X-Men: Destroy or Defend?

March 17, 2016

Look, I have no shame in saying that I’ve legitimately enjoyed every X-Men movie that I’ve seen.  X-Men and X-Men United were good.  X-Men The Last Stand had its issue, but darn it, I still enjoyed it.  First Class, was a funky new take, and Days of Future Past tried to build on to that.  X-Men was the first superhero comic I really got into as a child, so I have a soft spot in my heart for the movies.  (Full disclosure: the first superhero comic I really was into was Fantastic Four, but we don’t speak of those movie.) Suffice to say, I don’t need any marketing tactics to buy my ticket for any new X-Men movie. X Men movie postersWith that, I have no doubt my fandom is what most likely fuels my anger for the new poster campaign, “Destroy or Defend.”  On the Destroy side, you have a black poster for the bad guys, (of course) with Apocalypse looming over who we are to believe are his four horsemen, Angel, Psylocke, Storm, and Magneto doing his best, “talk to the hand” pose.   This side shows what are obviously five X-Men characters and gives some indication of their abilities.And now for the home team, the good guys, the team we are all supposed to be rooting for.  Naturally they are on a white background with Professor X looming over them, I can deal with that. Then you have the new Jean Grey and Cyclops, and of course fan favorite Evan Peters in his Quicksilver gear. Then the poster takes a turn for the worst, with two of my favorite characters being reduced to scrubs. It seems Nightcrawler, who was BRILLIANTLY portrayed by Alan Cumming in a previous installment, has now been transformed into what appears to be an emo teenage girl.  At first glance I could’ve sworn it was “Sadness” from Inside Out.   Clearly jealous, Beast has decided to match his buddy NIghtcrawler with the same blue hue, but instead of an emo quaff, Beast channels his inner fierceness by doing his best Tyra Banks  impression.  Rawr.   Jennifer Lawrence red dressLast but not least, the worst part of both posters combined, the blatant disrespect to the comic book movie industry and fans everywhere, Mystique.  As a co-host of the Geek Versus Week podcast put it, “It’s just Jennifer Lawrence being Jennifer Lawrence.”   And he’s right; it’s JLaw in a black suit portraying Mystique (we can only assume). There’s no blue on her face, no mask, no blue light, nothing.  Just her front and center, apparently leading the charge against Apocolypse.  Look, I get it, she’s box office gold, you don’t want to hide her, but at least TRY to make her fit into the motif of X-Men.  I love movie posters, which is why I fear the day they don’t even try.  I mean, do people really go to a movie just because they see a giant picture of Jennifer Lawrence?    We talk more Jennifer Lawrence, Fallout, Spiderman and more in this episode of the Geek Versus Week podcast.X-Men Apocalypse opens May 27th in the U.S.

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