Post E3 Excitement

Another year of E3 goodness has come and gone. Here we stand, poised and ready for absolutely exciting times in our near and not so distant future.  Like many things in life, your excitement hinges on well….what you personally find exciting.  Was it the jaw-dropping specs of Microsoft’s Scorpio?  What about the bearded Kratos-ish looking warrior you saw in Sony’s demo of God of War? I get it; you really liked seeing Link sliding down a mountain on his shield during Nintendo’s amazing showing of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And see, that’s it…, E3 brings us so much excitement that it speaks to us sometimes harmoniously, but sometimes not so much. Post E3 excitement, how do we keep up with it? What will we forget about? Something on your radar will surely fade naturally, but some things won’t due to their pending fall arrivals.  I love this time frame we are in right now. Within a few months, many of the things we saw on stage will soon be in our stores, and in our hands.  Sony’s PlayStation VR will be one of those things. Arriving October 13, 2016, PlayStation VR could set the tone of sales possibly for the current PS4 console, VR systems as a whole, and even help usher in a next step forward for the PlayStation ”Is it as good as the Scorpio” Neo. Seriously, did Sony freak out after seeing Microsoft’s presser? Sony had an amazing run of show, but something felt missing towards the end. Did they really intend to end the show with Days Gone demo, which is basically a Sons of Anarchy meets the Last of Us hybrid? I don’t think so, but hey, maybe they really did. All jokes aside, what if PlayStation VR fails miserably? The games announced looked great and the device seems semi-affordable to most, but what if it just stinks on ice and is terrible? Does that mean Microsoft should be concerned about Oculus? Would they hit the eject button and bail, or stay strong and power thru? Oculus seems to be the more powerful and probably more “real” VR experience. But with that naturally comes a higher cost to the consumer. I have to admit, I almost laughed out loud to myself thinking of Microsoft being worried. I mean seriously if things get rough, they can tap into the good ole Windows surplus satchel; yes it’s real…. maybe.  Get Bill Gates in here!  Ladies and gentlemen, The VR world is almost really here, for real…like watch out for walls in your house.  However, when the mask comes off and you need a good first person shooter, what are you going to play; Call of Duty:  Infinite Warfare or Battlefield 1? For the first time in a few years, I feel a shift in excitement, not false excitement, but REAL excitement for Battlefield over Call of Duty. Battlefield 1 looks amazing and brings a breath of fresh air into the war shooter scene. To me, going back into a World War-like setting is just what this market needs right now.  Do yourself a favor and check out the videos of Battlefield 1 and tell me that zeppelin crashing isn’t epic. I dare you. While Call of Duty’s space shooting demo looked good, it would have had Neil Degrasse Tyson shaking his head. Don’t get me wrong, it ran smooth, no issue…but…it looked like, well…Halo. That got fellow Geek Versus Games host Chris and me thinking: if we want to play a futuristic shooter in space, Halo is already there, and it’s very good.  Battlefield 1 drops on October 21 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on November 4. For Xbox fans, October 11, 2016, Gears of War 4 hits and is one of the first “Xbox Play Anywhere” games…meaning once you buy it, you can play it on Xbox One and PC, and all your things like saves, are available wherever you play.  Gears looked as good as ever with the setting 25 years after the events of the last Gears installment. There is a new enemy, a new threat of sorts. With that, new characters and new weapons join the fight. Anyone seen the blade, saw gun thingy? Yeah, I need one of those like now.  When they showed old man Marcus Fenix, I might have peed a little… kidding.For PlayStation fans, The Last Guardian is actually coming. You read this right; it’s not a horrible joke or lie. October 25, 2016 we finally get to play this title that has been years in the works. The trailer showed us more than ever, with a second bird dog and beautiful scenery. Excitement is feverish with preorder collector editions selling out super-fast.  We may all need to temper our emotions because it truly may be a situation as Geek Versus Games  host Jon pointed out; there is no way to live up to the hype, is there?Titanfall 2 looks to have improved, but will it find its way into our collections? The first edition was epic at times, but really fell flat. By the time things were fixed to a point, most players left. What intrigued us at Geek Versus Games is EA releasing this AND Battlefield 1 in the same year, a week apart from each other. Titanfall 2 drops October 28, 2016.For both Xbox One and PS4, Final Fantasy XV hits the shelves September 30, 2016. Since 1987, Final Fantasy has sold 110 million games. With several years in development, fans of the series have played a really good Platinum Demo, go check it out, but have also just witnessed a weird showing of the game at E3. It will be interesting to see reception because this game looks very pretty. Lastly, the excitement of next year is already building. Nintendo’s NX will come, along with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Sony’s PlayStation Neo has to surface; we need more info, right? Xbox’s Scorpio is going to bring a heck of a punch to the scene. It’s a great time to be a gamer.Enjoy, and Game on!

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