The Woman Behind The American Gods Finale

June 19, 2017

The first season of American Gods wrapped up yesterday with a bang of a season finale. As a fan of both the book and Bryan Fuller I have been incredibly pleased with this season, but that’s a review for another time. What I’d really like to talk about is Floria Sigismoni.

Sign me up as a sacrifice to Queen Bilqis

In January, I decided to take a past time I had of watching and studying music videos, and do something useful with it. I began keeping track of the best music videos I had seen each month form them into a list. When I got to May I was struck a particular music video. It has to be in the top 3 I had seen this year. Perfume Genius “Die 4 U“.

It’s eerie yet intimate nature had me entranced. I had to know who directed it, and that’s when I discovered Floria Sigismoni. She is a renowned director in the music video world. When it comes to a video, she maintains a certain critical eye in the misunderstood art form. She has directed for The White StripesDavid Bowie, Marilyn MansonBjörkThe CureFiona AppleSigur RósMuseInterpolLeonard CohenThe Dead Weather just to name a few.

She’s a music video icon, and a perfect fit for the season finale. Her eye is incredible.

From Perfume Genius “Die 4 You”.

David Bowie “The Stars Are Out Tonight”

The White Stripes “Blue Orchid”

Yes she is responsible for this iconic image!

I wanted to geek out a bit mildly because I didn’t realize I was such a fan of hers until I eyed her long list of accomplishments. Choosing a director for a series season finale (especially if it’s the first season) is really important and Floria Sigsmondi fits in perfectly with the show’s aesthetic.

Neil Gaiman even took to tumblr to give his thanks:  “A huge thank you to three women who aren’t (in my opinion) getting enough American Gods love and credit: Maria Melnik, who wrote Episode 7, “A Prayer for Mad Sweeney”, Bekah Brunstetter who co-wrote Episode 8 “Come to Jesus”, and Floria Sigismondi who directed it”

Betty Windsor is a film snob and co-host of  shows Geek Versus Week and the Graveyard Shift. 

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