Disney Afternoon Games are Returning

March 17, 2017

Life is like a hurricane…

If you don’t remember the Disney Afternoon cartoon block, I feel bad for you, son.  Before the Berlanti-verse, we had the intertwined adventures of Disney characters.  And you know, now that I think about it, they all had AMAZING theme songs to boot. Well, of course Disney cashed in an made video games at the time, but now Capcom is planning to release them all in one bundle.  Personally, I remember loving Rescue Rangers, and Ducktales, but never quite understood why Uncle Scrooge hopped around on his cane.  So will you be picking this one up?

From Nerdist

In the early ’90s, the Disney Afternoon gave us a full two-hour-+ block of shows featuring beloved characters, including the giant among them, DuckTales. And before Nintendo switched to the SNES, Capcom adapted four of the Disney Afternoon shows into games for the NES. For the better part of two decades, those games have been officially locked away. But starting next month, all six of the Disney Afternoon games will be back in play! source: http://nerdist.com/capcom-is-re-releasing-all-of-the-classic-nes-disney-afternoon-games/

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