Some Favorite Pop Culture Icons for International Women’s Day

March 8, 2017

I stumbled across this article in celebration of International Women’s Day.  Although there are 15 awesome examples on here, I had to think back to figure out what badass female pop culture icon I grew up with.  It didn’t take long to remember the creator of Punky Power, Punky Brewster.  Somehow she was left off the list, but they only picked 15.

Feminism should be practiced every day. The idea of women having rights equal to those of men isn’t an agenda, it should be the way life is. But we all need a boost, and International Women’s Day , observed since the early 1900s, is here to lift us up. Source: International Women’s Day: 15 of Our Favorite Pop Culture Heroines

Who are some of your favorite pop culture female icons?

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