Iron Fist (spoiler free) | Geek Versus Week podcast #124

March 21, 2017

Geek Madness Has Begun! 

People are NOT Responding Well to Iron Fist

The first four are so unremarkable that there should be a message at the bottom of the screen warning viewers not to drive or operate heavy equipment after viewing. The next two episodes are slightly better, mainly because the direction, which had been tediously prosaic till then, becomes more crisp, and there are guest appearances by well-liked characters from other Marvel Netflix shows. But the jump in quality isn’t so drastic that you think, wow, I need seven more hours of this.

The Matrix is Returning

Ohhhh snap, they’re bringing the Matrix back?
I for one couldn’t be more excited.  Look, I get it, Matrix: Reloaded was garbage.  And if I remember correctly, the only reason I somewhat enjoyed Matrix: Revolutions was because it was better than the 2nd installment.

Aaron and Tony Check Out Toylanta 2017.

Toylanta is one of the largest Toy shows of it’s kind around the world, celebrating all things toys and pop culture. With 200 + tables of vintage ’60’s to modern toys and comics it’s a great time for all. Plus special guests, panels, cosplay, car show, parachute drop, film festival, music concert, custom figure and diorama contests.

All this plus Mystery Science Theatre 3000, wrestling, Legion, Boaty McBoatface, Venom, Transformers, Monoply and more on the latest installment of Geek Versus Week #124.


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