Mission Impossible, Top Gear, Wonder Woman and GISHWES

August 10, 2015

Hey Everybody – thanks for tuning in.  Our dragon con ticket giveaway contest has officially begun.  Just sign up for our newsletter at www.geekversus.com to be entered to win a badge for next year.  We talk about a few things, but the 911 operator story was just sad and hilarious at the same time.   

Ep 53: 

This week:  

  • videos

  • Dragoncon contest

  • gishwes

  • mi5


  • Chris Pine in Wonder Woman

  • Night Nurse

  • Edge of Tomorrow 2

  • 911 dispatcher

  • Rosario Dawson – Jessica Jones

  • GOT at least 8 seasons??

  • Top Gear Amazon

  • Doctor Who ssn 8 finale big screen

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