No, The X-Men Comics in Logan Aren’t Real

March 6, 2017

Have you seen “Logan” yet?  No.  Well then I would highly advise you stop what you’re doing and go and check it out this instant.  Seriously. It’s SO good, and unlike any comic book movie I’ve seen before it.  In the movie, there are some key references to comic book versions of the X-Men, and I would’ve sworn they were real issues, but apparently that’s not the case.

Early on in Logan , an olden, beaten-down Wolverine comes across a pile of vintage X-Men comics, dismissing the stories as hyperbolic at best and fabricated at worst. The comics are more than a throwaway gag, though: they propel some of the film’s plot and its questions about heroism and the mythologizing of the past. Source: The story behind the custom X-Men comics in Logan

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