You already KNOW what Tony is talking about this week.  Come on… us nerds have been waiting 11 years for this.  It’s Avengers: Endgame!  100% certified Spoiler-Free for your enjoyment.

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Things are about to get weird when Tony, Casey, and Betty get together weekly to provide a “nerd’s eye view of pop culture.”  These only children geeks have somehow managed not to kill each other, as they do battle with movies, television, and all things pop culture.  If you like comedy podcasts with a twist of geekery, you should check out  Geek Vs – A pop culture comedy podcast.  Proud member of the Giant Size Team Up Network

Episode Transcript

Hey everybody, thanks for tuning in to the geek versus podcasters and nerds I view pop culture and their shows property in the giant size team up network.


you already know y'all have got to already know what I am talking about today. Clearly Right. Right.


We're talking about that of vendors and games. Come on, you know,

got a chat about it.

Thank you guys so much for listening. I hope you enjoy the show.

So yeah, before we get started, thank you guys so much to our sponsors over a Patreon. You want to sponsor the show you won't be one of the cool kids, check us backslash g ek v

Yes. So yeah, thank you to all our patrons now, you know, we're talking about that Avengers and gay man, we've been waiting for this for ever. Did you know that when the first Iron Man came out, George Bush was still president. It was right at the tail end of that, but he was still president. And Obama was just running just jumping in the game. The number one song was low by flow, right and T pain. Remember that one? Some people still play it.

And I'll never forget. Iron Man came out and I was like, Oh, that's that dude from swingers he directed elf. He's gonna try to do an Iron Man movie. That might be cool.

I'll check it out. I was a big fan of Iron Man Iron Man. You know my namesake Tony Stark.

One of my favorites. Let's check this out. Let's see. This could be cool. Oh, wow. An iron man movie who would have thunk it?

And that was a big deal. Everyone knows that. The

And I'll never forget I was sitting in the theater.

Having the news conference. He's like, yeah, I'm Iron Man. Damn it. And that was the big ending the big and then of course, AC DC, you know, like it was obvious.

That was 11 years ago when that movie came out.

And and years after years they've had I think hope came out after that, but you know what I liked? I liked Edward Norton talk, say something. I don't care. It comes on TV. I rewatch it now. It's a okay movie. Great. Love it. I like rafal Oh, maybe better. But it was a decent Hulk is better than the angry Hulk. Seven like that one. And so coming off of that to get

the ED Norton Hall i thought was okay, I'm a girl and I was good with that.

But in the end of those movies, obviously that we're sprinkling, oh, the Avengers, we're going to form the Avengers. And if you know anything about the comics, you know that

What they do, so you just kind of assume like Oh, all right, well they're talking about the Avengers but who knows we may will probably never get that movie that's that's always off.

And then before we knew it, it wasn't always off. We had a the first Avengers movie, actually, let's back it up. Because

I didn't like Captain America. So yeah, so Iron Man came out cool Hulk I was all right with then Thor came out, which I really liked. And then Captain America came out and I remember not really being a fan of you know, it's all war two stuff. And I was like,

man, I was all right, whatever. And then I'll never forget that was probably the same week. I feel like it was the same week at Green Lantern. And that was hot trash garbage. So I honestly remember thinking like, all right, well, that's it for these comic book movies. You know, here we are. We're back to

the old Batman and Robin days with the Batman nipple suit.

But that wasn't the case. Marvel kept working at it all their movies. I feel like the movies for the most part got progressively better and better. We finally had an Avengers movie. And then after some time we had a infinity war. It was like man they're doing these movies are happening. Can you believe it? So after 11 years, we were in the end game.

I saw it. The first showing here in my local theater. 6pm I was there. I was there like 430 had all my friends there. Okay, not all my more than like five friends. So I had a few friends there. And I was excited. I was legitimately excited to to check out this movie. And it's, you know, like, there's movies I look forward to but I don't get hype. Like I don't get like oh man. I can't wait. I was legit excited, woke like got up early, like oh, today's the movie day and ran to work on my work done cut out so I can make the movie.

And I have to say it was everything it needed to be everything that the fans of these movies deserved

22 movies, and the MC you I'm fairly certain, fairly certain I've seen how 21 Actually, this may 22. Anyway, regardless 20 some odd movies.

I'm fairly certain I've seen them all in the theater. So I paid some amount of money to see each and every one of those in the theater.

And so this last one was was literally just a ribbon and a bow and a gift to the fans. That's all it was. Nothing more, nothing less. And I loved every single minute of it by every single minute.

It was three hours, three hours, three hours in one minute Mind you, and that did not include any previews or trailers. So that was

Another 20 some odd minutes tacked on someone in the theaters and the trailer should be starting the movie supposed to start at six or you never hear before? Because that's not how this works. The trailer started six, the 20 minutes of that crap. And then your three hour and one minute movie. So it was a long movie at no point.

And I mean, is that no point in that three hours in one minute? Did I feel like it was drag or like a half man? Oh, really still more of this?

It was a pretty tight three hours. And that's not to say it's the greatest movie ever constructed. But you have so many storylines and so many characters that you can fill up three hours. You know, there's at the point, you know, when we last left the Avengers, half of them were gone. And there was still a bunch left. You know, so there's plenty of people to have this storyline. And you don't feel the three hours at least I didn't. I was in it every minute. started seeing

When it was wrapping up and

was like damn this is it it's over. You know, I had no point felt like it was dragging on or anything Matter of fact the no spoilers but the article I read said, if you have to use the bathroom go in the first two hours because the last act the last hours really when things start popping off. Yeah, I went to the bathroom twice. Okay, whatever i'm not i'm not gonna not enjoy myself. You know? I'm gonna use the restroom when I have to drink my soda. And it was fine. I didn't miss anything too crazy. I ran. Ironically,

when I got up to go to the restroom, people were literally running a kind of scoot in a little fast. So let's be real because they wanted to go use the restroom. Hurry up and get back. So yeah, I was one of them. I was moving. I was huffing and puffing up them steps to get back to my seat.

But yeah, no point did it feel three hours. And it's it's fan service. If you're not familiar with the term

It's when people literally give the fans what they've been wanting and what they've been waiting for. It's a very poor

way to write most things. You know, if you're the writer, you're the Creator, you want to come up with your own stuff. You don't want to just let people write it for you. But after 20, some odd movies,

you're kind of owe it to fans to give them what they wanted. And so there's a bunch of fan service moments where the fans get what they wanted. And people were going bananas. People were hooting and hollering and screaming and standing up my friend next to me was like, Hey, man, there's people standing up, because they were that excited. Like they were that hype at the things that were happening. They were standing up cheering, applauding Wuhan getting into it. And that's fun. That's you know, there's no way around it but that is to say that's that's super fun. You know, when's the last time you've been to a movie or somebody stood up and and put their hands in the air and cheers

Because of something that character did on screen, it's not it's not often if ever that you get that. So it was an absolute blast a good time. I would say this though.

The only negative I can say I would say is, if you're not a super fan of these movies, you might not love it. Because again, it's three hours. So if you're not already in love, you're not gonna sit for three hours. As you know, they have no I won't say any, they're not gonna say anything. But if you're not a super fan, you know, you might get bored. You might not be vested in that much time, and it's something you don't love, or have been following along for this long. But on the opening night on the Thursday night, everyone that was there were clearly the super fans that have been following us for a while. And it was an absolute blast. So

pretty simple. Really. If you love these movies, if you've seen most of them, you should probably definitely go check this out.

I would be surprised if by the time you're listening to this, you haven't yet. You know, and I hope you don't have some sort of a medical emergency or setback or something that's keeping you from going. Otherwise there's no excuse. Yeah, get it. You might be a responsible adult and our families to take care of or or work to do. Whatever. You need to go see the movie. Um, if you're not a super fan, yeah, whatever. Maybe wait couple weekends for to die down. Yeah,

go check it out. Maybe read the spoilers. Yeah,


Another question. A lot of people kept asking me for some reason. Hmm, I don't know why. A lot of people skipped Captain Marvel there. I haven't seen Captain Marvel Do I need to know. And if you hadn't seen Captain Marvel, you'll survive. Just know she is a she's from space. She's a cosmic being. She's a badass. That's really all you need to know. She demonstrates that pretty early on. And if you had any doubt, you'd be like, oh,

Just kind of a badass, I get it now. Fun fact, they filmed in game before they filmed Captain Marvel. And so there were a lot of things where people were like, I don't know that was kind of weird or, you know could use a little more Captain Marvel, but that's why they made her movie after the fact.

But that's really it. It is awesome. It is the end game. I don't know. Really what's even coming next Spider Man. far from home. I really like Tom Holland Spider Man, so I'll check it out. But after I left end game, I really felt a closure and satisfaction on this 10 plus year movie, cinematic journey. And it's probably not something we'll get again for a while you. You don't get a lot of movies that run that long and you get that vested in last thing I can think of would have been Harry Potter. And this is really more more of a TV format. I kind of equated it to

Season finale of last baby season finale of Breaking Bad. I rather series for now, excuse me. So kind of felt like that. That's it, man. I want to know what you thought I want to know if you dug it. Find this on

Twitter and Facebook and all that fun stuff. shoot us an email, contact the geek vs. calm. Let us know. Did you like the vendors? Did you not like the vendors? Are you not going to see it? You know,

I'd be interested in hearing why you don't want to see it. myself. I think I may go see it again. To be honest with you, guys, thank you so much for listening.

Oh, you know what? Doing something different.

noon, something different and I'm stealing it. Everyone has their little wrap up, you know thing they say. And I was listening to the blazing defender report is a friend of mine, Travis that does that show. And he ends every episode by saying, you know the world can be a crappy place, you know, do something kind

of see you next week. And so I tried to come up with something similar, but I couldn't talk

But I couldn't match it. So I'm just stealing it word for word. Simple as that. The world can be a crappy place guys do something kind. Thank you so much for listening. Talk to you next week.

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