Star Wars Episode IX – Are You Happy with JJ Abrams?

September 19, 2017


Tony went and saw It the past weekend and highly recommends it.  He talks a little about how It compares to the original 90s movie.  Long story short, its much improved and you should definitely check it out.

Dragon Con 2018 Badge Winner

We announce the winner of our Dragon Con 2018 badge giveaway.  Congratulations to seraphemlover near Huntsville, Al.  We look forward to seeing them there next year!

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is filming multiple endings to their series finale to try to cut back on spoilers and leaks.  Do you think this will really help, or just give more things that can be leaked?  How about HBO use the money to tighten their cyber security.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones season 2 has finished filming and should be hitting Netflix soon.


We’ve now seen David Harbour as Hellboy, and he looks pretty bad ass, but how else would you expect Hellboy to look?

NES Classic

If you missed your change to get a NES Classic mini, you’re in luck, apparently they’re coming back.  Or you can just get one of the other 101 other emulators that are out there.

Star Trek

This just in, Star Trek Discovery looks like it may not be good.  Apparently CBS won’t allow advance reviews, which is never a good sign.  If it is as bad as we’re hearing, I suspect we will definitely hear about it eventually.  You know what, just go watch “The Orville” instead.  Just don’t expect it to be hilarious.

Star Wars Episode IX

And last but certainly not least, after all of the director problems taking place on Star Wars, Disney decided to give the reigns back to J.J. Abrams.  We talk in depth about this bit of news, and what we think it means for the series.


Are you happy J.J. Abrams is back? 


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