The One Thing Batman v Superman Did Right

April 6, 2016

As I was getting comfortable, preparing for the 2 ½ hour operatic art film known as “Batman v Superman” one thing really caught my attention during the opening credits; Batman created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.  Who the heck is that? I’m not a hardcore Batman fan per se, but I’ve seen my fair share of Batman iterations and don’t ever remember stumbling across that name.  Well it didn’t take long for me to research and see that a lot has been discussed regarding Bill Finger, the unaccredited co-creator of Batman.Bob Kane is known as Batman’s creator. But is the Batman that you see wearing only a bright red costume, stiff black bat wings attached to his arms, a black domino (Robin style) mask? That was the Batman that Bob Kane created. It’s Bill Fingers Batman that you know today. In 1938, Superman would create a boom in the comic industry andDC would go looking for another hero. Bob Kane would come up with a character called The Batman. After creating this character he phoned up Bill Finger, and showed him the sketch of the Batman. Finger felt the character looked too much like Superman and suggested some changes.

“I got Webster’s Dictionary off the shelf and was hoping they had a drawing of a bat, and sure enough it did. I said, ‘notice the ears, why don’t we duplicate the ears?’ I suggested he draw what looked like a cowl… I had suggested he bring the nosepiece down and make him mysterious and not show any eyes at all… I didn’t like the wings, so I suggested he make a cape and scallop the edges so it would flow out behind him when he ran and would look like bat wings. He didn’t have any
gloves on. We gave him gloves because naturally he’d leave fingerprints.”

Bill Finger also wrote some of the early Batman stories. In doing so, he created the personality of Batman and turned him into a great detective. “My idea was to have Batman be a combination of Douglas Fairbanks, Sherlock Holmes, The Shadow, and Doc Savage as well.”

Finger went on to give Batman’s alter ego the name of Bruce Wayne, and later named his sidekick Robin (Dick Grayson). He named Batman’s hometown Gotham City, and contributed in the creation of many of Batman’s villains. The Cat-woman, Penguin, Riddler, Two-Face, and Clay-Face were among them. While Bill Finger didn’t create the Joker, he did write the first Joker issue in Batman #1.Finger wasn’t completely forgotten, but he’s never gotten credit as the co-creator of Batman. “Bob Kane is the only person credited on any Batman story in any medium,” author Marc Tyler Nobleman tells NPR.  DC Comics puts Finger’s name on the specific scripts he wrote, but it doesn’t recognize his influence on the creation of the character, he says. “They have a contract with the Kane estate and they don’t want to jeopardize that,” he says.But Finger is a hero to many comics fans. “Fans … refused to let this injustice stand,” Nobleman says, “but no one ever did anything formally for him.”Until Jerry Robinson — a friend of Finger’s and one of the earliest Batman ghostwriters — created an award in his honor. The Bill Finger Award for Excellence in Comic Book Writing is given out each year at San Diego Comic-Con to two writers, one living and one deceased, who have not been properly recognized for their work.Personally, I had no idea about any of this until I saw a mysterious name on the credits of Batman v Superman.  At least they got THAT right! Check out our review of “Batman v SupermanJoin the Geek Versus Discussion Facebook Group Sources: art by:

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