Tony Guests on The GSTU Iron Fist Roundtable

March 27, 2017

This week I had the pleasure of being a guest host on the Breaking The Panel podcast as we discussed Iron Fist and the controversy surrounding it.

Welcome to the Iron Fist non-spoiler Roundtable discussion.  Once again we’ve sent out an S.O.S. and podcast host from around the net found our messages in a bottle. We’re gonna talk all about the Netflix’s attempt at bringing K’un Lun’s living weapon to the small screen. Did the show meet expectations or were the early reviews on to something? With panelists representing various degrees of consumption, from 44 minutes to 13 full episodes; we’ll let you know if Iron Fist was fresh and clean or just an OutKast.

Listen to the Giant Sized Team Up Iron Fist Roundtable

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