Just popping in real quick to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and to make a few movie suggestions for the holiday. 

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About the “Geek Vs” podcast

Things are about to get weird when Tony, Casey, and Betty get together weekly to provide a “nerd’s eye view of pop culture.”  These only children geeks have somehow managed not to kill each other, as they do battle with movies, television, and all things pop culture.  If you like comedy podcasts with a twist of geekery, you should check out  Geek Vs – A pop culture comedy podcast.  Proud member of the Giant Size Team Up Network

Episode Transcript

Episode Transcript

Tony Henderson 0:04
Hey everybody thank you for tuning in to the geek versus podcast

pop culture and the shows a proud partner of the giant size team up network This is a short one really just popping in popping in and wish you guys a Merry Christmas We were off vacationing

I don't know what that means for betty and casey but for myself but needs napping I've been napping

I think it's probably safe to say the others are napping as well least I hope they are and I hope you guys are too I hope everybody is getting in good holiday naps and eating lots of food and as a friend of mine once said putting on some lbs. That's okay it's the holidays what it's for.

Yeah, you know I'm not even gonna play the things I'm not even playing the theme song this week. But what I do have to wrap the episode up is a little stuff my reagan did before.

First. First I want to give a shout out to Kim who sent me a message and really appreciate it our history of white people episode because she said she was gonna bring Cuba Velveeta to her holiday parties. I think that's something to do with

the in laws and not really wanting to be there

and in fact she said it sends a message which I thought was really bold. So here's open no one else gets Velveeta cubes. So here's hoping no one else gets. Velveeta could try saying that three times. I'm not even gonna edit this out. That's what you get is a little special Christmas behind the scenes. So here's hoping you don't get Velveeta cubes at your holiday party. You try saying that it's it's it's not easy.

What else I do want to mention I do want to mention there are a lot of a good holiday movies out this year since there was no Star Wars. You get opera man is out. Bumblebee is out.

Mary Poppins they'll return it's Mary Poppins returns but they'll return sound the way more ominous, ominous I am. I mean,

I hate the show. Why am I doing this?

ominous that's the word. But yeah, since there's no Star Wars, there's a lot of variety and also hear good things about the Christmas Chronicles on Netflix. So you got a good variety. You want to leave the house? Check out Bumblebee, Mary Poppins are awful, man. Don't feel like putting on pants. Christmas Chronicles. Personally. I've seen no I didn't. But I'm just making up stuff I didn't see after man. I didn't see Bumblebee. And it was really good. Awesome at soundtrack just 80s kind of adventure robot movie vibe. and way more into the G one transformer. So definitely go check it out. When you can bring the kids bring everyone to you don't have to have any knowledge of transformers and it's clean and fun for the whole family. So that will be my recommendation on Christmas Day.

And you know what, guys? I think that's it. We didn't want to leave you hanging. We wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and say thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for your continued support for subscribing for sponsoring us on patreon.com backslash geek vs

pause for dramatic effect. But seriously thank you guys so much.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa

whatever else or nothing whatever it is you celebrate. Have a happy one of those. And with that I leave you with a gift I was given from Little john and Kool Aid man that I wish to read gift to you all it's one of the greatest Christmas things I have experienced in quite some time.

So I hope you enjoy

Kool Aid man and little john. Merry Christmas, everybody.

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