Batman, Lego Dimensions, Doctor Who, iCarly and San Diego Comic Con

Hey Everybody – This week we celebrate our 50th episode.  Can you believe we’ve been doing this thing for a year already?  Well, if you’ve never listened to us, or just started listening to us, then I guess you probably could believe that. But that’s besides the point.  Find us at 

Thank you for listening to Geek vs Week

Topics this week:   

  • Ben Affleck rumored to write/direct next Batman movie

  • Ash vs Evil Dead trailer

  • Lego Dimensions

  • Doctor Who season 9 – Maisie Williams

  • San Diego Chargers vs Comic Con

  • SDCC (suicide squad, batman vs superman)

  • Marisa Tomei – Aunt May

  • agents of shield/broadchurch 2/ agent carter

  • Phantom Planet

Tony P. Henderson

Tony P. Henderson is a well traveled army brat who loves comedy and geek culture. After a stint in Los Angeles testing video games, performing comedy, and background acting Tony moved back to Georgia and hasn’t missed a Dragon Con since.

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