Time to Book My Flight: Golden Girls Restaurant Opening Soon

June 28, 2016

Picture it, last week… my Facebook was blowing up with notifications about me being tagged in a post.  It was the type of response that made me wonder if maybe I was on TV or something.  Or I really really pissed someone off.  Come to find out, friends came out of the woodwork to let me know a Golden Girls themed restaurant would be opening soon.  The funny thing is, it’s not that I often talk about Golden Girls, but if you know me long enough, you’ll eventually learn of my fondness for the show.  For a very long while, it was my go-to when it was time to wind down and get to bed.  But I’ve digressed. Cut to the present day, and I’ve unofficially accepted about ten hypothetical invites to somehow get to New York and check out this restaurant.  But would I even really want to go?  Is it just a cheap marketing ploy?  Who would do such a thing?  Turns out, “Michael J. LaRue plans to open Rue La Rue Café on 4396 Broadway, at the Sofia Storage Building, in early September in honor of the late Rue McClanahan — his close friend and actress who played Blanche Devereaux in the beloved series. “Okay, okay… his names LaRue, which is similar to Rue McClanahan, it’s on the site of the “Sophia” building, and even Betty White is scheduled for the ribbon cutting.  This soundspretty legit. And don’t worry – after some concern on our part, we have verified they will be serving cheesecake. This story and other random “Food Stuffs” were covered this week as we attempted to entertain in the latest episode of the “Geek Versus Week” podcast. Whenever you have a geek themed blog that talks about Golden Girls, you have to use this picture.  Unfortunately, it didn’t fit into the narrative, and ideally the last thing you see is the information to subscribe to our podcasts, but I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I left this one off.  In fact, we should probably use it for other articles as well.  Kudos to whoever created it.

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