Medieval Korean Zombies | Geek Versus Week #123

March 15, 2017

Netflix is making a Medieval Korean Zombie show

Zombie shows are still hot. So is Korean cinema. So is a mix of both, if last year’s Train to Busan is anything to go by. But now Netflix is getting in on a show that is all this and more, as it’s actually a medieval-era fantasy series, too.

The Early Reviews for Iron Fist Are Not Good

With the debut of Netflix’s Iron Fist now imminent, Marvel is on the defensive.  The studio is in an uncomfortable position:  it’s three earlier streaming series, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, all recieved plenty of buzzy reception ahead of their respective launches.  but Iron first was met with scrutiny and criticsm before it even went into production.

The LEGO Batman Movie’ Is Still The Top Domestic Grosser Of 2017 For Now

While Logan is currently the top-grossing global release of 2017, it still trails behind The LEGO Batman Movie for the domestic crown. Even with a whopping $88 million debut weekend and some solid weekday figures, the Hugh Jackman action drama took a tumble in its second weekend for a $37m Fri-Sun frame and $152.6m 10-day cume, which is typical for an X-Men film.

All this plus Overwatch toys, video game sequels, hacksaw ridge, mac tonight, ghost in the shell and some tv show premiere dates on the Geek Versus Week podcast #123.

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