I Didn’t Mean Any Disrespect, Isla Fisher

September 26, 2016

A couple weeks I decided to rent “Now You See Me 2.”  I really remembered enjoying the first one, it was a Friday night, and a magician themed caper was just what the doctor ordered.  It was entertaining, but nothing to write home about (twins, really?)   While chatting about it on the Geek Versus Week podcast, I made mention of the female magician being replaced apparently by Lizzy Kaplan, however I couldn’t remember who she replaced.  To me it wasn’t a big name actress, I hadn’t seen her in much, and I just had no recollection of who she was.  Some friends quickly reminded me it was Isla Fisher, and my “dismissal” of her wasn’t taken lightly. Here I am today, Googling her.  Low and behold, she’s married to Sasha Baron Cohen, I had no idea.  But more than that, she’s been in about 30 films, plus a few TV shows including a thrilling cameo as a demon on BeastMaster.  That last part was clearly facetious , but her film resume is nothing to scoff at.  It’s just that prior to 2013’s Now You See Me, the last movie I personally saw to her credit was 2004’s “I Heart Huckabees.” I didn’t mean any disrespect, Isla Fisher, I just personally wasn’t familiar. How’s this for irony, on the same day I’m writing this article, one of the top searches on Google reveals an article published today, about her October cover story on Elle Australia magazine. 

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