I Want To Go To an Arcade in Japan

February 15, 2017

I love different cultures.  It’s just fun to learn about people, customs, and especially food.  Through this, I’ve gotten into some Japanese music, but never anime, and I’m certainly not what you would consider a “weeaboo” (someone who worships pretty much anything that is Japanese or related to Japanese culture.) With that being said, Japan is on the top of my list for places I want to visit as it’s one of the few places that still hold on to arcades! But why is that?  Check out this article, and let us know if you’d still go to an arcade if they existed in the U.S.

In many places, arcades seem to have nearly, if not completely, vanished. Yet, in Japan, they continue to hang on. As The Financial Times reports in a recent piece on Japanese arcades, there were 44,000 of them during their mid-1980s heyday.

Source: Why Arcades Haven’t Died In Japan

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