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February 21, 2017

The ‘Love Actually’ Mini-Sequel Won’t Include Alan Rickman Or Emma Thompson

Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson’s storyline was perhaps the most heartbreaking of the 2003 ensemble “Love Actually.” When Harry (Rickman) attracts attention from his young secretary ― spoiler! ― his wife and the devoted mother of his children, Karen (Thompson), finds out after realizing a necklace he’d bought wasn’t a gift for her. Instead, she’d received instead a decidedly unsexy Joni Mitchell CD, and their marriage is left strained. 

Unfortunately for fans, the upcoming mini-sequel to the hit film won’t fill us in on what Harry and Karen have been up to.

According to director Richard Curtis, the new script won’t include Thompson or a tribute to Rickman, who died in 2016, per digital spy, It’s just too tough.

source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/love-actually-sequel-alan-rickman-emma-thompson_us_58aad25ee4b07602ad563780

 Know Your Rom-Coms: 6 Tropes of the Genre’s Golden Age

You know how it begins. There’s a hapless woman. By all standards, civilian and celebrity, she’s very pretty. But for the purpose of this exercise, her exceptional appearance is obscured by unkempt hair, ill-fitting clothes, and the inexorable misfortune of being single. She’s gainfully employed, but not too ambitious. In many cases, she’s a creative type — a copywriter, a journalist, a book editor — though sometimes our girl may have a less glamorous job, like wedding planner or prostitute. It doesn’t really matter as long as she pays her own bills. Her life has order, even if it’s without meaning (a.k.a. love). And then some guy comes along and disrupts that fragile stasis.

All this and more in episode 121 of the Geek Versus Week podcast.


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