My friend Aaron is a huge wrestling fan and went to New York for Wrestlemania, but he had no intent of actually seeing Wrestlemania.  Huh?

WrestleManiais a professional wrestlingevent produced annually between mid-March to mid-April by WWE, an American professional wrestling promotionbased in Stamford, Connecticut. WWE first produced the event in 1985 and has since produced 35 editions, with the most recenthaving been held in East Rutherford, New Jerseyon April 7, 2019. WrestleMania, WWE’s flagship event, airs on pay-per-view(PPV) and the WWE Networkand is the most successful and longest-running professional wrestling event in history. It contributes to the worldwide commercial success of WWE through media, merchandise, and shows. WrestleMania was conceptualized by WWE owner Vince McMahonand long time WWE ring announcer and Hall of FamerHoward Finkelis credited with devising the name “WrestleMania” in 1984.

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Episode Transcript

Hey everybody, thanks for tuning in to the geek versus podcast. The nerds I view of pop culture and the shows are proud partner the giant size team up network.

This week we're hooking out. We are holding out Can you smell

and other wrestling things that I don't know. I'm buddy of mine went to New York rustle mania 35 was in New York this year. He's a big wrestling fan. So he went, but

he didn't plan to go to rustle mania, which I thought was fascinating. So I wanted to chat. He was over here. I was like, yeah, let's talk about it. So we chat a few minutes about why would a big wrestling fan go to

New York, but not planning to go to rustle mania? Did you ever make it to wrestle mania? You'll find out. Thank you guys so much for listening. I hope you enjoy the show.

That's perfect. I guess it is. I'm not it's not peaking when I do.

Okay, I see you've always wanted to do that.

I'm a professional with a microphone. I just wanted to see what distance I could, I can work it for me. Alright, so Aaron The reason

here huge wrestling fan. I'm a huge wrestling fan. And I was excited to get on the show and briefly talk about your recent trip to New York and now, even casual wrestling fans may know, rustle mania. 35 was last week it was held in New York. So in New Jersey, New Jersey, it was in Barclays. Well, rustle mania means I met life stage, okay. And giants and jets, boys. And so I was like, obviously, you're going to New York for wrestle mania. But what surprised me was you said no. That's not even

In our plan, so I wanted to hear more about what all goes on in a city or rustle mania is at other than rustle mania. The short answer is all of wrestling. All the pro wrestling kind of descends on wherever the city record wrestle mania is in. And so when you say pro wrestling You mean like not just WWE now because that's what most people know wrestling is the one on TV. You know, the rustle mania read the whole cold the rock. The event that got me to New York City that wasn't wrestle mania was New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor at Madison Square Garden. It's the first pro wrestling not WWE, WWE related since the 70s. Surrender Madison Square Garden and

New Japan obviously is is wrestling out of Japan. Yes, Japanese wrestling. And what was the other one Ring of Honor? And what is that? That's probably the second largest, second most prominent pro wrestling promotion in America. Ah, see, I didn't know

Again, you know, like, I don't dislike Russ and I don't keep up with really nobody keeps up in the level that you do. It's not it's barely mainstream so like to go past the WWE flair. Gotcha. And so they also had shows in New York the same weekend as rustle mania. Yeah, there was about 50 wrestling shows that went on 50 shot use 50. That's one estimate. I've heard. I've 30 is probably a closer estimate, but I've heard estimates up and so when you say a show, you mean like, a night of wrestling like a three hour, three hour show. And there were 30 to 50, even 30. Let's say ridiculous in over the course of the week, the weekend. Over the course of the week. There's all these wrestling shows wrestle con is happening at the same time. So there's a full blown convention wrestling convention happening

at the Hilton in Midtown, while I went to two shows there. So even the convention has their own wrestling. Yeah, I'm

Wouldn't want each other and I'm assuming that con now I'm a big car guy I go you know Dragon Con Atlanta every year. But it sounds like wrestle con goes to wherever wrestle mania is every year. Yes. Interesting. It's automatic. Imagine Dragon Con following an event, the traveling. Hmm.

So that's where I was confused like how many because I was thinking All right, well there's rustle mania. And I know just for me in front of you, there's a couple other little wrestling circuits sure, but I was just blown away with how many different wrestling shows there could be in one place. We went to seven different wrestling shows without one of those as resume over four days without here without getting into all of them too much. What are the differences of each show? Yeah, like, Well, the first night was that Okay, so the first night was a Japanese company called DDT is the first show they've ever run in America and this is not new Japan. This is a different wrestling out of Japan. Okay.

It's probably the second largest Japanese promotion in Tokyo. If not though. It's it's pretty specific. This is the first American show that encourage a big battle which a lot of people are probably familiar with. By context Kaija, big battle they had literal

buildings like little setup toy. Those are like monster costs. Right? Right.

Right and this these two shows have been back to back at a nightclub in Queens called love boom.

Is it and it was. It was one of the best places I've ever seen pro wrestling, Franklin. And I'll go ahead and go through the doing go back we can track back to this. Yeah, he did. So that was the first night we did those two shows. The second night we went to wrestle con.

It was raining it stocked

with the rest of kind of watch the show. Then what's the Barclays which we stayed by the Barclays. So we went to the Barclays for an ax t which is WWE developmental. Got it. That's

This is their big show. The next day we went to Jersey City to a game changer wrestling show called orange Cassidy is doing something or whatever. This is the title of the show. All right. It's it's an esoteric one. It's it'll be fun. And

then we went to Madison Square Garden that night for New Japan Ring of Honor. And then somewhere along the way, we found tickets to wrestle mania and went through so many on so that's it. So I invited you over last week, like God be cool here about the trip. Until a few minutes ago. I said, Well, the whole premise is you went for stuff other than rustle mania. And you told me Oh, yeah, we went there, too. So how did how did that happen? style so you just go to New York and during our Sylvania with the intent not to go to rustle mania and end up at rustle mania, I think in the back of our heads because in my group, my buddy Mike and party who went with us in our little group, neither of us have been to a resume before and we left the day open because he was just a

Spent of it. We already paid a lot of money for me. Yeah, for those that don't know, we live in Georgia. Right? You guys had to get to New York stay in hotel, right? How many days? Are you there? four nights. Thursday, Thursday through Sunday night. We flew. We came. We came back to Atlanta on Monday. That's not cheap. You know, Southwest was actually a pretty decent it's not cheap. They're like I had to get the data. Yeah, you know, we've been planning this trip since October. I've been hearing about it for a while after movies over going to New York like All right man, whatever right and then finally happened and it was enough time to kind of budget out like hey, if we pay for flights then it's not so expensive. If I'll buy the tickets for this show this month. You know what I mean? So it kind of staggered over time enough to where between the three of us we just

but how did you end up the rustle mania? StubHub?

That's no, that's a terrible into that story. Well, that's really what was the thing to where we got to, we got there and you get swept up in the moment because there is like a convention and there is like, I can

How that the wrestling fans that were in New York compared to the regular New Yorkers that we're just going on, or whatever, and it's like,

oh, no wrestling is there's a buzz about it. So you know, we had that day it's like, you know, let's see what we can find. Let's say, even if it's just getting in the building, it's a seven hour show something ridiculous like that. Russell me seven hours so long. It was going on to by the time we got there.

Probably got there at six or seven o'clock. I can't remember but two matches that already happened. And we left there like 1230. I heard a complaint maybe last year that it was long, but I didn't realize it was that I know there's pre show and this and that. And this is a big production. It couldn't they couldn't cut two hours off that show easy. And I'll just, there's a lot of fun. I like donuts, right? Sure. But I'm not eating doughnuts for seven hours. There's just nothing. I like that much that I can do. Seven hours straight. And it's it that's why it kind of helps that it's it's such

Big stadium caveat sleep. Oh, yeah, I could do that countless.


but yeah, the last thing I'll wrap up with was it was interesting. You're saying you understood the convention feeling. And that's a feeling that a lot of us get. Again, you know, I actually I just got back from two to one pecan number weeks ago. And when you live in your own little con world with people that are there sure offer the same thing, right. It's just a fun, crazy feeling. A lot of people aren't going to experience it's weird to be around a lot of people that you instantly have something in common with and you can have a conversation. Yeah. Because and I had these realizations when on the train coming back from one show there were two people obviously in wrestling shirts. Oh, what did you go to? Oh, we're just coming from this. Oh, you were at that show. What happened there so you can swap stories and stuff. Then you see them again at another show down, you know, the next night or whatever. That like twice people on the train were like that. We met on the

ended up like within like a couple of rows of us and that's that shows it's the Dragon Con feeling like you what panels you come from was and I see you later and then oh you like oh that guy that wrestle calm when you were a wrestle con i the times that we were in wrestle con i saw Barry Windham pushing Lex Luger through a, on a wheelchair through the whatever, because that was their time at wrestle calm, they were leaving their little spot. And then like 30 seconds later, I go into the showroom where there were Hiroshi Tanya Hall show you the most famous Japanese pro wrestler, probably next to because it should go kinda is like just walking next to us because everybody's there and you get a fist bump from them. Right? But it's like your way famous to just be like just walking around at this place. That's the that's the beauty of I'm going to say cons or he wanted to he worked them right it will see that's the that's the common thing that we all have our wrestling fans all there's some point when you upset that your progress

Like fan you have to reckon with the fact that people are going to judge you for being a pro wrestling fan, right? So when you get in these situations just with any sort of nerd situation, but you get in this situation, these, this environment and you know, something that revolves around cheering for in booing stuff. It's cathartic in a way it's it's cathartic to be in a room of 1000 people yelling cause I mean array for massage got menorah, Suzuki, I just said minute go. Come on, man who that is get it right. menorahs is everyone listening right now is like that's clearly not Suzuki or I don't know car.

But I mean, but also, the experiences like getting to tell the new DDT champion who's like a 23 year old kid Tetsuya endo, like winning his first World Championship in America. Congratulations to his face, because he's just hanging out before the big big battle Shall

we the country big, big, big show.

They had you big battle show Not to be confused with big show right? I didn't see big show it all this week I consider that a victory

the big big battle show it started at midnight and they have this thing to where they get somebody from the crowd to ring the bell for them. And my buddy Mike that I was there with got picked a ring the bell so for the big big battle show we're the ones when the ref pointed to ring the bell got to hit the bell. I gotta go watch that. I got to see it. Plus, I'm always down for casual big battle card you think about it was so much fun. It was like one of the most that night DDT and big big battle that first night said such a high bar for just for just fun pro wrestling because I don't know if you've seen DDT like I watched a sex doll win a World Title during DDT because there's a $6 name Yoshi coo who who's like a balloon like a blow up sex doll. Good. little firmer than that but like it's like a mannequin like sort of like this.

Whatever product is between the blow up doll and America they'll just what I want to make clear is this this isn't a person called sex doll. This isn't a no it's a $6 Yoshiko who won the Ironman title in DDT because DDT is a wildly wacky promotion, this may be a good place to end it after

winning a championship go look up Cotto Boosie vs. Yoshiko, it's one of the best matches you'll ever see. And one of them is the sex doll. Yes. And Leah Yeah. On that note, I got a gift for you. It's a book called good advice from professional. The good advice from professional wrestling, full contact life lessons. Nice. Facebook friend of mine, Darren portraits, wrote it, or co wrote it. Cool. And it has a foreword by DDP. Nice. And he's in Atlanta guy, man. Um, I.

Matter of fact, when I met there, and I met him at a party and we were talking, I don't even know how wrestling came up. We were talking I just the first time I met the dude

If anyone has any sort of interest in wrestling, it's just bubbling it was. We talked comedy we talked travel and then somehow wrestling came up. And he mentioned, he said, you know, if you buy DDP has the was the yoga yoga, DDP? why he's I guess he bought it. I bought it for my wife and DDP just calls you up. Yep. They'll call you up. And thank you for buying the product. Everything's good. It's aggressive. I almost signed up for DDP yoga and I started looking through the app but it's like take pictures of yourself. What are you doing with these pictures? I think he's like he's training you but I don't know if I want DDP to know all my personal information. Um, there's also a story Oh, by the way, the books available on Amazon gonna post in the show notes and I'll also post the story of a guy was like 350 pounds and started doing the DDP yoga as change lost a ton of weight and eventually met diamond Dallas page and you know, Chris Jericho, and like hundreds of pounds, Chris Jericho supposed to have like three different doctors told him to have back surgery or whatever. And then he started DDP was like let's just do

My program and then like suddenly whatever condition that he almost had a back surgery over was gone. It's changed people's lives. Saved Jake, the snake Roberts life. And Scott Hall

will be here all day. I didn't know that honestly. And I had heard about the DDP I didn't realize it was that

it's in Smyrna powerful. Little studio does performance.

You know, I did tell I was like, Man, this would be a little 1015 minute episode, and I'm learning so much. We can keep going.

Then it turns into a wrestling podcast and as much as I know you want to do that. I'm not ready. I'm not ready yet. So Aaron, thank you very much. Thank you. I really do have your book. I just read it off the app. What I do a lot of guess

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