The Truth is Out There – DVRs Can Be Adjusted

January 25, 2016

Happy Monday! I hope it’s going well for you, but I woke up this morning to an onslaught of nerd rage that flared up two of my biggest pet peeves: 1) Perpetuating the rift between geeks and sports and 2) Blaming other people for mistakes that you have the power to control. I suppose I should take a deep breath, and explain what this is all about.

The X-Files returned Sunday night to kick off a 6-episode miniseries event, that’s awesome, and a lot of people are understandably excited!  However, it premiered on Fox following the NFC Championship game, and that’s where the problem arose.  Because of the nature of live sporting events, the football game ran a little late and cut into the start time of the X-Files.  Some people complained because they had to stay up even later (I don’t blame them, 10pm was too late for me to begin with), but the loudest screams came from those who set their DVR to record exactly at 10pm, and didn’t get the full episode.  One such nerd was Felicia Day who took to twitter of course.

Now I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a nerd through and through who also happens to really enjoy football and basketball (which is why I’m so sensitive to the idea of geekery OR sports, and don’t get me started on the term “sportsball”.)  So MAYBE it’s not common knowledge that sporting events always run late? What infuriated me further were those who said, “you had your time NFL, now its time for X-files.”  Ummm…what? For starters, during the NFL broadcast, Fox had numerous promos for X-files, you know, to help build an audience so maybe stuff like this can happen again?  And more importantly, love it or hate it, the ad revenue from even the post game show generates way more money than X-files ever will. This reminds me of exactly what one of the co-hosts said on the Geek vs Week podcast when he stated, “people feel too entitled with their entertainment.” In the future, do what I did when recording The Amazing Race which came on Sunday nights, set your DVR to record an extra 2-3 hours later, problem solved. 

TL:DR; The NFL makes WAY more money than the X-files ever will.  So set your DVR to record an extra hour and get over it.

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