More Matrix? Yes Please!

Ohhhh snap, they’re bringing the Matrix back…

and I for one couldn’t be more excited.  Look, I get it, Matrix: Reloaded was garbage.  And if I remember correctly, the only reason I somewhat enjoyed Matrix: Revolutions was because it was better than the 2nd installment.  Say what you what about the trilogy, nobody can deny the awesomeness of the first film.  In fact, this would be the perfect film to bring back in my opinion, something with an awesome concept that needs another chance.  Are you excited for a Matrix reboot, or should they just leave it be?

From the Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter revealed this week that Warner Bros. is working on a follow-up to the Wachowskis’ 1999 classic, The Matrix, with Creed’s Michael B. Jordan in talks to play a major role. Despite the franchise’s star falling thanks to a host of misfires and failures in the 2000s, the original film remains one of the finest movies to come out of the heady, tech-addled days of the late 20th century pop culture. With virtual reality and expanded universes enjoying a resurgence, now is as a good a time as any for the series to make its return. source:

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