Oh, You Thought You Were Gonna Get More Rick and Morty?

April 3, 2017

Rick and Morty Shocked the world with a surprise premiere on April Fools Day!

What I personally thought was a pretty ballin’ move on the part of Adult Swim, Dan Harmon, and the Rick and Morty team, the long awaited season 3 premiered to everyone’s surprise on April Fool’s Day.  They even bumped the new episode of Samurai Jack to do it, which led to some complaints, but I’m pretty sure the praise outweighed those.  However, the real joke is on if you think you’re getting more Rick and Morty any time soon. Looks like new episodes aren’t expected until “Summer,” whatever that may mean.

Image: Adult Swim Hey, did everyone enjoy the surprise premiere of Rick and Morty season three ? Did you think it meant—as it often does—that the season proper would start airing after it? Well, hold your horses because you’ve got a couple of months to wait. Source: Don’t Expect More New Episodes of Rick and Morty Any Time Soon

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