This week Betty gives her thoughts on the new Star Wars trailer, or rather why she’d prefer not to watch it.

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About the “Geek Vs” podcast

Things are about to get weird when Tony, Casey, and Betty get together weekly to provide a “nerd’s eye view of pop culture.”  These only children geeks have somehow managed not to kill each other, as they do battle with movies, television, and all things pop culture.  If you like comedy podcasts with a twist of geekery, you should check out  Geek Vs – A pop culture comedy podcast.  Proud member of the Giant Size Team Up Network

Episode Transcript

Hey everybody tune in to the geek versus podcasters the nerds of pop culture and this shows are part of the giant size team of network. So as we mentioned a few episodes ago we're doing the new shorter a little mini segment for numerous reasons and

this is the first one Betty sending to us and now

this week she's talking about Star Wars the new Star Wars trailer and and why she chose not to watch it.

She's also kind of going to fill in her own gaps and she didn't watch it she just kind of figure out what she thought the trailer would be like, but why you heard me laughing was because I literally listened to the segment. When it you know, bleep out the curse words you know how that goes. And and a little behind the scenes when we when we decided on the new many episodes.

We have a template for everyone to use that has

as the intro music has the house

Drum music and he is D, your segment in the middle. Well,

I'm just gonna leave it at that. I'm just gonna leave it at that.

We have a little template and we fill in the gaps. And so here's Betty, talking about the new Star Wars trailer. Thank you guys so much for listening. I hope you enjoy the show.


test them my mic too high. Hi, maybe turn it down. No, that's fine. Oh crap. I'm still record and Okay, I'm going to keep this

Hello, my name is Betty Windsor. And I can keep saying and if I want to, because Tony and Casey, Canada

me any mo

so yeah, welcome to whatever this show is now I don't know what's happening. But I have my own segment I guess. And sometimes we're going to come together and do segments on our own but for now because a life because we're all so busy, this is what's working easier for us. But

on the other hand, you get to listen to my BS. And also it's a lot easier to skip me if you're like, Oh, no, not her again with this. Which does not offend me at all. Definitely not angry about it. 100% sure of that. So

I wanted to talk about oh boy, here we go. Star Wars. Uh,

I haven't seen

the new trailer for the Star Wars movie. And I thought I was gonna watch it.


I don't know, I've done all the Star Wars, you know, like, I saw four or five and six. Repeatedly on VHS growing up, I was not able to see that in theaters because I was unborn or an infant.

But I watched them all on VHS and like, when episode one came out, I got my patreon braid. And I went to the theater with my dad, my stepdad. And it was great. And I loved Jar Jar. And I loved a row Park.

And I Oh, man, I had a blast, you know, and, and, but there is a side of it that just like everybody knows is like, because it's so popular and it's so deeply embedded in our society or pop culture society in the Zeitgeist is that man, everyone wants to

Talk about it and people get really really really hard into really hard into their opinions on it, man, they just get right in there brother, they get in there and they just learn it's sometimes I don't really have the the patience, or the societal ability, I mean social ability to handle it. Um, so I don't think I'm gonna watch a trailer, but

because I don't want to have to, like I said, but I don't know why I said, but I'm sorry. I'm not gonna watch the trailer.

Because I don't want to have to talk to people about it. So as long as I keep telling people that I haven't seen the trailer, then they can like get frustrated, and then not talk about Star Wars.

And that's kind of an ideal situation for me. It's also because I just don't want to know what happens I think, like

I just want

To be able to go in with this trilogy, which in the first film, and the second one, I'll give it there's a lot of really great elements to them and I enjoyed so much the creation of this trio Quadro Quadro Quiet, quiet, it keeps getting larger, you know,

I enjoy this character. So I want to be able to get to this last movie and kind of just leave everything that is on the earth behind like including what people are going to say while I'm watching it. And that includes also my expectation. And I know that when you watch trailer,

especially a lot of trailers in the way that they can so easily cut something and make it intense or comedy like you've been on YouTube before and you've seen people recut to shows like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, or friends and make them look like you know, murder mystery shows and it looks compelling. And that's kind of the thing that's about trailers. It's weird is I don't think a lot of people realize

that oftentimes the director has little to no say on the trailer. That's why it's like it's cut and done separately and sometimes they do but it's normally the producers that are in charge of that and when you're trying to because you're just marketing it, you're marketing it you're not concerned about the artistic integrity too much as long as you don't give away the literal ending and the trailer so you can cut it in release a trailer that is any type of emotionally manipulative and it literally did not have to do with hardly anything to do with the actual movie. There are all there are tons of movies like you can look at the Stranger Things stuff like to where you've been trained almost to you know that when you see a trailer that's kind of funny. You know, in a couple of months, you'll see a trailer that's more intense. You know that the Marvel movies are going to do that, you know, the stranger things people are going to do that so I just don't want to have to think about all that bull

whenever I watch Star Wars and

That's the kind of thing that goes through my head unfortunately oh man I'm sorry I done did me a curse

I will donate $2 to somewhere because I think I just said sh it twice um dang that threw me totally off but so okay so I'll get to what mainly the episode is going to be about other than me rambling about being a complete nerd and my inability to understand anyone and my struggle through that in life


I don't I haven't seen the trailer but I'm going to try and guess at what the trailer is

here's what I know that has been spoiled. So this was Miss boiled to me. I know that Papa teen is in it or something to do with palapa teen. Um, and I know that it's called the rise of the Skywalker. I'm not totally certain about that. Again, I'm specifically trying to say ignorant


that's what I know. So I'm going to kind of guess I'm gonna try and make up my own trailer and it's gonna be disaster. And I pray that you enjoy how cringing it is. Thank you

all right, so it's like going to open boom Wait, this is the third one would it be the bomb bomb bomb

I don't know if it would like immediately do that. But if it has Skywalker in the title, it's definitely going to have probably that and rises Skywalker. So it's mainly going to be about Daisy Ridley, because I don't know. Even though she is her birth thing is like unimportant to me. She is still a Skywalker, whether or not because she's being trained kind of by Luke. And that was a very intimate setting. And I mean, to me, the birth thing is like, irrelevant unless they can use it in a real

interesting and creative way. So that's why I'm kind of like whatever about that. But yeah, so so I'm thinking Daisy Ridley, so it's probably gonna be like,

how did the last one and off okay and the last one, Kyle and Daisy Ridley

Kyla renta Daisy Ridley were staring at each other. And she was like, I'm going up in this ship and he was like, I'm mad but hella turned on. And that was a weird thing, right? And then beneath yo Del Toro was not in that one enough. So probably

nice. Okay, so here's some things that are I'm trying to put together the plot. So Rise of the Skywalker bomb bomb and

Daisy Ridley, and it's the back of her and she's on a Dan tween or somewhere. Just, I don't I don't know why but she is. I can't explain to you why she is but I know that she's recreating blue sky walkers.

thing because of course she is because this is a formula you guys, it's you know, I sound like I'm going dude levels right now. I'm

all right man. So that was a bad Jeff

dude impression Jeff Jeff Bridges Jeff Bridges impression god yeah man that was the most commerce one I've ever done okay Jesus thank you isn't it This is horrible isn't it?


and Daisy Ridley is recreating lose scott Walker's thing. And I don't know. I'm going to say that Kyla Rin is in it, but he's wearing gray or something like it's not full on maybe black maybe he's just like, he's like gray and he's like searching because they're searching for each other but going in different directions. And then so like those kind of shots and then

And then maybe like oh, you know, you know carries got me in there Carrie Fisher is going to be in there so Layla and right 100% hugging or doing something I don't know there she's hot she's doing her hug to somebody or doing her touch doing some kind of cute fuzzy thing that's going on.

And then Okay, now what happens beneath yo Del Toro shows up because Damn it.


I was just getting to be nice to all right

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