There are a lot of rappers with “lil” in their name, so what better way to discuss it then to quiz each other on who is who.

Rappers putting “Lil” at the beginning on their names is so prevalent that it’s often become a point of parody for those seeking to make fun of rap music. Some rappers opt to shed their “Lil” moniker once they get older, like Bow Wow for instance. Whatever the reasons for the prevalence of the “Lil” prefix, it’s become an central piece of rap culture.

With the birth of Soundcloud era of rap, the amount of “Lil” rappers in the world appears to have grown significantly. According to popular music streaming service, Spotify, 33 of the top 1000 songs of 2018 have been by or featured a “Lil” artist. This marks a 106% increase over last year, and an insane 725% increase over 2016.

In an interesting piece of data analysis, Spotify listed the top 200 “Lil” rappers currently on the platform. While that may seem like a lot, this is only a small piece of the over 8000 artists with “Lil” in their name that have music streaming on the platform.

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