and 2 of “Princess Leia’s Stolen Death Star Plans,” a Star Wars/Beatles fan tribute from Palette-Swap Ninja.

Star Wars: Episode IX Premiere Date Set


Star Wars: Episode IX is coming sooner than we expected: Disney just moved the release date for the film up to May 24th, 2019, io9 reports.

Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World) will direct the final installment of the sequel trilogy, set to follow The Last Jedi, which will be out at the end of this year. As io9 points out, the other two sequels were both scheduled for a Christmas release, but Episode IX will be the outlier arriving on Memorial Day. The Hans Solo standalone movie has also been given a May release date. The first six Star Wars films were also released in the summer, so this could be a return to that schedule.

Star Wars The Last Jedi Teaser | Geek Versus Week #128



The New Star Wars Trailer is out!

Also, we’re back from 221B Con (you know, where we interviewed Curtis Armstrong) and we have a few stories to tell.  A small movie called Star Wars The Last Jedi released a new teaser. Also in this episode we chat about Overwatch, Josh Brolin, Dumbledore, the new Thor trailer, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, a new Watchmen movie, and Naruto.

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Fate of the Furious More Succesful than Star Wars?


Well…not REALLY.

source: http://www.theverge.com/2017/4/17/15324932/fate-of-the-furious-star-wars-the-force-awakens-biggest-worldwide-debut

The Fate of the Furious, the eighth installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise, is off to a record-breaking start. The film debuted this weekend worldwide, where it raked in $100.2 million domestically and $432.3 million internationally. Combined, that puts The Fate of the Furious at $532.5 million at the global box office, surpassing the previous record of $529 million set by Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

It owes that record to its success internationally, where it also beat out Jurassic World’s previous record of $316.7 million in international sales in an opening weekend. Fate of the Furious’ opening weekend in China accounts for the majority of its global revenue. The film topped $190 million there, while its second highest territorial debut (outside of the US) was Mexico with $17.8 million.

Fate of the Furious’ global success is proof of the need for Hollywood to take its blockbusters beyond domestic audiences. The movie just barely pushed past The Force Awakens, which celebrated a huge domestic opening with an estimated $238 million. But The Force Awakens had a delayed debut in China, which was surely reflected in its opening potential.

But still, I gotta give props when props are due, and the franchise is doing amazingly well, let’s just not pretend like it made more money than Star Wars.

Personally, I’d rather watch a Mario Kart version.

Carrie Fisher Tribute from Star Wars Celebration.


  I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!

Today, Star Wars Celebration kicked off in Orlando—but one very special member of the Star Wars cast, the dearly missed Carrie Fisher, could not be there to stand alongside her fellow actors. Instead, we have this beautiful tribute to a mother, a princess, a general, and a hero beloved by all.

Played at the end of this year’s 40th anniversary panel, the tribute, accompanied by messages from George Lucas, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, and Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd, the special video concluded with a heartwrenching live performance of “Leia’s Theme,” conducted by John Williams.