Why Does the New Spiderman Look So Familiar?

March 16, 2016

spidermanLast week the new Captain America Civil War trailer was released, and by now I’m sure you know it featured our first glance at the new Spiderman.  A lot of people had something to say about the costume, but I just couldn’t place where I had seen it before.   “Spiderman, where are you coming from?” I kept thinking to myself, until it hit me.  HEY YOU GUYS! Well before I knew anything of nerds, geeks, or comic books, I was a fan of Spidey Super Stories, the live action recurring skit on the PBS television series, The Electric Company.  Unlike other live-action and cartoon productions of Spider-Man, this version of the web-slinging hero did not speak out loud, instead communicating only with word balloons in an effort to get kids to practice their reading skills.  Come to find out, Marvel provided the rights for Spiderman free of charge since it was an educational program, on the non-profit PBS TV station. spiderman and stan leeOkay, Okay, maybe it’s an overreaction to say the new suit looks like that of a 1970s low budget TV show, but it certainly made for a nostalgic trip down memory lane.  Where else are you going to find a Spiderman show with a cool funky theme song, narrated by Morgan Freeman? Update: We review Captain America: Civil War. Tune into the Geek Versus Week podcast below or subscribe in your favorite podcast app.  

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