Suicide Squad Review: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

August 4, 2016

After months and months and months of previews, and discussion, the time had finally come to see Suicide Squad!.  Thanks to all of the horrible reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and the subsequent backlash, I decided to write this review a little bit differently.  There will be no score, no rating, no thumbs, just the good, the bad, and the ugly, according to me.Minor Spoilers ahead.The Good:

  • Harley Quinn was awesome.
  • Amanda Waller was awesome.
  • As much as I wanted to dislike him going into it, Will Smith’s Deadshot was very very good and believable.
  • El Diablo was awesome.
  • The squad dynamic was well set up and built upon.
  • The details (some surprises) that tie the DC universe together were very welcomed and didn’t feel forced like other movies  (I’m looking at you Batman v Superman)

The Bad

  • Killer Croc – I’m ashamed to admit I laughed as some of the Croc gags, but it was more of that uncomfortable laugh where someone makes a cliché joke, and you can appreciate that they’re honestly trying to be funny, but it’s just not funny.   Also in whatDC universe does BET still show music videos?
  • The Music – Yes, they were all good songs, but sometimes enough is enough.  At first I was wondering if the movie was just going to be one long music video with a new song appearing every time a new character appeared.
  • The Opening –  We get some establishing shots of Deadshot and Harley which make perfect sense, especially considering they end up being the major characters in the movie, so that’s fine.  What’s not fine is that we then immediately go into the “introduction” of the squad, where we get introduced to the characters again.  It’s as if they added in a new opening, and forgot to delete what remained of the previous idea.

The Ugly “The Ugly” is reserved for something that essentially ruins the movie for me, and that would be the villain,  Enchantress.  Oh man, when she first appears, and the hand comes up to occupy her, I was excited.  It was an awesome transition that was sincerely creepy.  The way Amanda Waller held June Moore against her will really helped me sympathize, and I was even willing to buy yet another love story. But then she had to go and get all powerful, and somehow take over the city, and call her brother, and start making (out) mutants or something.  Mannnnnnn, there was so much potential.  And now apparently the city is in ruins?  I must’ve missed that scene.   Why couldn’t they just have an Attack on Arkham or something?   The squad dynamic was built up so well, and had so much potential, and it was wasted on “giant supernatural being.”  Damnit! Just damnit.JokerOf course the Joker gets his own special category.  So let me start off by saying, while there is plenty of Joker in the movie, we don’t quite see enough to really get a feel for him.  Some of his scenes are forced, and I think I would’ve liked less Joker to make him more of a mysterious badass.  With that being said, I have come to terms that artists create their own new rendition of the Joker, so I welcomed Jared Leto’s take, but I still hate the tattoos!Did you enjoy Suicide Squad?  Was it as bad as Rotten Tomatoes made it out to be?  Let us know in the comments.

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